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The Return of the King Extended Edition Movie Script

Compiled by beleriel, for LOTRUK

Scenes 49 to 52

Scene 49 ~ "A Far Green Country"

Return of the King Scene 49

 The scene changes… over the city of Minas Tirith the Witch King flies over on his fell beast whilst a Troll attacks the locked door with his mace. On the other side of the door Gondor soldiers stand in readiness. Pippin and Gandalf sit at one side together. Pippin looks at Gandalf 

PIPPIN:  I didn’t think it would end this way. 
GANDALF: End? No, the journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take. (Pippin listens intently) The grey rain curtain of this world rolls back and all turns to silvered glass. And then you see it.
PIPPIN: What? Gandalf? See what?
GANDALF: White shores and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise. (He smiles at Pippin.)
PIPPIN:  Well, (he smiles back) that’s not so bad.
GANDALF:  No. No it isn’t.
Back at the door the soldiers are trying to prevent them breaking through. 

Gandalf nods encouragement at Pippin. Pippin closes his eyes, trying to gain more courage.

Scene 50 ~ The Nazgul and His Prey

Return of the King Scene 50

Back on the field of battle the Rohirrim continue to fight the Műmakil. 
THEODEN:  Rally to me! To meeee! 
He sees the Witch King flying towards him very fast. The fell beast catches up Theoden and his horse in its mouth and throws them both down. Eowyn watches in horror. The fell beast moves towards the stricken horse and rider. 
WITCH KING:  Feast on his flesh.
Theoden looks up from the ground, unable to move as he is trapped under the horse. The beast moves towards him. Eowyn moves in front of Theoden to defend him.
EOWYN:  I will kill you if you touch him.
WITCH KING: Do not come between the Nazgűl and his prey.
The beast lunges at her, she steps aside and cuts off its head. The beast falls down dead. The Witch King turns towards her as she picks up a wooden shield and approaches him. He wields a massive mace. He swings the mace at her and she manages to avoid it several times, but eventually he catches her shattering the shield and breaking her arm. She falls down. He towers over her.

Scene 51 ~ The Black Ships

Return of the King Scene 51

The scene changes to the river. Ships are drawing up towards Orcs awaiting them on the shore. 
ORC:  Late as usual, pirate scum. (He pushes his way through the Orcs towards the ships.) There’s knifework here needs doing. Come on you sea rats, get off your ships. 
Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas jump off the ship. The Orcs looks surprised. They begin to approach the Orcs.
GIMLI:  There’s plenty for the both of us, may be best Dwarf win! 
As they move towards the Orcs the Dead Army materialise behind them and charge at the Orcs who move back in astonishment. The Dead Army overrun the Orcs and kill them all.

Scene 52 ~ Shieldmaiden of Rohan

Return of the King Scene 52

Meanwhile on the field of battle, Eowyn looks up at the Witch King. He grabs her by the throat and lifts her up.
WITCH KING: You fool! No man can kill me. Die now!
From behind Merry has crawled unnoticed behind the Witch King, he stabs him behind his knee. The Witch King drops Eowyn and falls to his knees. Merry groans in agony and holds his arm that has stabbed the Witch King, falling back. Eowyn removes her helmet before the Witch King.
EOWYN: I am no man! 
She thrusts her sword into the space in his helmet. It sparks, he roars and the sword flies back out. Eowyn falls to the floor as the Witch King folds in on himself, screaming. He disappears.

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