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The Return of the King Extended Edition Movie Script

Compiled by beleriel, for LOTRUK

Scenes 33 to 36

Scene 33 ~ Dwimorberg - The Haunted Mountain

Return of the King Scene 33

The scene changes to show some riders moving through a barren canyon.

GIMLI: What kind of army would linger in such a place?
LEGOLAS: One that is cursed. Long ago the men of the mountains swore an oath to the last King of Gondor (The camera shows Aragorn followed by Legolas and Gimli) to come to his aid, to fight. But when the time came, when Gondor’s need was dire, they fled vanishing into the darkness of the mountain. And so Isildur cursed them, never to rest until they had fulfilled their pledge. Who shall call them from the grey twilight, the forgotten people? The heir of him to whom the oath they swore. From the North shall he come, need shall drive him. He shall pass the door to the Paths of the Dead.
The camera follows them on their journey as Legolas speaks. Finally, they approach the entrance to the Paths of the Dead. They are walking, leading their horses by the reins.
GIMLI: The very warmth of my blood seems stolen away.
They reach the doors. Legolas reads the inscription above the door.
LEGOLAS: The way is shut. It was made by those who are dead (camera shows the symbols above the door) and the dead keep it. The way is shut.
Something comes out of the door towards them at a rush. It spooks the horses, which pull on the reins and run away from them.
ARAGORN: Brego! (He shouts after his horse)
Gimli looks alarmed.
ARAGORN: I do not fear death! (He walks through the entrance, Gimli looks scared. Legolas follows after Aragorn.)
GIMLI: Well this is a thing unheard of. An elf will go underground, where a dwarf dare not. Oh. Oh, I’d never hear the end of it. (He runs after them.)

Scene 34 ~ The Muster of Rohan

Return of the King Scene 34

The Rohirrim are breaking camp. Theoden emerges from his tent, followed by Eomer.
THEODEN: We must ride light and swift. It is a long road ahead and man and beast must reach the end with the strength to fight.
They mount their horses and are moving through the camp. Theoden sees Merry.
THEODEN: Little Hobbits do not belong in war Master Meriadoc.
MERRY: All my friends have gone to battle. I would be ashamed to be left behind.
THEODEN: It is a three-day gallop to Minas Tirith and none of my riders can bear you as a burdon.
MERRY: (looking upset) I want to fight!
THEODEN: I will say no more.
He turns and rides away, Merry watches him leave. He stands there looking forlorn. A rider approaches him at a gallop from behind and catches him up by the collar, swinging up into the saddle in front. He is amazed.
EOWYN: Ride with me!
MERRY: My lady! (He smiles)
EOMER: Form up, move out! Form up, move out!
They begin to gallop.
THEODEN:  Ride! Ride now to Gondor.
The camera moves back showing them riding through the valley in their thousands.

Scene changes to show marching Orcs with huge siege towers approaching Minas Tirith. Trolls bang on huge drums.

