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  The movie opens as the camera pans over the Misty Mountains

The Two Towers Extended Edition Movie Script

Compiled by Elril Galia, for LOTRUK

Scenes 1 to 4

Scene 1 ~ The Foundations of Stone

The Two Towers Scene 1

The movie opens as the camera pans over the Misty Mountains


GANDALF VOICE OVER: You cannot pass!
GANDALF VOICE OVER: I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor.
Go back to the Shadow.
The dark fire will not avail you,
flame of Udun!
The scene changes to inside Moria.  Gandalf is on the Bridge of Khazad dum confronting the Balrog
GANDALF: You shall not pass!
Gandalf slams down his staff onto the Bridge, causing it to crack.  The Balrog falls.  Gandalf turns away but the Balrog's whip catches his ankle and pulls him over the edge.  Gandalf is hanging onto the edge of the bridge
BOROMIR : (holding back Frodo) No! No!
FRODO: Gandalf!
GANDALF: Fly, you fools!
FRODO : No!Gandalf!

Gandalf falls with the Balrog into a great chasm.  He is seen fighting with the Balrog all the way down, until they fall together into an underground lake


Scene 2 ~ Elven Rope

The Two Towers Scene 2

Scene cuts to the edge of mountains in the Emyn Muil where Frodo and Sam lie sleeping
FRODO: Gandalf!
SAM: What is it, Mr. Frodo?
FRODO: Nothing. Just a dream.
Frodo and Sam scramble down the rocks using the rope given to Sam by Galadriel
SAM: Can you see the bottom?
FRODO: No! Don't look down, Sam! Just keep going!
Sam slips and drops a box
SAM: Catch it! Grab it, Mr. Frodo!
Frodo catches the box, but looses his footing and slips down the side of the slope
SAM: Mr. Frodo!
FRODO: I think I've found the bottom.
Sam and Frodo survey their surroundings
SAM: Bogs and rope, and goodness knows what. It's not natural. None of it.
Frodo looks at the box he is holding
FRODO: What's in this?
SAM: Nothing.Just a bit of seasoning.I thought maybe if we was having
a roast chicken one night or something.
FRODO: Roast chicken?!
SAM: You never know.
FRODO: Sam. My dear Sam.
SAM: It's very special, that. It's the best salt in all the Shire.
FRODO: It is special. It's a little bit of home.
Frodo looks at Sam's rope
FRODO: We can't leave this here for someone to follow us down.
SAM: Who's gonna follow us down here, Mr. Frodo? It's a shame, really.
Lady Galadriel gave me that. Real Elvish rope.
Well, there's nothing for it. It's one of my knots.Won't come free in a hurry.
Sam pulls the rope and it comes untied easily and falls to the ground
FRODO: Real Elvish rope.
Frodo and Sam are climbing over rocks
Sam and Frodo look across to Mordor and Mount Doom
SAM: Mordor. The one place in Middle-earth we don't want to see any closer. And it's the one place we're trying to get to. It's just where we can't get.
Let's face it, Mr. Frodo, we're lost. I don't think Gandalf meant for us to come this way.
FRODO: He didn't mean for a lot of things to happen, Sam......but they did.
Frodo looks across to Mordor and is suddenly captured by the Eye.  He gasps and grips the Ring
SAM: Mr. Frodo? It's the Ring, isn't it?
FRODO: It's getting heavier.
Sam takes off his backpack and looks in it
FRODO: What food have we got left?
SAM: Let me see.Oh, yes. Lovely. Lembas bread. And look! More lembas bread.
Sam gives a piece to Frodo and takes a bite of bread
SAM: I don't usually hold with foreign food.....but this Elvish stuff, it's not bad.
FRODO: Nothing ever dampens your spirits, does it, Sam?
Sam looks into the sky
SAM: Those rain clouds might.
Sam and Frodo continue to make their way through the rocks.  In the background Gollum's breathing can be heard and his hand appears. It is darker and much mistier now
SAM: This looks strangely familiar.
FRODO: It's because we've been here before. We're going in circles.
SAM: What is that horrid stink? I warrant there's a nasty bog nearby. Can you smell it?
FRODO: Yes.....I can smell it.................We're not alone.

