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The Return of the King Extended Edition Movie Script

Compiled by beleriel, for LOTRUK

Scenes 21 to 24

Scene 21 ~ The Fall of Osgiliath

Return of the King Scene 21

The scene returns to Osgiliath where the fighting is fierce.  But many men are being slaughtered. 

Faramir runs through an archway and Madril shouts his name.  He moves out of the way and archers kill the many Orcs that are running after him.

MADRIL: We canít hold them.  The city is lost.
FARAMIR:  Tell the men to break cover.  We ride for Minas Tirith.
Men continue to be slaughtered.  Suddenly a dreadful screech enters the scene.
DAMROD:  NazgŻl!
The Nazgul fly over the scene.
FARAMIR: (shouting) Take cover!  Nazgul!  Fall back.  Fall back to Minas Tirith! 
As they fall back Madril is badly injured and falls to the floor.
FARAMIR:  Fall back!  (the NazgŻl harass the soldiers from above)  Retreat!  Retreat!  Run for your lives! 
As Madril lays injured Gothmog and orc stand looking down at him.  Gothmog takes a lance from the orc and kills Madril with it. 
GOTHMOG: The age of men is over.  The time of the Orc has come.
The scene changes to show the soldiers trying to retreat over the plain to Minas Tirith.  The Nazgul harass them from the air.
SOLDIERS: Keep going.  Itís the Nazgul.  Take cover my lord. 
(The Nazgul swoop down and their beasts take soldiers in their claws, fly up with them and drop them to their deaths.)

Itís coming.
The camera moves to Minas Tirith.  A lone white figure gallops out from the city towards the men. 
SOLDIERS IN MINAS TIRITH: Its Mithrandir!  The White Rider! 
Gandalf gallops towards the stricken men as the Nazgul continue to harass and harry them.  Gandalf sends forth a bright light from his staff which drives off the Nazgul.  He joins the soldiers and they all gallop back to Minas Tirith together. 
The massive gates crank open.
SOLDIER:   Pull!
The doors open to admit the galloping soldiers with Gandalf. 
FARAMIR:  Mithrandir!  (Gandalf turns to face him, Pippin is sitting in front of him on Shadowfax) 
They broke through our defences.  Theyíve taken the bridge and the West bank.  Battalions of Orcs are crossing the river. 
IROLAS:  It is as the Lord Denethor predicted!  Long has he foreseen this doom! 
GANDALF:  Foreseen and done nothing! 
Faramir sees Pippin and stares at him curiously.
GANDALF: Faramir?  This is not the first Halfling to have crossed your path.
FARAMIR:  No.  (he shakes his head)
PIPPIN: Youíve seen Frodo and Sam?  (He looks at him hopefully.  Faramir nods.)
GANDALF: Where?  When?
FARAMIR:  In Ithilien.  Not two days ago.  Gandalf, theyíre taking the road to the Morgul vale. 
Gandalf looks horrified.
GANDALF: And then the pass of Cirith Ungol.
Faramir nods.
PIPPIN:  What does that mean? Whatís wrong?  He looks at Gandalf.
GANDALF: Faramir tell me everything.  Tell me all you know. 

Scene 22 ~ The Wizard's Pupil

Return of the King Scene 22

Scene changes to Denethorís angry face.
DENETHOR:   This is how you would serve your city?  You would risk its utter ruin? 
FARAMIR:  I did what I judged to be right.
DENETHOR:  What you judged to be right!  You sent the Ring of power into Mordor in the hands of a witless Halfling!  It should have been brought back to the citadel to be kept safe. Hidden.  Dark and deep in the vaultsÖ not to be used.  (his eyelids flicker unnaturally)  unless, at the uttermost end of need.
FARAMIR:  I would not use the Ring.  Not if Minas Tirith were falling in ruin and I alone could save her.
DENETHOR: Ever you desire to appear lordly and gracious as a King of old.   Boromir would have remembered his fatherís need.   He would have brought me a kingly gift
FARAMIR:   Boromir would not have brought the Ring.   He would have stretched out his hand to this thing and taking it he would have fallen. 
DENETHOR:  You know nothing of this matter!
FARAMIR:  He would have kept it for his own.  And when he returned you would not have known your son.
DENETHOR:  (shouting and running towards Faramir)  Boromir was loyal to me!   Not some wizardís pupil.
Denethor stumbles backwards and falls against the Stewards chair.
FARAMIR:  Father?  (He moves towards him)
Denethor looks up at him from the floor, smiling and grieving at the same time. 
DENETHOR: My son!  (He can see Boromir behind Faramir who turns to face him and walking towards him smiling, fades away.  Denethor looks at Faramir full of grief for Boromir.  His face changes to one of hate.)  Leave me!  (Faramir turns from him to leave the hall.)

Scene 23 ~ The Stairs of Cirith Ungol

Return of the King Scene 23

The scene changes to Frodo, Sam and Gollum climbing the stairs of Cirith Ungol.  The city can be seen far below them.  Frodo stumbles and nearly falls. 
GOLLUM:  Careful master!  Careful.   Very far to fall.  Very dangerous are the stairs. 
Gollum reaches the top and turns around to look at them climbing up. 
GOLLUM: Come master. 
The Ring hangs from its chain around Frodoís neck and Gollum sees it.  His eyes are mesmerised. 
GOLLUM: Come to Smeagol.
He puts his hand out towards the Ring.  Sam sees him.
SAM: Mr Frodo!  (He draws his sword)  Get back you!  Donít touch him. 
Gollum reaches out and grabs Frodo by the wrist to pull him up. 
GOLLUM:  Why does he hates poor Smeagol?  What has Smeagol ever done to him?  Master?  (He moves over to Frodo who is lying on his stomach on the floor, he pats his back)  Master carries a heavy burden Smeagol knows, heavy heavy burden.  Fat one cannot know.  (Gollum moves closer to Frodo and whispers to him.)  He wants it.  He needs it.  Smeagol sees it in his eye.  (Frodo looks at Gollum believing every word!)  Very soon he will ask you for it.  You will see.   The fat one will take it from you!  (Frodo turns to look at Sam climbing up and holds the Ring protectively.) 

Scene 24 ~ "Courage is the Best Defense"

Return of the King Scene 24

Scene changes to Osgiliath.  The Witch King sits on his fell beast on top of one of the towers. 
WITCH KING:  Send forth all legions.  Do not stop the attack until the city is taken. 
The camera moves to Gothmog and then back to the Witch King and his beast.
WITCH KING: Slay them all!
GOTHMOG: What of the wizard?
WITCH KING:  I will break him. 
Camera moves to Gandalf in Minas Tirith, he moves over to the wall and looks over to Mordor. 
SOLDIER 1: Where are Theodenís riders?
SOLDIER 2: Will Rohanís army come?  Mithrandir?
GANDALF:  Courage is the best defence that you have now. 
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