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The Return of the King Extended Edition Movie Script

Compiled by beleriel, for LOTRUK

Scenes 61 to 64

Scene 61 ~ The Captain and the White Lady

Return of the King Scene 61


The scene changes to show the Houses of Healing. Eowyn looks out over the city.

EOWYN:  The City has fallen silent. There is no warmth left in the sun.
Faramir walks up behind her. 
EOWYN: It grows so cold.
Faramir approaches her. 
FARAMIR: Itís just the damp of the first spring rain. 
She looks at him. He looks deep into her eyes and smiles.
FARAMIR: I do not believe this darkness will endure. 
He holds her hand and she leans her head on his shoulder. They stand looking out over the city together. 

Scene 62 ~ In the Company of Orcs

Return of the King Scene 62

Frodo and Sam arrive on the plains of Gorgoroth. A horn sounds.
SAM: Look! The Orcs, theyíre moving off! 
All the Orcs are marching away.
SAM: You see Mr Frodo some luck at last!
ORC:  Move it, you slugs! 
They turn around to see a band of Orcs heading towards them from behind.
ORC: Come on! Faster! 
Frodo and Sam have nowhere to hide. They move to the side of the road and sit down. Hoping that they will not be seen. 
ORC: Come along you scum! (The Orcs move closer) Iíll whip you down to the bone! Come on! What have I told you. (They begin to pass by Frodo and Sam. One of the captains spots Frodo and Sam.) Get up! (He whips them.) Come on you slugs! You two are going straight to the front line! Move it, come on! Fall in! Move it! Move it! Move it! 
He pushes Frodo and Sam in amongst the other Orcs. 
ORC:  To the gate you slugs, now move it! (The Orcs and Frodo and Sam continue to march towards the Gate.) Donít you know weíre at war? 
The scene changes to show Aragorn followed by the army advancing towards the Black Gate. 

It changes back to show the Orcs drumming and marching towards the Black Gate. 
ORC:  Company halt! Inspection! 
Frodo starts to sink to the ground!
FRODO:  Sam! Help me! 
SAM: Mr Frodo! (He tries to help him.) 
One of the Orc generals sees them and comes towards them.
SAM: Stand up Mr Frodo. Stand up!
FRODO: Itís so heavy! 
The General continues to come closer to them. He looks straight at Sam, roars at him and pushes through the Orcs towards them.
SAM: Oh no! What do I do? (He looks around.) What do I do? 
FRODO: Hit me! Hit me Sam! Start fighting! 
SAM:  Get off of me! (He pushes Frodo.) Nobody pushes me you filthy maggot! (They are fighting. Frodo punches Sam.) Get off of me! 
The Orc captain comes over to them.
ORC: Break it up! Break it up!
The General speaks to the Orc captain.
GENERAL: Oy! Iíll have your guts if you donít shut this rabble down! 
The captain turns towards him.
FRODO:   Go Sam. Now! (Frodo and Sam sneak away amongst the confusion. They manage to hide.)
The General is looking for them but cannot see them.
GENERAL: Move along scum! (He tramps off.)
CAPTAIN: Get back in the line you maggots! Get back in the line you slugs! 
We see Frodo and Sam escaping over the rugged terrain. 

Scene 63 ~The Land of Shadow

Return of the King Scene 63

We see Frodo and Sam moving over the rugged plains of Gorgoroth. They continue to walk all day long growing ever closer to the mountain. They begin to climb upwards amongst the rocks. Frodo falls down between them. He removes his helmet. 
FRODO: I canít! I canítÖ I canít manage the Ring Sam. ItísÖ itísÖ such a weight to carry. Itís such a weight. (Frodo is gasping for breath. Sam removes his helmet and looks back at him.)
SAM: (Pointing towards the mountain.) Weíre going that way, straight as we can. Thereís no point carrying anything weíre not sure to need. 
They throw away all the Orc gear and camping gear. 

Sam is sitting shivering. Frodo sleeps. Sam looks up.
SAM: Mr Frodo, look. (We can see a star peeping through the clouds.) There is light and beauty up there that no shadow can touch. (He turns to look at Frodo, who still sits with his eyes closed, twitching. The Eye of Sauron is roving over the land; they sit in a cleft in the rocks unseen.)
The scene changes to show Aragorn and the army closing up to the Black Gate. It changes back to Frodo desperately trying to get some water out of his water bottle. He is gasping and struggling. There is no water. He gives up. Sam comes over and offers his water bottle.
SAM: Take mine. (He gives him the bottle.) Thereís a few drops left. 
Frodo drinks the last drops of water. There is a strange light in his eyes.
FRODO: There will be none left for the return journey. 
SAM:  I donít think there will be a return journey Mr Frodo. 
Frodo turns and looks at him. Sam grabs his hand and pulls him up.

The scene changes to show the Gondorian soldiers arraying before the Black gate. Aragorn rides to the front of them with Gandalf and Legolas. 

The scene changes back to Frodo and Sam trudging along in Mordor. Frodo tries to ward off the Eye as he walks. Sam watches him. Frodo lifts his eyes and turns towards the Eye of Sauron. It is approaching them.
SAM: Frodo, get down! (He dives down onto the ground. Frodo continues to turn and look towards the eye.) Hide! 
Frodo sees the Eye, turns away from it and collapses down to the ground.
SAM:  Frodo! 
Frodo lies on the ground, his eyes open, as the Eye of Sauron passes them by and moves on. 

Scene 64 ~ The Mouth of Sauron

Return of the King Scene 64

The scene changes to show the army outside the gate.
PIPPIN: Where are they?
Aragorn turns to look towards him and then rides forward towards the gate with Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli, Eomer and a Gondorian standard bearer. They ride up close to the gate.

The scene changes to show Frodo pinned unable to move for fear of the Eye. 
ARAGORN: Let the Lord of the Black Land come forth! (He shouts at the Gate.) Let justice be done upon him! (Merry and Gimli watch from behind their riders. The gates open and out comes Sauronís Lieutenant. He rides towards them.)
MOUTH OF SAURON: My master Sauron the Great bids thee welcome. 
Aragorn and Legolas look at him aghast. He is horrific to look at. 
MOUTH OF SAURON:  Is there any in this rout with authority to treat with me?
GANDALF: We do not come to treat with Sauron, faithless and accursed. Tell your master this. The armies of Mordor must disband. He is to depart these lands, never to return. 
MOUTH OF SAURON: Aha! Old Greybeard! I have a token I was bidden to show thee. (He holds up Frodoís mithril shirt in front of Gandalf.) 
PIPPIN: Frodo!
The Mouth of Sauron throws the shirt at Gandalf. 
PIPPIN:  Frodo!
GANDALF:  Silence!
GANDALF: Silence!
MOUTH OF SAURON: The Halfling was dear to thee I see. Know that he suffered greatly at the hands of his host. Who wouldíve thought one so small could endure so much pain? And he did Gandalf, he did. 
Tears start into Gandalfís eyes. 

Aragorn moves forward on his horse.
MOUTH OF SAURON:  And who is this? Isildurís heir? It takes more to make a King than a broken Elvish blade. 
Aragorn sweeps out his sword and beheads the Mouth of Sauron in one movement. 
GIMLI: I guess that concludes negotiations. 
ARAGORN:  I do not believe it. I will not.

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