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Kirsty (34)
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Author Topic: Poems  (Read 32922 times)
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« Reply #75 on: August 29, 2004, 08:01:09 PM »

Stick needles in my viens
To drip away the pain
Darkened sky and bloody hues
of indifference. Disdain.
Rub broken glass into my skin
To tear away the sin
I know its wrong, but feels so good
So pierce me once again.
Stain my arm with blood
Hide the scars with mud
Desecration, deadened hearts
and angels fly above.
Beat my fists against the wall
Prepare myself for the next fall
Razorblades and rusty nails
Won't give nothing, they'll take it all.


The rain again
The sky it crys
The moon is dead
And I'm alone


I've inscribed your name
Into my skin
Heartache is
The most deadly sin
Kiling me softly
With this desire
I want to be with you
Please take me higher

Lúthien Elanessë
Elven Ranger of Arthedain
Ranger of the North

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« Reply #76 on: August 30, 2004, 11:00:26 PM »

Sorrow and Sadness
The lies you told me
The promises you made
I gave you my heart
And you broke it in two

I don't know why I trusted
Such a decieving person
I walked away from Heaven
Just to be with you

Now I am far away from home
The gates have closed
Only someone as evil and hurtful could destroy me
Like this

Now I am torn in two

I check in every now and then.

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« Reply #77 on: September 03, 2004, 01:18:30 AM »

A barbed wire crown, graces his head
Androgynous looks, eyes laced with red
Shadow filled face, anorexia's figure
Heart stained with drugs and a cold empty fear.
Needles for love and needles for hate
His shattered glass heart bursts into flames
Needles to live and needles to die
He just needs to feel his life slipping by.
He is so numb, he doesn't care
Empty and hollow, stripped and bare
A shell of feelings, memories lost
Nothing matters, nothing hurts.
He'll smash a bottle and drag it along
Just to see the blood he thought was gone
Another night out, alone, drunk too much
Collapse on the ground, feel its touch.
An overdose won't help him escape
But bleeding to death might make him feel safe
He'd give you it all, his empire of dirt
In return for your world he'd give you his hurt.


Here I am tied and bound with something pulling me to the ground
I see you speak but hear no sound
Will my soul ever be found.
Who am I supposed to feel sorry for
An empty page
Just a promiscuous female
I try and try to open the door as I lie alone on the dirty floor.
I found inside that I don't care
Ther is nothing there
This is me, a vacant stare
there is nothing to tear.
I sit in silence late at night and try to find my soul, my sight
I always think this isn't right
I don't feel enough to even fight.
I see no colours, only grey
I want you all to go away
I want to make you all pay
Hurt myslef to make you stay.
I found inside that you don't care
There is nothing there
This is me, a vacant stare
There is nothing to tear.
I am just a single stain
All alone
Waiting for rain
No I never knew your name
I didn't care
I just wanted the pain.


Amy Lee
« Reply #78 on: September 11, 2004, 07:52:02 PM »

Here I am
Standing alone
With two words
I'm on my own
God, I'm so sorry
I'm hurting inside
You have to know I never meant it
I never lied

Why do I always hurt those around me?
Why must I break them in two?
Why can't I be the one who's there?
The one who always comes through?

Silken cords wrap around my throat
I don't trust myself to speak
I hate myself more than you know
I will my blood to seep
Through my clothes and to the floor
Praying that one day I will be no more


Oh dad, Why me?
Why do you keep hurting me?
My souls already torn
I'm begging you not to break me

Because I hurt I hate
And its you who has done it
I sit now and I wait
For life to throw me down and kick me

I've been through so much
You were never there
I've struggled so hard
You just don't care
Your daughter is dead
A stranger in her place
The skin im covered in
Is just a waste

I'll go visit my grave
Maybe thats where I'll find myself
Dead and cold in the ground
Yet loved by you
This is the girl you could never hurt
I'm just the other half of her
The side you never wanted
You want her here and me there

Dad, where are you?


