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  The movie opens as the camera pans over the Misty Mountains

The Two Towers Extended Edition Movie Script

Compiled by Elril Galia, for LOTRUK

Scenes 9 to 12

Scene 9 ~ On the Trail of the Uruk-hai

The Two Towers Scene 9

The Uruk-hai are running across the plain. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli can be seen running down the side of a hill after them.

GIMLI: Keep breathing. That's the key. Breathe.
LEGOLAS: They've run as if the very whips of their masters were behind them.
They continue running into the night
Scene 10 ~ Night Camp at Fangorn

The Two Towers Scene 10

The scene changes and Merry and Pippin are shown being thrown to the ground
ORC: We're not going no further......until we've had a breather.
UGLUK: Get a fire going!
The Orcs and Uruk's move towards the trees. Pippin crawls towards Merry
PIPPIN: Merry! Merry!
MERRY: (has a large cut on his forehead) I think we might have made a mistake leaving the Shire, Pippin.
Pippin grins. As the orcs and uruks chop down trees a low loud groaning noise is heard. 
PIPPIN: What's making that noise?
MERRY: (looking up at the forest) It's the trees.
MERRY: You remember the Old Forest, on the borders of Buckland? Folk used to say there was something in
the water that made the trees grow tall......and come alive.
PIPPIN: Alive?
MERRY: Trees that could whisper......talk to each other......even move.
URUK-HAI: I'm starving. We ain't had nothing but maggoty bread for three stinking days.
SNAGA: Yeah! Why can't we have some meat?! (looks at the hobbits) What about them? They're fresh.
UGLUK: They are not for eating.
an Uruk-Hai drags Merry and Pippin away from the orcs
GRISHNAKH: What about their legs? They don't need those.
Merry and Pippin look astonished and glance at their legs
GRISHNAKH: They look tasty. (he walks towards the hobbits but his thrown back by Ugluk)
UGLUK: Get back, scum!
The prisoners go to Saruman. Alive and unspoiled.
GRISHNAKH: Alive? (moves towards the hobbits again) Why alive? Do they give good sport?
UGLUK: They have something. An Elvish weapon. The master wants it for the war.
Snaga creeps up to the hobbits with his blade
PIPPIN: They think we have the Ring.
MERRY: Ssh! As soon as they find out we don't, we're dead.
Snaga is close to the hobbits now and raises his blade
SNAGA: Just a mouthful...(Ugluk turns around) ...a bit of the flank.
Ugluk raises his scimitar and cuts off Snaga's head which rolls off the hobbits shoulders
UGLUK: Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys.
The Uruk-hai push past Merry and Pippin, throwing them to the ground again as they fight to get to the body.
MERRY: Pippin. Let's go.
They begin to crawl away.  Suddenly they are stopped as Grishnak places a foot on Merry's back.  Pippin rolls over to see him
GRISHNAKH: Go on. Call for help. (he squeezes Pippin's cheeks) Squeal. No one's going to save you now. (he lifts his blade)
Suddenly a spear is thrown into Grishnakh's back and he falls over.  The Rohirrim appear on their horses slaying the orcs and uruk-hai. 
MERRY: Pippin! (he starts to crawl away again as pandemonium ensues)
Pippin and Merry are caught in the middle of the attack.  As Pippin rolls onto his back to see a horse rearing above him and its hooves come crashing down on top of him
PIPPIN: Aaaaaaaagh!
Legolas suddenly stops running and looks back to where they have come from. The sun is rising and the sky is pink.
LEGOLAS: A red sun rises. Blood has been spilled this night.
Scene 11 ~ The Riders of Rohan

The Two Towers Scene 11

The three hunters continue running.  Aragorn pauses to look at tracks on the ground and they hear the sounds of neighing and thundering hooves.  He beckons to the others to follow him as they hide behind some rocks.