Scene 3 ~ The Taming of Smeagol

The Two Towers Scene 3

Whilst Frodo and Sam sleep huddled against a rockface, their cloaks over them, in full moonlight Gollum starts to creep towards them
GOLLUM: The thieves............... The thieves. The filthy little thieves. Where is it?............. Where is it? They stole it from us............. My precious......... Curse them, we hates them! It's ours, it is, and we wants it!
As Gollum reaches out a hand to grab the Ring from Frodo, Sam and Frodo suddenly jump up and together pull him from the rockface.  Gollum becomes free and on seeing the Ring jumps on Frodo.  Sam pulls Gollum off, but Gollum throws Sam aside and goes back to Frodo.  Again Sam grapples with Gollum, and as it seems Gollum is about to win, Frodo appears holding Sting at Gollum's throat.
FRODO: This is Sting. You've seen it before......haven't you, Gollum? Release him or I'll cut your throat.
GOLLUM: Yessssss
Its daylight and again Frodo and Sam are attempting to find their way out of Emyn Muil.  Gollum is being held by Sam and pulled along by the elven rope around his neck
GOLLUM: It burns! It burns us! It freezes! Nasty Elves twisted it.
Gollum looks pleadingly at Frodo
GOLLUM: Take it off us!
SAM : Quiet, you! It's hopeless. Every Orc in Mordor's going to hear this racket.(he looks at Frodo)
Let's just tie him up and leave him.
GOLLUM: No! That would kill us! Kill us!
SAM: It's no more than you deserve!
FRODO: Maybe he does deserve to die. But now that I see him, I do pity him.
Gollum holds out the rope and looks pleadingly at Frodo
GOLLUM: We be nice to them if they be nice to us. Take it off us.We swears to do what you wants................We swears.
FRODO: There's no promise you can make that I can trust.
Gollum looks puzzled
GOLLUM: We swears......to serve the master ........... of the precious. We will swear on.....on the precious, Gollum. Gollum.
Frodo walks up to Gollum
FRODO: The Ring is treacherous. It will hold you to your word.
GOLLUM: Yes......on the precious.....On the precious.
SAM: I don't believe you!
Sam rushes forward and Gollum runs away up a rock.  Sam yanks the rope pulling him down
SAM: Get down! I said, down!
SAM: He's trying to trick us. If we let him go, he'll throttle us in our sleep.
Frodo walks back to Gollum
FRODO: You know the way to Mordor?
FRODO: You've been there before?
Frodo takes the rope off Gollum's neck
FRODO: You will lead us to the Black Gate.
Gollum races off through the rocks on all fours
SMEAGOL: To the Gate, to the Gate! To the Gate, the master says. Yes!
GOLLUM: No! We won't go back. Not there. Not to him. They can't make us. Gollum! Gollum!
SMEAGOL: But we swore to serve the master of the precious.
GOLLUM: No. Ashes and dust and thirst there is, and pits, pits, pits. And Orcses, thousands of Orcses. And always the Great Eye watching,
Gollum rushes off. The hobbits try to keep up
SAM: Hey! Come back now! Come back! There! What did I tell you? He's run off, the old villain. So much for his promises.
Gollum reappears
SMEAGOL: This way, Hobbits. Follow me!

Scene 4 ~ The Uruk-hai

The Two Towers Scene 4

A band of Uruk Hai are seen running across the plains.  On their backs are tied Merry and Pippin.  Merry has a bad cut on his head and is very sleepy. Pippin tries to talk to him
PIPPIN: Merry! Merry!
Suddenly they stop.  A group of Mordor Orcs appears
GRISHNAK: You're late Our master grows impatient.He wants the Shire-rats now.
UGLUK: I don't take orders from Orc-maggots. Saruman will have his prize. We will deliver them.
PIPPIN: Merry! Merry? Wake up
Pippin looks at the Uruk Hai who are drinking from a flask
PIPPIN: My friend is sick. He needs water. Please!
URUK HAI: Sick, is he? Give him some medicine, boys!
The Uruks pour the liquid from their flasks into Merry's mouth, who wakes up coughing and spluttering
PIPPIN: Stop it!
URUK HAI: Can't take his draught!
PIPPIN: Leave him alone!
URUK HAI: Why? You want some?
Merry shakes his head
URUK HAI: Then keep your mouth shut.
The Uruks turn away
PIPPIN: Merry.
MERRY: (looking up feebly) Hello, Pip.
PIPPIN: You're hurt.
MERRY: I'm fine. lt was just an act.
PIPPIN: An act?
MERRY: See? I fooled you too. Don't worry about me, Pippin.
An Uruk-hai sniffs the air
UGLUK: What is it? What do you smell?
URUK HAI: Man-flesh
UGLUK: They've picked up our trail.
PIPPIN: (Pippin looks in wonder and whispers) Aragorn.
UGLUK: Let's move!
As the Uruk-hai band run off with Merry and Pippin still tied to their backs, with his mouth, Pippin pulls off his elven leaf brooch from his cloak and throws it to the ground

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