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  The movie opens as the camera pans over the Misty Mountains

The Two Towers Extended Edition Movie Script

Compiled by Elril Galia, for LOTRUK

Scenes 13 to 16

Scene 13 ~ Treebeard

The Two Towers Scene 13

Merry and Pippin run into Fangorn, running through the trees, they stumble and fall over

PIPPIN: Did we lose him? I think we lost him.
Suddenly an orc appears running through the trees
ORC: I'm going to rip out your filthy little innards!
Merry and Pippin run away
ORC: Come here!
MERRY: Trees. Climb a tree.
The Hobbits quickly climb a tree
MERRY: (looking round) He's gone.
Suddenly Merry is grabbed by the ankle and pulled to the ground.  He falls on his back and tries to kick the Orc away.
PIPPIN: Merry!
Pippin looks down in horror at Merry, as he turns around he notices two eyes looking at him
MERRY: Aaagh! (he loses his grip and starts to fall, but the tree catches him)
ORC: (holding his blade over Merry) Let's put a maggot hole in your belly!
The orc hears a noise just as the tree moves forward and stands on him. 
PIPPIN: Run, Merry!
Merry tries to run, but the tree reaches down and picks him up. He holds them in front of him, squeezing them
TREEBEARD: Little Orcs.
PIPPIN: It's talking, Merry. The tree is talking.
Treebeard continues walking
TREEBEARD: Tree? I am no tree! I am an Ent.
MERRY: (in wonderment) A tree-herder. A shepherd of the forest.
PIPPIN: Don't talk to it, Merry. Don't encourage it!
TREEBEARD: Treebeard, some call me.
PIPPIN: And whose side are you on?
TREEBEARD: Side? I am on nobody's side......because nobody's on my side, little Orc. Nobody cares for the woods anymore.
MERRY: We're not Orcs! We're Hobbits!
TREEBEARD: Hobbits? Never heard of a Hobbit before. Sounds like Orc mischief to me! (he squeezes them tighter) They come with fire. They come with axes. Gnawing, biting, breaking, hacking, burning! Destroyers and usurpers! Curse them!
MERRY: No! You don't understand. We're Hobbits! Halflings! Shire-folk!
TREEBEARD: Maybe you are......and maybe you aren't. The White Wizard will know.
PIPPIN: The White Wizard?
MERRY: Saruman.
Treebeard puts them down and they look up to see the White Wizard.

Scene 14 ~ The Passage of the Marshes

The Two Towers Scene 14

Gollum scrambles through the rocks, Frodo and Sam following.  He leads them to the edge of the rocks and they see Mount Doom in the distance
GOLLUM: See? See? We've led you out. Hurry, Hobbitses. Hurry!
Very lucky we find you.
(he looks at Sam grinning) Nice Hobbit.
Sam places a foot on the ground below the rocks, and it sinks
SAM: It's a bog. He's led us into a swamp.
GOLLUM: A swamp, yes, yes. Come, master. We will take you on safe paths through the mist. Come, Hobbits! Come! We go quickly. (he gestures to them to follow) I found it. I did. The way through the marshes. Orcs don't use it. Orcs don't know it. They go around for miles and miles. Come quickly. Soft and quick as shadows we must be.
The marshland stretches for miles.  The camera moves out, and the hobbits appear as specks
They stop to take a rest

SAM: I hate this place. It's too quiet. There's been no sight nor sound of a bird for two days.
GOLLUM: No, no birdses to eat. No crunchable birdses. We are famished! Yes! Famished we are, precious! (he grabs a worm and eats it)
FRODO: Here. (he throws Gollum some Lemba bread)
GOLLUM: What does it eats? Is it tasty? (Gollum takes a bite and starts coughing) It tries to chokes us! We can't eats Hobbit food! We must starve!

