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The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition Movie Script

Compiled by beleriel and Elril Galia, for Age of the Ring

Scenes 5 to 8

Scene 5 ~ A Long-expected Party

Fellowship of the Ring Scene 5

A huge firework explodes in the night sky over the party tree, from which a sign saying "Happy Birthday Bilbo Baggins" is hanging.  Merry music is playing.  The Party field appears below.  Many hobbits are dancing and clapping.  A huge birthday cake is being carried across the field above the heads of the hobbits.  Frodo is dancing whilst others help themselves to ale Sam is sitting at a table catching glimpses of Rosie Cotton dancing behind him.  Bilbo is welcoming his guests
BILBO: Hello, Hello, Fatty Bolger (he shakes his hand)  Lovely to see you, Welcome, Welcome
FRODO: (sitting down next to Sam) Go on Sam, ask Rosie for a dance.
SAM: (looks nervous)  Ah, I think I'll just have another ale. (he gets up)
FRODO: Oh no you dont (he takes him by the shoulders and pushes him into Rosie's path) Go on (he laughs as Sam dances with Rosie)
Gandalf is letting off another firework over the party
BILBO: (talking to a group of hobbit children) So there I was at the mercy of three monstrous trolls and they were all arguing amongst themselves about how they were going to cook us. Whether it be turned on a spit or whether they should sit on us one by one and squash us into jelly. (the children gasp.  In the background Gandalf is dancing with the grownup hobbits)  They spent so much time arguing the witherto's and whyfor's that the sun's first light cracked open over the top of the trees.  Poof! (the children jump) and turned them all into stone!
Gandalf laughing to himself gathers more fireworks from his cart.  As he turns away Merry appears from around the side of the cart. He taps the side of the tent next to it, and Pippin appears
MERRY: Quickly (he gives Pippin a leg-up into the cart)
Gandalf lets off a firework amongst a group of children which sends hundreds of butterflies out for the children to chase
Meanwhile Merry picks up a firework from the cart and shows it to Pippin

MERRY: No no! the big one, big one!
Pippin picks up one with a dragon's head, shows it to Merry who gasps and Pippin jumps from the cart and runs into a tent.  Merry nonchalantly takes a bite of his apple and runs after him
BILBO: Mrs Bracegirdle, how nice to see you.  Welcome welcome.  Are all these children yours ?
BILBO: Good gracious you have been productive!
Suddenly Bilbo's ears start to twitch.  He turns quickly and worriedly, bumping straight into Frodo
BILBO: (points behind him) Sackville-Bagginses! (they turn to get away) Quickly! Hide!
The Sackville-Baggins look around everywhere, whilst Frodo and Bilbo hide by the side of a tent out of sight
BILBO: Oh! Thankyou my boy You're a good lad Frodo. I'm very selfish you know. (Frodo looks confused)  Yes, I am.  Very selfish. I don't know why I took you in after your mother and father died, but it wasn't out of charity. I think it was because, of all my numerous relations, you were the one Baggins that showed real spirit.
FRODO: Bilbo have you been at the Gaffers homebrew ?
BILBO: No. Well yes, b b b but thats not the point. The point is, Frodo, (he pauses and reconsiders) You'll be alright. (he drinks his beer.  Frodo looks confused)
A fuse is being lit on a firework. Merry and Pippin are holding the giant firework between them in the tent.
MERRY: You're supposed to stick it in the ground (they are passing the upright firework from side to side between each other)
PIPPIN: It is in the ground (passes it back to Merry)
MERRY: Outside (he passes it back to Pippin)
PIPPIN: It was your idea!
Suddenly the firework takes off, taking the tent with it.  Merry and Pippin fall back on the ground covered in soot.  The other hobbits gasp as they see the firework race into the sky. It lights up the sky and a dragon's face develops, and wings as it swoops back down across the crowd.  Frodo spots the dragon coming towards them
FRODO: Bilbo! Bilbo!  Watch out for the dragon (the other hobbits are running for cover)
BILBO: (Frodo hurries him away) Dragon! Nonsense, there hasn't been a dragon in these parts for a thousand years. (Frodo pushes Bilbo to the ground as the firework swoops over them and explodes in front of them over the lake.  The hobbits all gasp and cheer)
Merry and Pippin looking on, covered in soot, hair standing on end.  Smile and nod appreciatively
MERRY: That was good!
PIPPIN: Lets get another one!
A pair of hands appears behind them, and grabs an ear of each of the hobbits They groan and look up behind them
GANDALF: Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took! I might have known!
Gandalf sets them to the washing up.
CROWD: Speech Bilbo (Bilbo raises his glass)
FRODO: Speech!
Bilbo walks and stands on top of a barrel in front of the crowd.  The enormous cake next to him, lit with 111 candles
BILBO: My dear Bagginses and Boffins, (the crowd clap and cheer) Tooks and Brandybucks (cheers), Grubbs (cheers), Chubbs (cheers), Hornblowers (cheers), Bulgers (they raise their beer), Bracegirdles (cheers), and Proudfoots
PROUDFOOT HOBBIT: (with his feet resting on a barrel shouts) PROUDFEET! (the crowd laughs)
BILBO: Today is my One Hundred and Eleventh birthday! (the crowd cheer and raise their glasses)
HOBBIT: Happy Birthday!
BILBO: Alas, elevnty-one years is far too short a time to live among such excellent and admirable hobbits. (the hobbits cheer)  I don't know half of you half as well as I should like and I like less than half of you, half as well as you deserve. (there is confused silence.  Gandalf smirks)

