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The Return of the King Extended Edition Movie Script

Compiled by beleriel, for LOTRUK

Scenes 25 to 28

Scene 25 ~ Peregrin of the Tower Guard

Return of the King Scene 25

Scene changes to show Pippin sitting on a bench in his full Guard of the Citadel uniform.  His feet dangle as the bench is too high for him. 

PIPPIN:  What were you thinking Peregrin Took?  What service can a Hobbit offer such a great lord of men?  
FARAMIR:  (approaching through a door)  It was well done.  A generous deed should not be checked with cold counsel.  (Pippin jumps up and Faramir approaches him)  You are to join the tower guard.
PIPPIN: I didnít think they would find any livery that would  fit me.
FARAMIR:  It once belonged to a young boy of the city.  A very foolish one who wasted many hours slaying dragons instead of attending his studies. 
PIPPIN: This was yours?  (smiling)
FARAMIR:  Yes, it was mine.  My father had it made for me.  (He adjusts Pippinís tunic)
PIPPIN: Well, Iím taller than you were then.  Though, Iím not likely to grow anymore, except sideways.  (They laugh together)
FARAMIR:  It never fitted me either.  Boromir was always the soldier.  (His smiles fades)  They were so alike he and my father.  Proud, stubborn even, but strong. 
PIPPIN:  I think you have strength of a different kind.  And one day your father will see it.  (Faramir smiles.)

Scene 26 ~ Allegiance to Denethor

Return of the King Scene 26

Scene changes to show Pippin on his knees before the stewardís chair.  Faramir stands back watching the proceedings. 
PIPPIN:  Here do I swear fealty and service to Gondor in peace or war, in living or dying, from (he hesitates over the words, the camera moves to Denethorís smiling face) Ö from this hour henceforth until my lord release me or death take me.
DENETHOR:  And I shall not forget it!  (He stands up and approaches Pippin)  nor fail to reward  that which is given.  (He offers Pippin his ring on his finger, Pippin closes his eyes and kisses it.  Denethor lifts Pippinís face by the chin.)  Fealty with love.  (He walks over to a table)  Valour with honour.  Disloyalty with vengeance. 
(He turns and looks at Faramir and sits at the table, helping himself to food.) 
I do not think we should so lightly abandon the outer defences.  Defences that your brother long held intact. 
FARAMIR: What would you have me do?
DENETHOR: I will not yield the River and Pellenor unfought.  Osgiliath must be retaken. 
FARAMIR:  My lord Osgiliath is over run. 
DENETHOR: Much must be risked in war.    Is there a Captain here who still has the courage to do his lordís will? 
Pippin looks at Denethor alarmed.
FARAMIR: You wish now that our places had been exchanged.  That I had died and Boromir had lived. 
DENETHOR:  Yes, I wish that.  (He drinks from a goblet.)
Faramir stands quietly upset for a moment.
FARAMIR:  Since you are robbed of Boromir I will do what I can in his stead.  (He bows deeply and turns to leave the hall.  Pippin watches him open mouthed.  Faramir turns back to his father.)
If I should return, think better of me father.
DENETHOR:  That will depend on the manner of your return.  (Faramir walks from the room.)