My forever

I sat down and I cried today
For all the mistakes i've made
For all the good I turned away
And all the evil I forgave

I have nothing to live for
Everything to die for
I'm drowning in my own misery
My own forever
The song ringing in my heart
Is one of pain
Its tearing me apart

Please, throw me a line
Help me, please, I beg you
I cant make it
I cant get through

My forever is but a day
Struggling to get through
I frighten myself away
Scared of me, Scared of you

Sweet death, you call me in
Bliss in ignorance, shall I begin
Forgetting all that has ever been shown
And make a world all on my own

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Guard of the Citadel

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« Reply #79 on: September 18, 2004, 05:27:11 PM »

Aww, Amy Lee! Their excellent! I love them, you have a really good talent, and the rhymes are brilliant! Keep up the good work! cheesy

Here is my latest song, I think it's one of my better ones, though I haven't got a tune for it yet...


My only wish
Is for you to diminish
Into nothingness
Into loneliness

My heart bleeds for you
Cut's deep for you
Leaves scars just for you
This pain is too much to bare
Knowing when I wake you'll never be there

Those good times we had
But now we're just sad
In our stream of fake love
In our over flowing river of pain

My heart bleeds for you
Cut's deep for you
Leaves scars just for you
This pain is too much to bare
Knowing when I wake you'll never be there

My only dream
Is to turn back time
But nothing is what it seems
Illusions clouding the mind
Shifting your thoughts
In the trees they bind

My heart bleeds for you
Cut's deep for you
Leaves scars just for you
This pain is too much to bare
Knowing when I wake you'll never be there

Broken hearts
Lost thoughts
In this ocean of madness
Escaping away from all this sadness
Out of character
Out of place
Casting my eyes on that devilish face

My heart bleeds for you
Cut's deep for you
Leaves scars just for you
This pain is too much to bare
Knowing when I wake you'll never be there

My heart bleeds for you
Cut's deep for you
Leaves scars just for you
This pain is too much to bare
Knowing when I wake you'll never be there

My only wish
Is for you to diminish
Cos it's you
Only you
Who made my heart bleed
Cut down deep
For you
For you
For you


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Pain is only an illusion

« Reply #80 on: October 02, 2004, 04:45:38 PM »

Death & Destruction

All this time I had you fooled.
  My tricks can be decieving.
You all tought: She's a normal girl,
  but I know where it's leading.
This normal girl will turn out evil
  and Death shall rule the world.

My only fear. One day will come
  and the Darkness that's inside
me shall take it's toll.
  My fear is then my friends will see ..
that evil power sleeping in me.

  Now I bleed from wounds
that can't be seen.
  Now I told someone the truth.
And as I said and now I know
  That girl knows my Evil.
But I'm still alone, waiting for a rescue.
  That final blow must kill me.

Pain is only an illusion,
  An escape for those who are weak.
The strong with no fears, no tears
  Will kill these puny humans.
Not a normal Soul will live.
  Death is now our ruler on our path
to destruction.

  My eyes turn red, my smile
soon fades. And all that's
  happy still inside me is pushed
away. I can't explain, I can't
  go back, 'coz the Evil won't be
leaving. I'll stand strong and I'll
  survive until I've finishd my task.
Then only Death is a solution,
  then I'm free, Then I will go.

All Good is gone,
    All hope is drained.
All time shall pass away.
    The curse will rise,
The girl will kill.
    All Love shall end out bleeding.
That will happen with this Evil,
    Sorrow can't be leaving


You think you know me..but really you don't have a clue....

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Kara Thrace=<3

« Reply #81 on: October 10, 2004, 12:56:35 AM »


The clock tower strikes eleven o’clock.
Tonight I dread the sound.
Fear coils around me, squeezing like a python.
I’ve one hour left to live.

The dreaded demon of fear grips me tighter.
‘He will come to kill me,’ I say,
‘Like the Satan he is, he will kill me and take me away.’
The last toll of the clock tower fades into the night.

It’s dark in the bedroom, too dark for my taste.
I get up and light candles with a paranoid haste.
But a breath of wind from the open window,
Travels in and douses the flames.
Stumbling back into bed in the pitch dark, I am not alone.

He is on the threshold, watching me,
An evil smile playing on his lips.
Playing with his black dagger, it matches his black heart.
He watches me fear my last moments.
Just standing, just smiling, five minutes left.

The clock tower tolls midnight, he glides to my bedside.
Holding it high, the dagger shines in the moonlight.
I suddenly sit straight with a yelp, it was just a dream.
Something thuds to the ground, I look to the bedside.
A shining black dagger lies on the floor,
In a pool of black blood.
The twelfth toll of the clock tower fades into the dark night.