SAM: Well, starve, then. And good riddance!
GOLLUM: Oh, cruel Hobbit. It does not care if we be hungry. Does not care if we should die. (he looks at Frodo) Not like master. Master cares. Master knows. Yes. Precious. Once it takes hold of us......it never lets go.
Frodo touches the Ring.  Gollum reaches out his hand too
FRODO: Don't touch me!
They continue picking their way through the marshes.  Marsh flames are everywhere, and in the water there are submerged bodies
SAM: There are dead things! Dead faces in the water.
GOLLUM: All dead. All rotten. Elves and Men and Orcses. A great battle long ago. Dead Marshes. Yes. Yes, that is their name.
This way. Don't follow the lights.
Sam's foot slips into the water
GOLLUM: Careful now! Or Hobbits go down to join the dead ones......and light little candles of their own.
Frodo stops to look at one of the faces in the water.  Suddenly it opens its eyes and Frodo tumbles forward into the water
SAM: Frodo!
Frodo is under the water.  He sees all the bodies floating and moving around him, their hair and gowns flowing.  They reach out hands towards him.  Suddenly a hand grabs his back.  It is Gollum, dragging him out of the water
FRODO: (looking confused at Gollum) Gollum?
GOLLUM: Don't follow the lights.
FRODO: Gollum!
SAM: Mr. Frodo! Are you all right?
It is night time.  Sam is asleep and Frodo lies stroking the Ring
GOLLUM: So bright. So beautiful.
Frodo sees Gollum watching him and quickly tucks the Ring back inside his shirt
GOLLUM: (strokes his own palm) Our precious.
FRODO: What did you say?
GOLLUM: Master should be resting. Master needs to keep up his strength.
FRODO: (walks over to Gollum and crouches in front of him) Who are you?
GOLLUM: Mustn't ask us. Not its business. Gollum. Gollum.
FRODO: Gandalf told me you were one of the river-folk.
GOLLUM: Cold be heart and hand and bone
Cold be travellers far from home
FRODO: He said your life was a sad story.
GOLLUM: They do not see what lies ahead
When sun has failed and moon is dead
FRODO: You were not so very different from a Hobbit once. Were you? Smeagol.
GOLLUM: (looks up) What did you call me?
FRODO: That was your name once, wasn't it? A long time ago.
GOLLUM: My name. My name. Smeagol.
Suddenly they hear the screeching of the Nazgul
SAM: Black Riders!
GOLLUM: Hide! Hide!
FRODO: Aagh!
Frodo clutches his upper chest.  He sees flashes of the Witch King from Weathertop
FRODO: Aagh!
SAM: Come on, Frodo. Come on!
Frodo sees more flashes of the Witch King advancing towards him and stabbing him in the shoulder

Frodo continues to clutch the Ring to his chest.  Sam drags him under a bramble bush.  They hear more screeches, and a Nazgul appears riding his fell beast, flying and swooping over the marshlands, as if searching for something

GOLLUM: Quick! They will see us!
They will see us!
SAM: I thought they were dead.
GOLLUM: Dead? No, you cannot kill them. No.
The Nazgul screechs louder. Frodo feels the Ring calling and reaches inside his shirt for it
GOLLUM: Wraiths! Wraiths on wings! They are calling for it.They are calling for the precious.
Sam sees Frodo reaching for the Ring and grabs his hand
SAM: Mr. Frodo! It's all right. I'm here.
The Nazgul flies off
GOLLUM: Hurry, Hobbits. The Black Gate is very close.

