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The Return of the King Extended Edition Movie Script

Compiled by beleriel, for LOTRUK

Scenes 13 to 16

Scene 13 ~ Cross-roads of the Fallen King

Return of the King Scene 13

The scene changes to Frodo and Sam wandering through a grey leafless forest, following Gollum.

SAM: It must be getting near teatime. Leastways it would be in decent places where there is still teatime.
GOLLUM: Weíre not in decent places.
The camera moves to Frodo.  He looks concerned.
SAM: Mr Frodo?  What is it?
FRODO: Itís just a feeling.  I donít think Iíll be coming back.
Sam walks over to him.
SAM:  Yes you will.  Of course you will.  Thatís just morbid thinking.  Weíre going there and back again just like Mr Bilbo.  Youíll see.
He stands back to let Frodo lead off in front.  They arrive at the crossroads.  There is a statue of a King scrawled all over with red graffiti.
FRODO:  I think these lands were once part of the Kingdom of Gondor.
They walk around to the front of the statue as the camera moves up it.
FRODO: Long ago, when there was a King.
The camera shows the head of the King replaced by a roughly worked, iron wrapped stone.  As Frodo and Sam move off they come across the Kingís head on the ground with flowers weaved around its top like a crown.  The sun comes out and illuminates the Kingís head.  Sam turns around and sees it. 
SAM:  Mr Frodo, look!  The King has got a crown again. 
He smiles at Frodo and the sun goes in.
GOLLUM:  Come on, Hobbits!  Mustnít stop now.   This way! 
They continue to follow him.

Scene 14 ~ "The Deep Breath Before the Plunge"

Return of the King Scene 14

Gandalf stands looking out of a window in Gondor smoking his pipe.  Distant thunder can be heard.  The camera shows Pippin behind Gandalf.  Gandalf coughs.
PIPPIN:  So I imagine this is just a ceremonial position.  (He picks up a sword and pulls it out of its scabbard and replaces it again, putting it down.)  I mean, they donít actually expect me to do any fighting,   do they?  (looks at Gandalf uncertainly.)
GANDALF: Youíre in the service of the steward now.  Youíll have to do as you are told Peregrin Took. (Gandalf coughs some more). 
The camera shows Pippin pouring a goblet of water.  (off camera)
GANDALF: Ridiculous Hobbit!  Guard of the Citadel!
Gandalf continues to cough.  The camera moves to show Mordor again then moves back to Gandalf who is still coughing.  Pippin hands him a goblet of water.
GANDALF:  Thank you.  (he touches Pippiní shoulder.  Pippin moves forward studying the sky.)
PIPPIN: Thereís no more stars!  Is it time?  (looks at Gandalf)
Pippin leans on the parapet.
PIPPIN:  Itís so quiet. 
Gandalf stands behind him.
GANDALF: Itís the deep breath before the plunge.
PIPPIN: I donít want to be in a battle.  But waiting on the edge of one I canít escape is even worse. (he looks at Gandalf)  Is there any hope Gandalf, for Frodo and Sam? 
Gandalf leans down on the parapet next to him.
GANDALF:  There never was much hope.  Just a foolís hope.  (He smiles at Pippin and looks back to Mordor)  Our enemy is ready.  His full strengthís gathered.   Not only orcs, but men as well (shows the Haradrim.)  Legions of Haradrim from the South, mercenaries from the coast (shows ships.)  All will answer Mordorís call.  (shows ships again) 
CAPTAIN: Come on!
Camera goes back to Gandalf and Pippin on the balcony. 
GANDALF: This will be the end of Gondor as we know it.    Here the hammer stroke will fall hardest.  (camera moves over to show Osgiliath.)  If the river is taken, if the garrison at Osgiliath falls, the last defence of this city will be gone.
PIPPIN:  But we have the white wizard.  Thatís got to count for something.  (smiling at Gandalf).
Gandalf looks at him worried. 
PIPPIN:  Gandalf?
Gandalf turns away looking at Mordor.
The camera shows a different scene with a Black cloaked figure.
GANDALF: Sauron has yet to show his deadliest servant. 
(shows an articulated gaunlet being put on by the black cloaked figure.) 
The one who will lead Mordorís army in war.  (shows a black helmet being donned)  The one they say no living man can kill. (camera moves back to Gandalf) 
The Witch King of Angmar. Youíve met him before.  (Pippin looks at Gandalf) 
He stabbed Frodo on Weathertop. (Flashes back to the scene on Weathertop when Frodo is stabbed.) 
He is the lord of the NazgŻl.  The greatest of the nine.