It's supposed to be a poem in the style of Edgar Allan Poe, but I have my doubts.

All this has happened before, all will happen again.

"Spins and turns, angles and curves. The shape of dreams, half remembered. Slip the surly bonds of earth and touch the face of perfection - a perfect face, perfect lace. Find the perfect world for the end of Kara Thrace. End of line."

G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.S. forever!

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« Reply #82 on: October 16, 2004, 02:23:53 AM »

Wow Mortange, I love your poems. They're amazing and very deep.

Darkness swallows my soul
Tonight I'll dig myself another hole

Cry alone, I've gone away
I don't want to stay
So show me the way
The way to salvation

Please don't forget me
One of these days you'll see
I tried to be all I could be

Please don't follow me tonight
You can't make anything right
I don't want another fight
So just sit tight
I can't swear I'll be alright

Darkness swallows my soul
Tonight I'll dig myself another hole

Cry alone, I've gone away
I don't want to stay
So show me the way
The way to salvation

What are these voices?
What is this noise?
I can hear what they say
They don't want me to stay
What can I say?

Darkness swallows my soul
Tonight I'll dig myself another hole

So cry, cry alone
I've already gone
Can't make me stay
So just show me the way (just show me the way)
The way to salvation

Lúthien Elanessë
Elven Ranger of Arthedain
Ranger of the North

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« Reply #83 on: November 16, 2004, 07:22:58 PM »

(This is mainly a poen dedicated to Poll and Kirstie Tongue cheesy)

Sorrow and Sadness - Pt. 2
You broke my heart before
By somehow cheating on ME
But now life has gone on
I have my friends and my faith
And NOTHING will bring me down

I can't believe I suffered with a coward
Who was my friend before
But he went and cheated
On another good friend of mine
And another good friend of mine

I hope you both rot in hell
And I hope my two friends
Get revenge on you along with me

I check in every now and then.
« Reply #84 on: December 10, 2004, 07:13:58 AM »

*sigh* Okay, I posted my poem(s) ages ago, but of course they've been dead and gone for a while now. So here are some of the older ones (any poem requests, name a *legitimate topic and I'll try and conjur something up for you).
The Lord's Tears[/u]
Revenge has no meaning
In this cruel world of hate
For Hell is calling out to us
And Heaven's locked its gates
For is this world so cruel
That a child must live in fear
Or is this the work of Satan
Baying for us to come near
To eat the fruit of hatred
Or drink from the cup of neglect
Or stay in a house of horrors
Where no sleep can be met
For the Lord must cry a thousand tears
To help us throught the night
To help us get a minute's sleep
And help us not to fight the way, it's been published, so please, if you wish to use it, don't forget the copyright ©Verity Pasione 2000

Simple Dreams[/u]
My Dreams are simple and yet hard
I am expected to be what I am not
My life is not worth living
I am not worth being
Woe unto the depth of my dark soul
No good will come to and from me
Being what I cannot be
For my world is dark
My life is done
I see that finally
I have won!

Longing For You[/u]
Wherever I am, you're always there
You stand beside me everywhere
If I try to reach out you turn away
You mock my being every day
I lust for you, my nemesis
And you know it, but you resist
I feel the passion burning me
I feel what others cannot see
But you really aren't here at all
My heart, my soul, for you they call
I wept the day your soul departed
From this world a new life you started
So now I see your ghostly form
An angel perhaps, I wonder and still mourn
But all I can do is wait til I die
And until then, I will surely cry.

Sick and Tired[/u]
I'm sick and tired of being confused
Of always being so dumb
I'm sick of people being amused
At the way I suck my thumb
I'm sick and tired of being stressed
Of needing to think of you
I'm sick and tired of nothing less
Than everything you do
I'm sick and tired of stupid songs
Of people judging me
I'm sick and tired of 'right' and 'wrong'
How stupid can you be?
I'm sick and tired of criticism
They're usually the hypocrites
I'm sick and tired of vandalism
Only because the word fits
I'm sick and tired of all you people
Telling me what to do
I'm sick and tired of this poem, it's feeble
So um.. yeah, f**k you!
*cough* lol
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« Reply #85 on: December 15, 2004, 01:47:48 AM »

Those are amazing poems Uney  Smiley

A si i-Dhúath ú-orthor, Aragorn. Ú or le a ú or nin
"My son," said Gilraen, "your aim is high, even for the descendant of many kings.  For this lady is the noblest and fairest that now walks the earth."

