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The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition Movie Script

Compiled by beleriel and Elril Galia, for Age of the Ring

Scenes 17 to 20

Scene 17 ~ The Midgewater Marshes

Fellowship of the Ring Scene 17

They come to some Marshland and stumble through the water and grass hillocks.  Midges fly everwhere, biting the hobbits
MERRY: (swatting a midge) What are they eating when they can't get hobbit ?
They stumble on through the Marsh.  Pippin falls into the water

Night falls and they stop to rest.  Strider brings a deer he has killed to the hobbits sitting on the ground. Later as the hobbits sleep.  Strider sits on watch, smoking his pipe.  He sings.

STRIDER: (singing)

Tinśviel elvanui,

Elleth alfirin ethelhael
O hon ring finnil fuinui

A renc gelebrin thiliol.

(Tinśviel the elven-fair,

Immortal maiden elven-wise,
About him cast her night-dark hair,

And arms like silver glimmering.)

FRODO: (sitting up to listen) Who is she ? This woman you sing of ?
STRIDER: Tis the Lady of Lśthien. The Elf Maiden who gave her love to Beren ... a mortal
FRODO: What happened to her?
STRIDER: (shakes his head) She died.

(turning to face Frodo) Get some sleep Frodo

Frodo lies back down.  Aragorn looks into the night air and sighs

Scene 18 ~ The Spoiling of Isengard

Fellowship of the Ring Scene 18


Saruman's long-fingernailed hand hovers over the Palantķr.
SARUMAN: The power of Isengard is at your command
The eye appears in the Palantķr.
SARUMAN: Sauron.  Lord of the Earth
SAURON VOICE: (speaks in Black Speech) Build me an army worthy of Mordor
Saruman sits in his library, arms wrapped around himself.  Three orcs walk in
ORC: What orders from Mordor my Lord? What does the Eye command?
SARUMAN: We have work to do
The orcs run around outside the Tower of Orthanc, felling trees at night. Gandalf on the roof top, suddenly wakes from the noise of the felling. His face is bloodied. It starts to rain.  Huddling his arms around himself he watches more trees being felled. Saruman arrives to watch the orcs work
ORC: The trees are strong my Lord.  The roots go deep
SARUMAN: Rip them all down
Gandalf settles down next to a pillar, trying to shelter himself from the rain.  All around on the ground trees are being felled by the orcs

Scene 19 ~ A Knife in the Dark

Fellowship of the Ring Scene 19

Strider and the hobbits walk over the top of the hills, arriving at the ruins of a temple, on top of a hill
STRIDER: This was the great watch tower of Amon Sūl (he turns to look at the hobbits)  We shall rest here tonight.
They reach the watch tower.  The hobbits drop their bags and sit down.  Strider looks out over the plains below.
STRIDER: (bends down and unwraps some small swords and hands them out to the hobbits) These are for you.  Keep them close, I'm going to have a look round (the hobbits unsheath their swords and look at them)  Stay here (he leaves)
Frodo is asleep.  He is woken by the others talking.
MERRY: My tomato's burst!
PIPPIN: Can I have some bacon?
MERRY: OK.  Want a tomato Sam ?
FRODO: (sitting up in panic)  What are you doing ?
MERRY: (sitting around a campfire pointing at it)  Tomatoes, sausages, nice crispy bacon
Frodo scrambles to his feet
SAM: (holding out a plate) Saved some for you Mr Frodo
FRODO: Put it out you fools! (he stamps on the fire) Put it out!
PIPPIN: Well that's nice! That's nice!  Ash on my tomatoes!
From the fields below, the fire is seen and as it is put out, the screeches of the Nazgūl are heard.  Frodo looks down over the edge. The see four Nazgūl striding towards the Watch Tower.  Frodo draws his sword
They run up to the top of the tower and stand in the middle of the circle of pillars back to back, looking around frantically.  Suddenly Frodo stops and looks between two pillars.  A Nazgūl slowly advances between them.  Frodo looks horrified. The Nazgūl draws his sword and holds it before its face. Five Nazgūl now walks slowly towards the hobbits, swords held in front of them. As they get closer they hold their swords out pointed towards the group of hobbits who are walking backwards.
SAM: Backl you Devils! (he takes a swipe at one of the Nazgūl with his sword, who swipes back at him knocking him back into a rock.  The other hobbits grouped together)
A Nazgūl reaches forward and throws Merry and Pippin aside.  Frodo looks shocked, drops his sword and turns to run, fatlling as he does.  He gropes in his pocket for the Ring. It whispers to him in Black Speech.  The Witch King hears the Ring and walking towards Frodo draws his sword.  Frodo scrambles backwards until he is against a rock.  The other Nazgūl group behind the Witch King. Frodo terrified puts on the Ring and disappears just as the Witch King is about to stab him with his sword. He sees the whispy, ghostly shapes of the Nazgul, their skeletal faces wearing crowns upon their heads.  The Witch King reaches out for the Ring, which is glowing. Frodo's hand is drawn to the hand of the Witch King.  At the last moment he pulls it away. The Witch King stabs Frodo in the shoulder reaching out his hand again.  He pauses as he hears someone shout. Strider arrives with a burning torch and waves it around the Nazgūl scaring them away from Frodo.  Frodo, groaning with pain, removes the Ring.
SAM: (scrambles towards Frodo) Frodo!
Strider continues to fight off the Nazgūl who are screeching, with torch and sword.
FRODO: Oh Sam!
Strider sets light to the clothing of the Nazgūl with his torch, scaring them away from the Watch Tower, whilst all the hobbits huddle around Frodo. From behind him, Strider senses the last Nazgūl and throws a burning torch into its face.  It runs away. Frodo is still moaning with pain
SAM: Strider! (Strider runs over) Help him Strider!
STRIDER: (picks up a broken sword on the ground)  He's been stabbed by a Morgul blade. (It suddenly burns up and disappears into ash.  Strider drops it) This is beyond my skill to heal.  He needs elvish medicine (he picks Frodo up and carries him away)
They run through woodland, hearing the screeches of the Nazgūl behind them
SAM: It's six days from Rivendell! He'll never make it!
STRIDER: (Frodo is mumbling on Strider's shoulder as he is carried)  Frodo Frodo

Scene 20 ~ The Caverns of Isengard

Fellowship of the Ring Scene 20

Isengard is now surrounding by deep ravines in the ground, which glow orange.  Wooden structures stand around the ravines. Inside the ravines, wooden walkways and pulleys have been built, where hundred's of orc are working. A moth flies over the caverns to the top of Orthanc, where Gandalf sits dozing.  As it flies past him, he quickly reaches out a hand and gently grabs it.
GANDALF: (whispering to the moth in an unknown language) Gwaihir go! Gwaihir
The moth flies off.  Deep inside the caverns the orcs are forging rough weapons. Trees continue to be felled and thrown into the pits, to be burnt in the fires in their depths. Saruman walks around in them, watching the iron being smelted and poured into moulds as helmets and more weapons are made around him. In one corner of the caverns, some orcs are trying to prize something that is moving from the mud.  Saruman arrives to watch. Through the membranes beneath a huge creature emerges, and grabs the orc nearest to it and kills it.  Some orcs go to intervene, but Saruman holds them back. The huge creature, an Uruk Hai stands up, growling, holds out his hand and looks at it.  Saruman smiles slightly watching it`.


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