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The Return of the King Extended Edition Movie Script

Compiled by beleriel, for LOTRUK

Scenes 69 to 72

Scene 69 ~ "The Eagles Are Coming"

Return of the King Scene 69

 Gandalf and Legolas continue to fight the Orcs. There is a scream from the Ringwraiths and Gandalf stops to look up at one who is closing in on him. Gandalf sees a moth flitting around him and looks up again to see a huge eagle intercept the fell beast and drag it off.

PIPPIN: The eagles! The eagles are coming!
The eagles engage in the air with the fell beasts.

Scene 70 ~ The Crack of Doom

Return of the King Scene 70

Sam looks and sees Frodo making the last run to the door. He goes in. Sam follows Frodo and walks along the pathway into Mount Doom.
SAM: Frodo! (He shouts.)
Frodo is standing on the edge of the pathway looking down into the Cracks of Doom. He turns.
FRODO: Iím here Sam! (His voice sounds strong. Sam moves slowly towards him.)
SAM: Destroy it!
Frodo looks away. He holds the Ring out in front of him on its chain, watching it.
SAM: Go on! Now! Throw it in the fire!
Frodo is struggling with himself. He stands looking at the Ring. He looks down into the Cracks of Doom gasping and hesitating.
SAM: What are you waiting for? Just let it go!
The Ring seems to speak to Frodo. Frodo holds the Ring in front of his eyes. His eyes look mad. The Ring fills all his vision. He turns to look at Sam. He looks mad.
FRODO: The Ring is mine! (He pulls it off its chainÖ)
SAM: No! (Frodo puts it on his finger and disappears.)
SAM: Nooooooo!
The Eye of Sauron moves instantly to Mount Doom, aware of him. The Ringwraiths turn away from the battle and speed towards the mountain.

We can see Frodoís footsteps on the pathway. Gollum appears behind Sam. He knocks him down with a rock and looks around. Gollum sees Frodoís footsteps. He drops the rock and jumps onto Frodoís invisible shoulders. Frodo cries out.

Aragorn is fighting on the battlefield, he hears a roar and turns around, a Cave troll is there and it attacks Aragorn. Aragorn fights the Cave troll desperately.

Gollum is on Frodoís shoulders struggling with him. Sam tries to get up but cannot. Gollum puts something up to his mouth and bites hard. Frodo appears screaming. Gollum dances about while Frodo holds his hand.

Aragorn falls down and Legolas sees he is in trouble he tries to reach him.

Frodo falls down and we can see he has half his finger missing. It is bleeding he holds it gasping. Gollum holds up the Ring in his hands and looks up at it. He is mesmerised by the Ring and staggers back towards the brink.

Aragorn turns around and the Cave troll is striding towards him. Legolas is desperately trying to reach Aragorn to help him.

Gollum laughs.
GOLLUM: Yeees! (Frodo sees him.) Yeees! (Frodo advances on him.) Precious! My Precious! (Gollum dances about with glee. Frodo attacks him and grapples with him for the Ring.)
The troll puts its foot on top of Aragorn. He takes out his knife and stabs the foot. Gandalf looks.

Frodo continues to grapple with Gollum on the edge. They take a step too far and topple over. Gollum has the Ring in his hand and he is falling down into the Cracks of Doom. He holds the Ring to his chest protectively. He hits the lava and begins to sink. He holds his hand up in the air, his head disappears and the arm follows. The Ring sits upon the top of the lava.

Frodo is hanging on the edge of the rock, holding on with his good hand. Sam dives towards him. He tries to reach him.
SAM: Give me your hand.
Frodo looks up at him. The Ring begins to glow.
SAM: Take my hand.
Frodo tries to reach him and misses.
SAM: No! (Frodo swings back down. He looks desperately up at Sam.) Donít you let go! Donít let go! Reeeaaach! (With one last desperate attempt Frodo swings his arm up and reaches for Samís hand. Sam grasps his damaged hand. The Ring sinks below the lava.)

Scene 71 ~ Sauron Defeated

Return of the King Scene 71

The Eye of Sauron flares suddenly. It looks this way and that desperately. The Cave Troll stops, looks towards the Eye, realises it is free and runs off.

Gandalf turns towards the Eye which is screeching and groaning with a terrible sound. Legolas and Aragorn turn to look too. The tower of Barad DŻr begins to collapse. Gandalf has tears in his eyes. They watch as the tower collapses to the ground. The Eye of Sauron explodes sending a huge shockwave outwards.
MERRY: Frodo! (He shouts.) Frodo! (He is gleeful.)
Gimli shakes his hands with joy.

The Black gate begins to collapse. Orcs try to run away, but the ground below them gives way. They are all destroyed.

Mount Doom erupts. Merry looks shocked. Gandalf begins to cry. The Ringwraiths fizzle and disappear. Aragorn watches with concern. Pippin cries.
PIPPIN: Frodo.

Scene 72 ~ The End of All Things

Return of the King Scene 72

Frodo and Sam run along the pathway leaving the mountain as it erupts around them. They escape and manage to jump a chasm onto a high rock, avoiding the lava flow which pursues them.

Frodo stands still, his eyes look clear again.
FRODO: Itís gone. (Sam looks at him.) Itís done.
SAM: Yes Mr Frodo. Itís over now.
There is a crash and the ground lurches making them fall off balance. They struggle further up the rock. Frodo collapses onto his back. We can see the lava flow moving all around them.

Frodo is lying back with his eyes closed.
FRODO: I can see the Shire. The Brandywine River. Bag End. Gandalfís fireworks. The lights on the party tree.
SAM: Rosie Cotton dancing. (He has tears in his eyes.) She had ribbons in her hair. If ever I was to marry someone, it would have been her. (He cries) It wouldíve been her.
Frodo gets up and puts his arm around Sam comfortingly. Sam is crying. Frodo puts his head on Sams.
FRODO:  Iím glad to be with you Samwise Gamgee here at the end of all things. They hug.
Sometime laterÖ Sam and Frodo are lying prone on the rock. In the distance eagles appear flying towards them. Gandalf is on the back of one. They fly in and pick Frodo and Sam up carefully in their claws. We can see Frodo lying back with his eyes closed.

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