Scene 27 ~ The Parting of Sam and Frodo

Return of the King Scene 27

The scene changes to the Pass of Cirith Ungol.  Frodo and Gollum are asleep but Sam is lying trying to fight sleep off.  He finally loses the battle and drops off.  Gollum opens his eyes, instantly awake.  He sneaks over and opens the back pack.  He reaches in and takes out all the lembas wrappings.
He recoils and then returns to what he was doing.  He crumbles the lembas over Sam as he sleeps and then throws the rest over the cliff.  Sam wakes suddenly aware of Gollum.
SAM: What are you up to?  Sneaking off are we? 
GOLLUM: Sneaking?  Sneaking?  Fat Hobbit is always so polite.  Smeagol shows them secret ways that nobody else could find and they say ďsneak!Ē  Sneak?  Very nice friend, oh yes my precious very nice , very nice!
SAM:  Alright!  Alright!  You just startled me is all.  What were you doing?  (He looks over the cliff.) 
GOLLUM:  Sneaking.
SAM: Fine, have it your own way.  (He shakes Frodo by the shoulder)  Iím sorry to wake you Mr Frodo but we have to be moving on.  (Frodo sits up.)
FRODO: Itís dark still. 
SAM:  Itís always dark here.  (He feels in the pack for the lembas, there is just a leaf wrapping left.)  Itís gone!  (He searches some more)  The elven bread! (He looks at Frodo)
FRODO: What?  Thatís all we have left! 
Sam looks at Gollum.
SAM:  He took it.  He must have.
GOLLUM:  Smeagol?  No, no, not poor Smeagol.  Smeagol hates nasty elf bread.  (Frodo looks at him.) 
SAM: Youíre a lying rat!  What did you do with it? 
FRODO:  (looking at Sam suspiciously)  He doesnít eat it. (He stands up)  He canít have taken it. 
GOLLUM:   Look, whatís this?  (He brushes lembas crumbs off Samís shoulder)  Crumbs on his jacketses.  He took it!  (pointing)  He took it! (He jumps down in front of Frodo)  Iíve seen him, heís always stuffing his face when masterís not looking.
Frodo glares at Sam
SAM: Thatís a filthy lie!  ( he hits Gollum)  You stinking, two faced sneak!  (Sam grabs him by the throat and starts punching him.)
FRODO: Sam! 
SAM:  Call meÖ(He continues to punch Gollum)
FRODO:  Stop it!  (Sam punches him some more.  Frodo pulls him off)
SAM:   Iíll kill him!
FRODO:  Sam, no!  (He collapses down)
SAM:   Oh my!   Iím sorry.  I didnít mean it to go so far.  I was just so, so angry!  Here justÖ letís just rest a bit.
FRODO:   Iím all right. 
SAM: No.  No youíre not all right, youíre exhausted.  Itís that Gollum.  Itís this place.  Itís that thing around your neck.  (Frodo looks at him suspiciously)  I could help a bit.  I could carry it for a while (camera focuses in on Frodoís suspicious eyes), carry it for a while (showing Samís mouth in close up)  I could carry itÖ I could carry itÖ Share the loadÖ share the loadÖ share the load (a voice echoes in Frodoís head.  He shoves hard at Sam.)
FRODO: Get away!
SAM: I donít want to keep it.  (Frodo stands up away from him eyeing him suspiciously)  I just want to help. 
Gollum appears from behind Frodo.
GOLLUM:  See?  See?  He wants it for himself.  (Frodo looks at Sam, very suspicious now)
SAM: Shut up you!  (He stands up)  Go away!  Get out of here!
FRODO: No Sam!  Itís you!  (Sam looks at him upset)  Iím sorry Sam.  (Gollum watches from behind Frodo with a sly smile on his face)
SAM:  (crying)  But heís a liar!  Heís poisoned you against me. 
FRODO:  You canít help me any more. 
SAM:  You donít mean that. 
FRODO:  Go home. 
Sam backs off and sits down sobbing.  Frodo turns away and goes back to climbing the stairs.  Gollum follows him, sneering at Sam as he passes by him.

Scene 28 ~ The Sacrifice of Faramir

Return of the King Scene 28

The scene changes to Minas Tirith.  The soldiers of Minas Tirith are leaving to go and try to retake Osgiliath as Denethor has ordered.  Faramir leads his men.  The people are upset to see them go.  They throw flowers under the horses hooves. 
GANDALF:  (shouts)  Faramir!  Faramir!  (He pushes through the crowd towards him)  Your fatherís will has turned to madness.  Do not throw away your life so rashly. 
FARAMIR:  Where does my allegiance lie if not here?  This is the city of the men of Nķmenor.  I will gladly give my life to defend her beauty, her memory, her wisdom.
Gandalf watches as his horse walks away.
GANDALF: Your father loves you Faramir.  (speaking to himself)  He will remember it before the end. 
Camera pans around to watch them leaving through the huge gates of Minas Tirith.  They form up in a long line to attack Osgiliath, walking forward steadily.  They break into a gallop as they approach the outpost.  The camera moves to show the Orcs in the ruins.  They see the approaching army.  The camera moves back and forth between the Orcs and the oncoming army.  

The scene changes showing Pippin in attendance waiting on Denethor who is still eating at the table.  He looks at Pippin.

DENETHOR: Can you sing Master Hobbit?
PIPPIN: (looking alarmed) well, yes.  At least well enough for my own people.  But we have no songs for great halls and evil times.
DENETHOR:  And why should your songs be unfit for my halls?  Come, sing me a song.  (He continues to eat)
PIPPIN: Home is behind, The world ahead, (while he sings the scene changes to show the army bearing down on Osgiliath)  And there are many paths to tread, Through shadow, to the edge of night (Faramir screams out the charge, silently)  Until the stars are all alight.  (The Orc archers draw their bows in readiness.  Denethor eats his chicken)  Mist and shadow cloud and shade, All shall fade, All shall (the Orc leader shouts the order to fire and the Orcs release their arrows whilst Denethor bites a tomato.  The juice/blood runs down his chin) Öfade.  (Pippinís voice falters he looks at Denethor as he continues to bite his tomatoes, closes his eyes and cries.)
The scene changes to show Gandalf sitting alone staring into space.  

Scene changes again to Osgiliath.  The Orcs are pushing huge siege towers over the bridge.

ORCS:  March, march!   March, march march! 


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