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« Reply #86 on: December 18, 2004, 07:46:38 PM »

Loving the end of your last poem Unebriwen... Wink Everyone's poems are pretty amazing.

Glued to the floor like a nightmare awake
There's nothing more, just glued to the floor
They can give what they take cause they're blind anyway
Apathy's hate, begging for more
From way down here you can see all the dirt
You can see what is lost and never can be
Melody's twisting as they look away
Emptied of smiles just sorrow to see
Symphonies are broken, they fit so pefectly
Yet all alone they seem so emtpy
I'm glued to the floor but I don't care
And as the cold creeps the song dissappears
Sighs on the wind just seconds too late
He's glued to the floor, lets forsake, lets forsake
He can go insane and its ok, cause nobody sees
When he's stuck here like me
No one wants to know that we're glued to the floor
Broken and scared, no one cares
Just for a second I couldnt see and I liked it
There in the darkness I didnt have to breath

« Reply #87 on: December 20, 2004, 02:21:08 PM »

aww thanks guys, lol (wow, Mort, are you sure you're not a darky in disguise? Shocked *hugs*)

lol, here are a few poems I have done in the last um.. week, lol, from previous to most recent at the end.. *cough* some of them are in jest, of course Wink lol:

Draco Malfoy (lol)
Your eyes, they pierce into my heart
Your smirk, it drives me insane
Your laugh, it mocks my soul apart
Your humor is rather inane

If words could express they way I feel
When I venture into your thoughts
I just wish I could make a little more real
But it’s a battle I’ve not yet fought

Your blonde hair, ever smooth in place
Your robes cling to your frame
Your pale white skin on your shining face
Your arrogance is not to blame

You despise the mudbloods and gryffindor
I feel the same way, too
They’re useless and little more
What they do, we can do

So Draco, in Slytherin, you must be
For there’s no other place you’d fit in
If the Sorting Hat put you in Hufflepuff
That would be a mortal sin!

Slytherin, embrace the snake within
And rise to Lord Voldemort’s aid
When Dumbledore’s gone to the looney bin
The deatheaters will have it made.

Eaten[/u] *cough*
Your tongue, it smells the air
With eyes as keen as eagles
You lead me to your lair
My breath is weak and feeble
Venom pumps through my veins
I'm lured by your eyes
You make me go insane
The warmth is a surprise

My legs fall weak beside me
My lips, they cannot scream
As your mouth, it opens wide
Then darkness consumes the scene
My bones, they crush a thousand times
The warmth is turning cold
My life it flashes before my eyes
Though now it's spent, it's sold.

if you didn't notice, I was um.. a creature being eaten by a snake, lmao!

Bondages of the Heart[/u]
It was never meant to be
This thing with you and I
Don't you know I must be free?
These petty rules can't apply
Your presence chokes me to death
Like a chicken in a snake's coils
Your leaving me with no breath
Your whine, it makes my blood boil

I hate the way you look at me
The way you bare your soul
Why, my friend, can you not see?
I cannot make you whole!
Just back away and don't come near
I'll spit and curse and smite
Please leave me alone, my friend so dear
Or I'll do something I just might
Regret for all eternity
My friend can you not see?
I can't love you any longer, I'm free!
So back away from me!

So sickly sweet, yet not edible
It can choke you up inside
It can make you feel incredible
It can make you want to hide
You'd die for love or better yet
You could live for love and breathe
A lover's kiss you will never forget
That moment you won't want to leave

Love can be gentle, love can be cruel
It depends on who, how and why
Love is a thing for one I'd call a fool
Love breaks people's hearts and they die
Forever people have killed for this thing
And yet the people they've killed love, too
Love is an emotion much less than a fling
Love is what people must do.

You filthy little Mudblood!
You think you're really great?
I can think of many things
'bout you there is to hate.
You have muggles for parents
Filthy, disgusting and inane
Your fashion sense I'll never get
You lack a pureblood's reign
Remeber your superiors
We're above you, no less
As you know, you're inferior
And I'm not in jest

The Malfoys are purebloods
There's nothing more to say
Other than Slytherin
Shall forever rule the day!