Scene 15 ~ Minas Morgul

Return of the King Scene 15


Scene changes to show Frodo, Sam and Gollum approaching a wall.  They peer over it to look at Minas Morgul.
GOLLUM:  The Dead City!  Very nasty place full of enemies.
He jumps up over the wall and the Hobbits follow him.  They move across the front of the City.
GOLLUM:  Quick, quick!  They will see, they will see!
Gollum and Sam begin to climb up the steps on front of the city.  Frodo looks at the Silent Watcher.
GOLLUM:  Come away, come away.  Look we have found it.  The way into Mordor.
They look up the steep steps. 
GOLLUM: The secret stair.  Climb.
Frodo hesitates and looks back at the city.  His gaze is drawn and he is forcibly drawn inexorably towards it. 
SAM: No!  Mr Frodo
GOLLUM:  Not that way!
They run after him.  Sam grabs him to stop him.
GOLLUM:  Whats it doing?
SAM: No!
FRODO:  Theyíre calling me.
SAM:   No!
Frodo and Gollum struggle with Frodo pulling him back towards the stairs.  They fall over, there is a bright flash and a huge signal goes up from the tower of the city.

Camera moves to Gandalf and Pippin who see the signal rise up into the sky from their balcony.  Camera returns to Frodo and Sam as Frodo struggles up off the ground.  The ground shakes and they struggle to climb up the first stairs.

GOLLUM: Hide, hide! 
Camera shows the people of Gondor watching the signal go up, in fear.  Moves up behind Gandalf and Pippin, who looks at Gandalf in alarm.  Gandalf puts his arm  around Pippinís shoulder. 

The camera returns to Sam and Frodo.  Frodo clutches his shoulder in agony, sweating with pain.  As they peer over the edge of the stair, a fell beast alights on the top of the tower bearing The Witch King.  The Witch King screeches and they hold their ears in agony trying to stop the noise.  Frodo clutches his shoulder again.

FRODO: I can feel his blade.  (he groans in agony.) 
The camera moves back to the fell beast which roars down at the opening doors to the citadel.  Out of the doors march Mordorís armies of Orcs.  The camera moves back to Gandalf.
GANDALF: We come to it at last.  (Pippin looks up at him)  The great battle of our time. 
The camera moves back to follow Mordorís army of Orcs marching over the bridge.  Frodo and Sam watch as they pass just feet below them.  The fell beast takes off from the tower.  It swoops low over Sam and Frodoís heads down to hover over the army. 
GOLLUM:  Come away Hobbits.  We climb.  We must climb. 
The Hobbits climb the stair after Gollum with the huge army continuing to pass by below them.  The camera goes back to Gandalf.
GANDALF:  The board is set, the pieces are moving.

Scene 16 ~ Sam's Warning

Return of the King Scene 16

And then back to Sam, Frodo and Gollum.
GOLLUM: Up, up, up the stairs we go.  And then itís into the tunnel.
SAM:  Hey,  whatís in this tunnel?  (Sam grabs Gollum)  You listen to me!  You listen good and proper.  Anything happens to him, youíll have me to answer to.   One sniff that somethingís not right, one hair that stands up on the back of my neck, its over.  No more slinker, no more stinker.  (Frodo watches them)  Youíre gone.  Got it?  Iím watching you.  (Gollum watches slyly as Sam moves off.)
FRODO: What was that about? 
SAM: Nothing.  Just clearing something up.
Gollum sneers after him.
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