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The Two Towers Extended Edition Movie Script

Compiled by Elril Galia, for LOTRUK

Scenes 65 to 66

Scene 65 ~ "The Battle for Middle Earth is About to Begin" 

The Two Towers Scene 65

Gandalf rides to the top of the hill at the side of Helms Deep with Eomer, Theoden, Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn and Gamling all on horseback

GANDALF: Sauron's wrath will be terrible, his retribution swift.
They look to the other side of the hill on Mordor.  Thunder and lightening erupt and the darkening sky turns red
GANDALF: The battle for Helm's Deep is over. The battle for Middle-earth is about to begin.
Aragorn looks at Gandalf who looks back at him with a grim look on his face
GANDALF: (looking back out to Mordor) All our hopes now lie with two little Hobbits...
Frodo and Sam are walking through the woods, following Gollum
GANDALF VOICEOVER: ...somewhere in the wilderness.
SAM: I wonder if we'll ever be put into songs or tales.
FRODO: (looks back at Sam)  What?
SAM: I wonder if people will ever say,
"Let's hear about Frodo and the Ring."
And they'll say,
"Yes! That's one of my favourite stories."
"Frodo was really courageous, wasn't he, Dad? "
"Yes, my boy. (Frodo grins) The most famousest of Hobbits. And that's saying a lot."
FRODO: (laughs) Well, you've left out one of the chief characters:
"Samwise the Brave."
I want to hear more about Sam.
Sam smiles.  Frodo stops walking and turns to him
FRODO: (seriously now) Frodo wouldn't have got far without Sam.
SAM: Now, Mr. Frodo, you shouldn't make fun. I was being serious. 
FRODO: So was l. (he continues walking) 
SAM: (looks after him, resettles his backpack and sighing walks after him) "Samwise the Brave." (Frodo grins)

Scene 66 ~ Gollum's Plan 

The Two Towers Scene 66

Gollum has gone ahead.  Frodo and Sam cannot see him through the trees
FRODO: Smeagol?
SAM: We're not going to wait for you. Come on.
Gollum is stumbling along ahead of them on all fours
SMEAGOL: Master. Master looks after us. (he sobs) Master wouldn't hurt us.
GOLLUM: Master broke his promise.
SMEAGOL: Don't ask Smeagol. Poor, poor Smeagol.
GOLLUM: Master betrayed us. Wicked. Tricksy. False. (he grabs a tree branch) We ought to wring his filthy little neck.
(he wrings the branch with his hands) 
Kill him! Kill him! Kill them both! (he gestures grabbing the Ring) And then we take the precious......and we be the master!
SMEAGOL: (looks round from a tree trunk) But the fat Hobbit, he knows. Eyes always watching.
GOLLUM: (looking round the other side of the trunk) Then we stabs them out. Put out his eyeses and make him crawl.
SMEAGOL: Yes. Yes. Yes.
GOLLUM: Kill them both.
SMEAGOL: Yes. (suddenly afraid) No! No! (he backs himself against a tree) It's too risky. It's too risky.
Sam and Frodo appear through the trees
SAM: Where is he? Where has he gone? Hey, Gollum! Where are you?
FRODO: Smeagol?
GOLLUM: We could let her do it.
SMEAGOL: Yes. She could do it.
Frodo and Sam begin searching for Gollum 
GOLLUM: Yes, precious, she could. And then we takes it once they're dead.
SMEAGOL: Once they're dead. (he holds his finger up to his lips) Ssssssssssssssh!
Gollum comes out from behind the tree
SMEAGOL: Come on, Hobbits. Long ways to go yet. (he gestures to them to follow and crawls off) Smeagol will show you the way.
GOLLUM: Follow me.
The hobbits follow Gollum.  

The camera pans out over the forest, up the side of a mountain pass and shows Mordor; Barad-dur and the Great Eye above it, with Mount Doom in the foreground circled by flying Nazgul.

The Two Towers - The End

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