A large group of horses and horsemen thunder past them over the brow of the hill.  Aragorn comes out of hiding, followed by Legolas and Gimli

ARAGORN: Riders of Rohan......what news from the Mark?
Eomer raises his spear and the horsemen circle round and gallop back to the Hunters and circle round them, spears drawn
Eomer rides through the men, and stops in front of them

EOMER: What business does an Elf, a Man and a Dwarf have in the Riddermark? Speak quickly!
GIMLI: Give me your name, horse-master, and I shall give you mine.
Eomer dismounts from his horse and walks towards Gimli
EOMER: I would cut off your head, Dwarf......if it stood but a little higher from the ground.
Legolas quickly draws an arrow and aims for Eomer's head
LEGOLAS: You would die before your stroke fell.
The Rohirrim point their spears at Legolas.  Aragorn steps between him and Eomer and holds Legolas' arm down
ARAGORN: I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn. This is Gimli, son of Gloin, and Legolas of the Woodland Realm. We are friends of Rohan and of Theoden, your king.
EOMER: Theoden no longer recognizes friend from foe. (he takes off his helmet) Not even his own kin. (he motions for the Rohirrim to raise their spears) Saruman has poisoned the mind of the king......and claimed lordship over these lands.

My company are those loyal to Rohan. And for that, we are banished. The White Wizard is cunning.He walks here and there, they say......as an old man hooded and cloaked. And everywhere, his spies slip past our nets.
ARAGORN: We are no spies. We track a party of Uruk-hai westward across the plain. They have taken two of our friends captive.
EOMER: The Uruks are destroyed. We slaughtered them during the night.
GIMLI: But there were two Hobbits.
Did you see two Hobbits with them?
ARAGORN: They would be small. Only children to your eyes.
EOMER: (shakes his head) We left none alive. We piled the carcasses and burned them. (he points to a smoking pile behind them)
GIMLI: (in disbelief) Dead?
Legolas looks mournful
EOMER: (nods) I am sorry.
Eomer whistles
EOMER: Hasufel! Arod! (two horses come walking towards him) May these horses bear you to better fortune than their former masters. Farewell.
Eomer puts back on his helmet and mounts his horse.
EOMER: Look for your friends. But do not trust to hope. It has forsaken these lands. (he shouts to his men) We ride north!
The Rohirrim ride away
Scene 12 ~ The Fate of Merry and Pippin

The Two Towers Scene 12

Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli ride up to the smoking pile and dismount.  Gimli digs through the pile of burnt bodies with his axe and picks up a belt
GIMLI: It's one of their wee belts.
LEGOLAS: (bowing his head) Hiro hyn hdh ab 'wanath... (May they find peace in death)
Aragorn kicks an Uruk helmet and falls to his knees
ARAGORN: Aaaaagh!
GIMLI: We failed them.
Aragorn looks at the ground and surveys the marks on it
ARAGORN: A Hobbit lay here. And the other.
FLASHBACK:  Pippin rolling over and dodging the horses hooves above his head and then Pippin and Merry crawling away on their stomachs
ARAGORN: (tracing their tracks) They crawled. (he stands up) Their hands were bound.
FLASHBACK: We see Pippin cutting his ropes on a blade

Aragorn picks up a piece of rope

ARAGORN: Their bonds were cut.
FLASHBACK:  Pippin and Merry run away, in and out of the fighting and under a horse

Aragorn continues tracking them, Legolas and Gimli following

ARAGORN: They ran over here. They were followed
FLASHBACK:  Grishnakh grabs Merry's belt
MERRY: The belt! he quickly undoes it, so that Grishnakh (wounded on the ground) is left holding just that
FLASHBACK:  Merry and Pippin run away and into Fangorn Forest,

Aragorn runs towards the forest, the others following

ARAGORN : Tracks lead away from the battle...
They stop running and stare at the forest
ARAGORN: ...into Fangorn Forest.
GIMLI: Fangorn? What madness drove them in there?

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