Scene 35 ~ The Paths of the Dead

Return of the King Scene 35

Scene changes to show Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. Aragorn leads them with a torch. It shows many human skulls on the floor. Aragorn moves on but Legolas remains looking at them.
GIMLI: What is it? What do you see?
LEGOLAS: I see shapes of men and of horses.
GIMLI: Where? (Looks around)
LEGOLAS: Pale banners like shreds of cloud. (Aragorn’s eyes are wide open with concern, they continue to move on) Spears rise like winter thickets through a shroud of mist. The dead are following. They have been summoned.
GIMLI: (spins around to look behind) The dead? Summoned? I knew that! Huh. Huh. (He turns around slowly) Very good. Very good. (He realises he is alone) Legolas! (He shouts and runs after them.)
Ghostly hands writhe around Legolas and then Aragorn and finally Gimli. They are ethereal. Gimli tries to blow them away. He blows and wafts them away. Aragorn and Legolas turn looking at the hands. Aragorn glances down.
ARAGORN: Do not look down.
Gimli pauses and then looks down and sees human skulls on the floor. He steps forward gingerly and the skulls crunch beneath his feet. They emerge running from around a corner. Aragorn leads them forward into an open space which contains a large building. He turns looking around with his torch.
KING OF THE DEAD:  Who enters my domain?
Aragorn turns and the King of the Dead appears before some steps in front of him.
ARAGORN: One who will have your allegiance.
KING OF THE DEAD:  The dead do not suffer the living to pass.
ARAGORN: You will suffer me!
The King of the Dead laughs menacingly. As he does a whole Kingdom of buildings appear around them. Soldiers emerge from them. A deadly army surrounds them chanting.
KING OF THE DEAD:  The way is shut! It was made by those who are dead. And the dead keep it. (The Ghostly army closes around them) The way is shut! Now you must die!
Legolas fires an arrow which passes straight through the King and clatters to the ground
ARAGORN: (Walking towards him.) I summon you to fulfil your oath!
KING OF THE DEAD:  None but the King of Gondor may command me!
He approaches Aragorn to attack him. Aragorn retaliates and blocks his sword with Anduril.
KING OF THE DEAD:  That blade was broken!
ARAGORN: It has been remade. (He catches the King by the throat and pushes him back. The ghostly army stand looking at him.) Fight for us and regain your honour. What say you? (He looks at the dead army, walking through them.) What say you?
GIMLI: Ach! You waste your time Aragorn. They had no honour in life and they have none now in death.
ARAGORN: I am Isildur’s heir. Fight for me and I will hold your oaths fulfilled. (He brandishes his sword at them) What say you?
The King laughs again and the army begin to disappear.
ARAGORN: You have my word! Fight and I will release you from this living death! (They disappear) What say you?
GIMLI: Stand you traitors!
The Dead Army is gone. There is a cracking sound and the walls of the building in front of them begins to collapse. Hundreds of human skulls fall down towards them.
They climb up the thousands of skulls trying to climb over them. They begin to slide down with them. They manage to move across towards the exit as the skulls continue to fall.
ARAGORN: Legolas! Run!
They manage to leave the place running out of the cave as the skulls continue to rain down behind them. They emerge into the sunlight. Aragorn looks down from the high place to see ships on the river and a burning town. It looks like he thinks he is too late. He sinks down on his knees in despair, tears in his eyes. Legolas approaches him and puts his hand on his shoulder. Aragorn bows his head. Legolas and Gimli also look upset.

There is a sound behind and Aragorn looks around to see the King of the Dead come out of the rocks and approach him.
KING OF THE DEAD:  We fight!

Scene 36 ~ The Siege of Gondor

Return of the King Scene 36

The scene changes to the Orcs attacking Minas Tirith. They are approaching the walls with their siege engines.
SOLDIER: Open the gate, quick!
The gate opens and a lone horse walks through, dragging someone along the floor with their foot caught in its stirrup. We see it is Faramir.

The Orcs are cranking back their catapults. Gothmog patrols the troops on his warg.

The scene moves back to inside Minas Tirith. Faramir is being born on a stretcher.
IROLAS: Quick! Hurry!
Then it moves back again to the Gothmog trying to dismount from his warg. He stumbles, an orc tries to help him he pushes him away and limps of his own accord.

Back again to inside Minas Tirith. Irolas hurries through the forecourt and Denethor emerges from the building with his attendants following him.
DENETHOR: Faramir! Say not that he has fallen.
IROLAS: They were outnumbered! None survived.
Pippin looks upset.

Scene changes again back to the Orcs.
GOTHMOG: Fear. The city is rank with it! Ha ha ha ha. Let us ease their pain. Release the prisoners!
ORC: Catapults! (They release the catapults, firing the heads of fallen Gondorians over the walls into the city) ha ha ha. (The Gondorian soldiers inside recoil in horror.)
The scene changes back to Denethor.
DENETHOR: My sons are spent! (He staggers away from Faramir) My line has ended! (Pippin runs to Faramir and touches his face.)
PIPPIN: He’s alive!
DENETHOR: (walking away looking back frequently) The house of Stewards has failed.
PIPPIN: He needs medicine my lord!
DENETHOR: My line has ended!
PIPPIN: My lord!
Denethor looks over the wall at the massive Orc army and his lip trembles.