Scene 15 ~ The White Rider

The Two Towers Scene 15

Back in Fangorn, Gimli puts a finger on a blood stained leaf and tastes it
GIMLI: (spits) Orc blood.
Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli run through the forest.  Aragorn pauses to examine the ground
ARAGORN: These are strange tracks.
GIMLI: The air is so close in here.
LEGOLAS: This forest is old. Very old. Full of memory......and anger.
Deep groaning is heard.  Gimli raises his axe
LEGOLAS: The trees are speaking to each other.
ARAGORN: Gimli! Lower your axe.
GIMLI: (suddenly realising what he means) oh!
LEGOLAS: They have feelings, my friend. The Elves began it. Waking up the trees, teaching them to speak.
GIMLI: Talking trees. What do trees have to talk about? Except the consistency of squirrel droppings.
LEGOLAS: Aragorn, nad no ennas (something’s out there)
ARAGORN: Man cenich? (What do you see?)
Legolas looks deep into the forest
LEGOLAS: The White Wizard approaches.
ARAGORN: Do not let him speak. He will put a spell on us.
Aragorn grips his sword, Gimli grasps his axe and Legolas loads his bow with an arrow
ARAGORN: We must be quick.
They quickly turn around and are greeted by a brilliant white light. Gimli throws his axe, which is deflected.  Legolas fires an arrow, again deflected and Aragorn's sword turns red hot so that he drops it
WHITE WIZARD: (apparantly Saruman's voice from within the white light.  No form can be made out) You are tracking the footsteps of two young Hobbits.
ARAGORN: Where are they?
WHITE WIZARD They passed this way the day before yesterday. They met someone they did not expect. Does that comfort you?
ARAGORN: Who are you? Show yourself!
Gandalf steps out of the white light and reveals himself all dressed in white robes with a white staff
ARAGORN: It cannot be.
LEGOLAS: Forgive me.
Legolas and Gimli bow down
LEGOLAS: I mistook you for Saruman.
GANDALF: I am Saruman. Or rather, Saruman as he should have been.
ARAGORN: You fell.
GANDALF: Through fire.....and water.
FLASHBACK to see Gandalf fighting with the Balrog on top of Durin's tower
GANDALF VOICEOVER: From the lowest dungeon to the highest peak...... I fought with the Balrog of Morgoth.
Gandalf holds up Glamdring as a flash of lightening strikes it, and he plunges it into the Balrog who falls from the peak and lands on the snowy slopes below
GANDALF VOICE OVER: Until at last I threw down my enemy......and smote his ruin upon the mountainside.
Gandalf is seen lying on the snow, with a bloody nose
GANDALF VOICE OVER: Darkness took me......and I strayed out of thought and time.
Stars and galaxies reel above him leading to a blinding bright white light
GANDALF VOICE OVER: Stars wheeled overhead......and every day was as long as a life age of the Earth. But it was not the end. I felt life in me again.
The white light fades and Gandalf is seen lying naked in the snow.  His wounds are healed his hair and beard are snowy white.  He gasps
GANDALF: (back in the forest) I've been sent back...... until my task is done.
ARAGORN: (moving forwards) Gandalf.
GANDALF: Gandalf? (looks puzzled the remembers) Yes. That was what they used to call me. Gandalf the Grey. That was my name. (he smiles)
GIMLI: Gandalf.
GANDALF: I am Gandalf the White. And I come back to you now......at the turn of the tide.
All four walk through the forest.  Gandalf now wears a grey cloak over his white robes
GANDALF: One stage of your journey is over. Another begins. We must travel to Edoras with all speed.
GIMLI: Edoras? That is no short distance!
ARAGORN: We hear of trouble in Rohan. It goes ill with the king.
GANDALF: Yes, and it will not be easily cured.
GIMLI: Then we have run all this way for nothing? Are we to leave those poor Hobbits here......in this horrid, dark, dank tree-infested--? (Groans are again heard in the forest) I mean, charming......quite charming forest.
GANDALF: It was more than mere chance that brought Merry and Pippin to Fangorn. A great power has been sleeping here for many long years. The coming of Merry and Pippin will be like the falling of small stones......that starts an avalanche in the mountains.
ARAGORN: In one thing you have not changed, dear friend. (Gandalf looks curious) You still speak in riddles. (they laugh)
GANDALF: A thing is about to happen that has not happened since the Elder Days. The Ents are going to wake up.....and find that they are strong.
GIMLI: Strong?! (the forest groans again) Oh, that's good.
GANDALF: So stop your fretting, Master Dwarf. Merry and Pippin are quite safe. In fact, they are far safer than you are about to be.
GIMLI: (mutters to himself) This new Gandalf's more grumpy than the old one.
They are outside the forest now.  Gandalf whistles a long high loud whistle.  From the distance a great white horse comes galloping towards them
LEGOLAS: That is one of the Mearas......unless my eyes are cheated by some spell.
GANDALF: (Gandalf greets the bowing his head to him and stroking him) Shadowfax. He is the lord of all horses......and has been my friend through many dangers.
They all ride off at great speed to Edoras

Scene 16 ~ The Song of the Entwives

The Two Towers Scene 16

In Fangorn.  Merry and Pippin are sitting in Treebeard's branches, as he walks through the forest.  Treebeard is reciting
TREEBEARD: O rowen mine
I saw you shine
Upon a summer's day
Upon your head
How golden-red
The crown you bore aloft
(Merry yawns)
Such a beautiful verse
MERRY: ls it much further?
TREEBEARD: Bru-ra-hroom. Don't be hasty. You might call it far, perhaps. My home lies deep in the forest......near the roots of the mountain. I told Gandalf I would keep you safe. And safe is where I'll keep you. I believe you will enjoy this next one too. (Pippin starts to close his eyes) It's one of my own compositions. Right.

Beneath the roof of sleeping leaves
And the dreams of trees unfold
When woodland halls are green and cool
And the wind is in the West
Come back to me
Come back to me
And say my land is best


Treebeard sees that the Hobbits are fast asleep.  He gently places them on the ground.
TREEBEARD: Sleep, little Shirelings. Heed no nightly noise. Sleep till morning light. I have business in the forest. There are many to call. Many that must come. (he walks away) The Shadow lies on Fangorn. The withering of all woods is drawing near.

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