I, er, (he reaches for his pocket) I have things to do (he is hesitant.  He reaches inside his pocket.  Frodo and Gandalf watch him curiously.  He takes out something and holds it behind his back.  It is a gold ring.) (Speaking very seriously)  I've put this off for far too long. (the hobbits look up at him curiously)  I regret to announce This is the End. I'm going now.  I bid you all a very fond farewell. (Frodo looks at him curiously.  Bilbo smiles at him) Goodbye (Bilbo disappears before their eyes.  The hobbits gasp!  Frodo looks astonished. Gandalf takes the pipe out of his mouth and scowls)

Scene 6 ~ Farewell Dear Bilbo

Fellowship of the Ring Scene 6

The party field in the background, Bilbo's gate opens seemingly on its own.  Invisible footsteps can he heard running up the garden path and the front door opens and shuts on its own.  Bilbo is heard laughing as he reappears and looks at the ring in his hand. He flicks it in the air, catches it and pops it back in his pocket. He gathers a walking stick and walks into his lounge.
GANDALF: (is already standing in there)  I suppose you think (Bilbo turns quickly around surprised!)  that was terribly clever.
BILBO: Come on Gandalf.  Did you see their faces! (he continues to pack)
GANDALF: There are many magic rings in this world Bilbo Baggins and none of them should be used lightly
BILBO: (holds his hands out)  It was just a bit of fun! Oh, you're probably right as usual!
(He fetches his pipe and points a finger at Gandalf) You will keep an eye on Frodo won't you ?
GANDALF: Two eyes.
BILBO: Thanks
GANDALF: As often as I can spare.
BILBO: I'm leaving everything to him.
GANDALF: What about this ring of yours ?  Is that staying too ?
BILBO: Yes, yes.  Its in an envelope over there on the mantlepiece. (he gestures)
Gandalf nods and goes to look
BILBO: No! Wait.... it's... here in my pocket. Ha! (he takes it out and caresses it)  Isn't that Isn't that odd now.  Yet after all why not, Why shouldn't I keep it.
GANDALF: I think you should leave the ring behind Bilbo. Is that so hard ?
BILBO: (turns around swiftly to face Gandalf, disturbed from his day dream) Well no ...... and ... yes.. (he turns back to play with the ring again)  (crossly he speaks) Now it comes to it, I don't feel like parting with it. It's mine, I found it!  It came to ME!
GANDALF: There's no need to get angry
BILBO: Well if I'm angry it's your fault! It's mine (he strokes the ring) My only.... My Precious
GANDALF: Precious ? It's been called that before.  Not by you!
Bilbo turns around swiftly and crossly
BILBO: OH!  What business is it of yours what I do with my own things!
GANDALF: I think you've had that ring quite long enough.
BILBO: (raising his fists) You want it for yourself!
GANDALF: (raising his voice) BILBO BAGGINS! (he raises himself to full height and the room darkens)  Do not take me for some conjuror of cheap tricks! (Bilbo is forced back against the wall.  He looks scared)  I am not trying to rob you! (the room lightens again.  Gandalf smiles)  I'm trying to help you.
Bilbo runs to Gandalf and hugs him
GANDALF: (kneels before him) All your long years we've been friends.  Trust me as you once did.  Let it go
BILBO: You're right Gandalf. The ring must go to Frodo (he picks up his bag)  It's late, the road is long (he picks up his walking stick and makes for the front door)  Yes, it is time. (He opens the door and goes to walk out)
GANDALF: Bilbo! The ring is still in your pocket.
BILBO: (turns and smiles guiltily)  oh!  yes.. (he takes it out reluctantly and stares at it in his hand.  He slowly tips his hand so it falls on the floor and walks swiftly out of the door.  Gandalf follows him)
(He breathes deeply the night air) 

Ive thought of an ending for my book. (he turns to face Gandalf) "and he lives happily ever after to the end of his days"

GANDALF: and I'm sure you will my dear friend.
BILBO: Goodbye Gandalf. (they shake hands warmly)
GANDALF: Goodbye.  Dear Bilbo
Bilbo walks out of his garden singing
BILBO: "the road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began.."
GANDALF: Until our next meeting.