A Troll puts a massive boulder into a catapult.
DENETHOR: Rohan has deserted us!
The catapults let loose and the city begins to crumble. Chaos ensues with people trying to run away from the falling rubble.
DENETHOR: Theoden’s betrayed me! ABANDON YOUR POSTS! (Irolas looks stunned) FLEE! FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES! (The soldiers look confused and begin to leave their posts. Denethor turns around and a white stick hits him in the face. Gandalf hits Denethor across the stomach with his staff and then hits him down to the floor across his back.)
GANDALF: Prepare for battle. Hurry men! To the wall! Defend the wall! Over here! Return to your posts.
The soldiers return to their posts. Gandalf rides Shadowfax up to the wall and looks out.
GANDALF: Send these foul beasts into the Abyss.
They release their catapults into the Orcs.
GOTHMOG: Stay where you are!
The camera shows both sets of catapults releasing blocks of masonry and boulders at each other.
SOLDIER: We need more rubble!
SOLDIER: Watch out! (A boulder ploughs into the soldiers scattering them off the wall.)
SOLDIER: Down to the lower levels quick!
Soldiers and Pippin are running down to the lower levels.
SOLDIER: Double up men!
Boulders continue to fly back and forth between the two armies. A huge piece of masonry flies towards Gothmog. He moves out of the way at the last moment so that it doesn’t squash him. A troll blinks at him, he spits on the masonry.

The Ringwraiths fly towards Minas Tirith. They swoop down over the city attacking the soldiers. The Witch King knocks some soldiers off a bridge. The soldiers shelter inside away from him. Pippin is running he pulls off his helmet and holds his head screaming as the Ringwraiths screech. The Ringwraiths swoop down on the soldiers, picking them up and dropping them back down to kill them.

Gandalf continues on the wall to encourage the soldiers.
GANDALF: Hold them back, do not give in to fear. Stand to your posts. Fight!
A catapult releases and the masonry smashes into the top of a siege engine, scattering orcs. The Ringwraiths continue to harass the soldiers from above. They knock off catapults and pick up many soldiers to drop them down again.

Masonry falls all about the city. Pippin panics and is knocked over by the bigger people.

Archers release their arrows towards the siege engines from the walls.
GANDALF: Not at the towers! Aim for the trolls, kill the trolls!
The archers adjust their aim downwards and continue to fire.
GANDALF: Bring them down!
One of the siege engines reaches the wall. A door falls down onto the top of the battlements and many orcs emerge fighting. Archers continue to defend and shoot the orcs.

Some orcs try an assault on the gate. They run towards it with a battering ram. Many are slaughtered by arrows. The battering ram has no effect on the gate.

Back on the wall Gandalf still encourages the men.
GANDALF: Fight them back! (He turns around and sees Pippin looking confused) Peregrin Took! Go back to the Citadel.
PIPPIN: They called us out to fight. (He looks bemused. Another siege engine arrives at the wall, the gate opens and orcs emerge fighting. Some run towards Pippin who looks terrified but he doesn’t react. Gandalf jumps and places himself in front of Pippin. He fights off the orcs.)
GANDALF: This is no place for a Hobbit!
He fights more orcs and kills them. As one approaches Gandalf from behind Pippin finally reacts. He draws his weapon and stabs the orc, killing him dead. He looks at his blood smeared sword in shock.
GANDALF: Guard of the Citadel indeed! (He smiles at Pippin. Pippin looks at him his eyes smouldering.) Now back up the hill quickly. Quick!
Pippin turns away and runs up the steps with his sword in his hand.

Back at the gates the orc bodies continue to pile up as they try to break down the gates with a battering ram. Gothmog walks up to them.
GOTHMOG: What are you doing you useless scum?
ORC: The door wont give. It’s too strong.
Archers continue to kill the orcs who are piling up in heaps.
GOTHMOG: Get back there and smash it down!
ORC: But nothing can breach it!
A pause.
GOTHMOG: Grond will breach it! (He turns and gives out the order) Bring out the wolf’s head.
The scene changes to show some animals struggling to pull a huge piece of equipment. Trolls also struggle to push it from behind.
ORCS: (chanting) Grond, Grond, Grond, Grond, Grond!
Gandalf looks on in concern from the battlements.
ORCS: Grond, Grond, Grond, Grond!
They continue to chant. The camera focuses on a huge wolf’s head battering ram, with a fire lit in its mouth. It hangs on chains from a huge scaffolding which the orcs and animals are striving hard to push forward.


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