I could only tell you
The secrets of my life
There’s nothing left to do
But wade in all my strife
My friend, you were the best
Of all the ones I’ve had
More loyal than the rest
You cheered me when I was sad
The day you died, I could not bear
The burden of this loss
For, Polly, your death, it wasn’t fare
You now lay beneath a cross

Though people may think this inane
But my best friend you’ll always be
Even if you were a four-legged canine
You helped me to be free
The times we sat in the river
And watched the fish swim by
The times when I would shiver
You’d help me when I cry

A year later, I got another dog
Lilly was her name
She never really replaced you, Polly
But I loved her all the same
I’ll always remember the feel of your coat
It won ‘Shiniest’ in a contest or two
And, my old dog, I’ll continue to gloat
That your complaints were sensibly few

People will now think me crazy for this
But such is this life, I have guessed
For everyone knows that ignorance is bliss
Though personally, I think arrogance best

Being True to Yourself[/u]
Being true to yourself
Is not putting yourself down
it's not hating yourself coz of
what you look like.
It's not hating your skin color, race, or ethnic

Being true to yourself
is looking into the depths of your

actually realizing and seeing
the beautiful person
that always lay beneath.

My Father[/u]
The only person in the world, in the
world that is able to make my
soul cry. The only person that can make
me truely depressed. But my 'father' is
my life, my one true friend, love, and
teacher. Without him I wouldn't be
the person I am today. Words cannot
express my love for my father.
Not even words can explain my gratitude
what I feel for him cannot be expressed
in any other language, that is how special
my love for my father is.

Forever and Always[/u]
Can you see the stars in the skies?
You you see the tears in my eyes?
The Universe is just within reach
My little world will soon be breached
I try to comfort the firey storm
I try to ignore your constant scorn
The way you laugh and put me down
I get back up, trying not to frown
The consant agony of what can't be
The constant reminder that you won't see
Forever and always I'll love you dearly
Forever and always you'll hurt me severely
Together our worlds must never be
Forever and always, you'll be without me.

Gouge out your eyes
Rip out your spleen
An unpleasant surprise
That you ever have seen
Rip out your toe-nails
One by one
If all else fails
My work isn’t done
Make you drink your fluids
Watch you squirm and shriek
The Boss told me to get rid
Of you because you tend to speak
You informed the cops
Of our actions and relations
Now you must be stopped
But first, interrogation
You mess with the Mafia
You mess with the Boss
You get run over by a car
And your family’s at a loss
Tortured then shot
That’s the only way
Buried in the desert
So the birds eat your decay.

Bad Habits[/u]
Habits can be disgusting
Whether you like it or not
Examples are farting and belching
Or wiping away all the snot
Everyone has their own habit
Whether they know, is another matter
Though some of us make it a habit
To keep our room messy and clattered

Drinking is a habit in itself
Whether alcohol, coke or coffee
Anger or slyness with stealth
Can also be a habit, you see
So if you find your habit bad
Or even the slightest bit annoying
Remember you're human, don't be sad
It's a part of your nature, start enjoying!

lmao! Okay, some of them were for pure fun Tongue [/color]

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« Reply #88 on: January 01, 2005, 11:53:18 PM »

That Mafia poems pretty it is amazingly amusing! Tongue

Darky in disguise...*cough*is a secret!*cough*  Wink

You're there
Fragile as night
A warm hand in the dark room with no light
Soft smell of vodka
Faint on your lips
Your head next to mine your hand, slips
Background music
Filtering through
Down on the floor we turn blue

Åš†å®æ£ Škÿw@£kér

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Luv Episode III, I did.

« Reply #89 on: January 02, 2005, 01:37:44 AM »

            No One Likes Me!

No one likes me,
For they say i'm mean,
Turn them to stone,
With one sharp gleam.

No one likes me,
For they say i'm hard,
No one can read me,
At the flip of a card.

No one likes me,
For i shire away,
Hidden away,
From the break of day.

No one likes me!

OoO! I like that one! Wait, r we allowed to post comments??  blink

A Jedi shall not know anger. Nor hatred. Nor love.
"The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities. Some to be considered unatural"
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