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The Return of the King Extended Edition Movie Script

Compiled by beleriel, for LOTRUK

Scenes 41 to 44

Scene 41 ~ The Tomb of the Stewards

Return of the King Scene 41

Pippin looks from the high parapet over the flaming city. He turns back to see Theoden leading a procession holding a flaming brand. Faramir is being borne on a stretcher.

DENETHOR:  I am steward of the house of Anárion. Thus have I walked, and thus now I will sleep.
Pippin runs towards them. He watches the procession pass him in astonishment.
DENETHOR: Gondor is lost. There is no hope for men. (a single white bloom on the dead tree is shown as they pass by. The camera passes over Minas Tirith showing the full scene from the flaming first circle up to where the procession moves along the quiet street to the Tombs of the Kings.) Why do the fools fly? Better to die sooner than late. For die we must.
They pass on to the Tombs bearing Faramir with them. Pippin follows on a little behind watching where they go. Denethor opens the doors to the Tomb and walks in with the procession following him.
DENETHOR: No tomb for Denethor and Faramir. No long slow sleep of death embalmed. We shall burn like the heathen Kings of old. (He turns to the followers) Bring wood and oil.

Scene 42 ~ Breaking of the Gate of Gondor

Return of the King Scene 42

Back at the gate Grond continues to hammer the gate.
GANDALF: Steady! Steady!
With a mighty crash the battering ram breaks through the centre of the gate.
GANDALF: You are soldiers of Gondor. No matter what comes through that gate you will stand your ground.
Grond hits the gate once more. It bursts open and in charge Cave Trolls brandishing huge maces. Gandalf looks alarmed.
GANDALF: Volley! (He shouts to the archers.) Fire!
They fire into the Trolls and the infantry lower their spears in defence. Orcs advance on them and there is fierce hand-to-hand fighting. The Trolls follow up swinging their maces from side to side sweeping aside all opposition.

Scene 43 ~ The Choices of Master Samwise Gamgee

Return of the King Scene 43

Frodo is moving along the pathway. He spots the lookout tower at the top of the pass and pauses to look at it. He runs to look at it from behind a rock. Above him two spider legs emerge from a gap in the rock. Frodo moves forward slowly as the spider sneaks up on him from above and behind. She moves directly above him as Frodo looks at the Tower. He hears a slight noise behind him and spins around to look. He sees nothing. He is looking around, Shelob comes down behind him with her sting. He turns and suddenly she stings him in the chest. He foams at the mouth and collapses. Immediately, she winds him up in a binding web. She covers him from top to bottom.

An arm appears on the screen holding Sting. The camera turns to show Sam holding up the Phial of Galadriel.
SAM: Let him go, you filth! Let him go!
Shelob drops Frodo on the ground.
SAM: You will not touch him again! (He advances on Shelob) Come on then, finish it!
He runs towards her and slashes at her face. Shelob strikes back at him. Sam slashes at her leg. She throws him backwards and he drops the light. Shelob kicks the light away advancing on Sam. She harries him down to the floor and pushes him up the wall. He holds on to her pincers as they try to grasp him. He gets above her and kicks her in the face, she falls back a little. Sam tries to escape up the rocks. She grabs him, he falls down over her back and onto the ground. He moves around and Shelob gathers herself for a final pounce on him from above. Sam manages to thrust Sting into her eyes and she falls back in pain. Sam thrusts Sting at her again. She grabs it with her pincers and wrestles for it with Sam. Eventually Sting flies out of his hand as he turns to run and get it Shelob knocks him forward onto the ground. He is just about to grab the sword when Shelob stands on it and stops him. He turns around. She is right above him and thrusts with her sting at him. He rolls over as she tries to sting him over and over again. Finally he is able to pick up Sting and thrusts upwards into her body. She writhes in pain. Sam manages to get the light and thrusts it at her.
SAM: Back!
Shelob retreats backwards through a hole and disappears.
SAM: Mr Frodo!
He runs to Frodo, putting down Sting he pulls the webs away from his face. Frodo looks dead. Sam cries.
SAM: Oh no! Frodo, Mr Frodo. (He shakes him. He picks him up and cradles him in his arms, crying.) Wake up. Don’t leave me here alone. Don’t go where I can’t follow. Wake up. Not asleep. Dead. (He cuddles him to him crying. Suddenly Sting takes on a blue tinge and Sam sees it. Noise from the pass attracts his attention. Orcs are there.)
SHAGRAT: You get back you scum!
Sam looks around hurriedly.

Shagrat comes down from the pass with other Orcs following him.
SHAGRAT: What’s this?
He approaches Frodo lying on the ground. Looks like old Shelob’s been having a bit of fun. (Sam watches from a cave entrance.)
ORC: Killed another one has she?
SHAGRAT: No. (He pokes Frodo with his whip.) This fellow ain’t dead.
SAM: (whispers) Not dead.
SHAGRAT: She jabs him with her stinger and he goes as limp as a boned fish aaa… then she has her way with them. That’s how she likes to feed. Fresh blood. Get him to the Tower! (They pick Frodo up and take him with them up the pass.)
SAM: Samwise you fool.
ORC: This scum will be awake in a couple of hours.
SHAGRAT: Then he’ll wish he’d never been born.
He looks around and then follows them up the steps.

Sam gets up to follow them.

Scene 44 ~ Denethor's Madness

Return of the King Scene 44

Pippin watches from behind a pillar. The soldiers lay Faramir on a bed of sticks and pile wood up all around him. Pippin moves closer.
DENETHOR: The house of his spirit crumbles. (He holds Faramirs head.) He is burning. Already burning.
PIPPIN: He’s not dead. HE’S NOT DEAD (He shouts and starts pulling the wood away.) NO! NO! He’s not dead. (Denethor drags Pippin away along the corridor.)
DENETHOR: Farewell Peregrin son of Paladin.
DENETHOR: I release you from my service. (He throws him out of the door.) Go now and die and what way seems best to you.
He closes the door and Pippin looks desperate. From inside;
DENETHOR Pour on oil!
Scene changes to soldiers in the city.
SOLDIER: Come on soldier, move it.
SOLDIER: Hurry along there, hurry along.
Pippin struggles against them as he tries to find Gandalf.
PIPPIN: Gandalf! (The soldiers run past him.) Where’s Gandalf? (They ignore him. He shouts.) GANDALF!

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