Scene 7 ~ Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

Fellowship of the Ring Scene 7

Gandalf opens the door to Bagend.  The ring is lying on the floor.  He bends down to pick it up and suddenly a flash of Sauron's Eye appears.  Gandalf leaves the ring lying there.

He sits in front of the fire in the rocking chair, smoking his pipe.  He hears echo's of Bilbo's voice

BILBO'S VOICE: It's mine.  My own,  My precious
GANDALF: Riddles in the dark
FRODO: (from outside) Bilbo! (in the background he pushes open the door and rushes in)  Bilbo! (he sees the Ring on the floor and bends and picks it up)
GANDALF: (mumbles) My Precious.
FRODO: (holding the Ring) He's gone hasn't he (Gandalf merely puffs on his pipe)  He talked for so long about leaving. (He walks up to Gandalf) I didn't think he'd really do it. Gandalf ? (he looks at him,  Gandalf is still in a world of his own)
GANDALF: (looks round at Frodo, just noticing him) Hmm. (Frodo is holding the ring in the palm of his hand.  Gandalf smiles at him) Bilbo's Ring.

He's gone to stay with the elves. He's left you Bagend. (he holds out an open envelope to Frodo, who puts the Ring inside it.) Along with all his possessions (he seals the envelope) The Ring is yours now (he hands the envelope back to Frodo with two hands carefully holding the edges of the envelope)  Put it out of sight.  (Frodo takes the envelope) (Gandalf gets up to leave Bagend)

FRODO: Where are you going ?
GANDALF: I have some things I have to attend to.
FRODO: What things ?
GANDALF: Questions (he takes up his hat and staff) Questions that need answering.
FRODO: You've only just arrived! (he runs after Gandalf) I don't understand.
GANDALF: (pauses) Neither do I. (he bends down to Frodo and puts a hand on his shoulder)  Keep it Secret.  Keep it Safe. (he leaves shutting the door behind him)
Frodo looks down at the envelope he is holding.

Scene 8 ~ The Account of Isildur

Fellowship of the Ring Scene 8

In Mordor, the fires are burning.  There is a lot of activity in Barad-dr.  From within Gollum can be heard screaming
GOLLUM VOICE: Murder!  Shire!  Baggins!
Mount Doom erupts.  From Minas Morgul, nine black riders on black horses emerge, galloping.

Gandalf gallops towards Minas Tirith.  He pauses on a hill outside, watching Mount Doom erupting.

He walks through Minas Tirith and is shown down to the library within.  He pulls out a great sheath of old papers, and removing his hat and lighting his pipe, reads through the great pile.  Looking through maps and many scribings, he eventually comes across the page he has been looking for

GANDALF READING : The year 3434 of the Second Age.  Here follows the account of Isildur, the High King of Gondor, and the finding of the Ring of Power.
(A flashback of Sauron's finger with the Ring on, falling to the ground appears, and Isildur rolls over to look at it)
It has come to me, the One Ring, and it shall be an heirloom of my Kingdom (Isildur picks up the finger with the Ring on) All those who follow in my bloodline shall be bound to its fate (he crushes the finger, so that the Ring alone sits in his hand) for I shall risk no hurt to the Ring. It is precious to me. Though I buy it with a great pain (he holds the Ring between his fingers.  Dark speech can be heard uttering from it)  The markings  upon the band begin to fade (he rolls it between his fingers and the writing on the Ring gradually fades) The writing, which at first was as clear as red flame, has all but disappeared (Gandalf looks at an inscription written on the page) A secret now that only fire can tell. (Gandalf looks up thoughtfully)
A hobbit is chopping firewood in the evening light. His dog starts barking as something approaches.  The hobbit looks up scared.  The dog backs off and back into the hobbit hole.  A horserider appears.  The horse is black and muddied.  The rider wears metal, spiked boots and is clothed and robed and hooded in black.  No face is visible
BLACK RIDER: SSsHirrre! Bagginssss!
HOBBIT: There's no Bagginses round here.  They're up in Hobbiton. (the horse snorts wildly.  The Hobbit backs off into his home and points)  That way!  (The rider leaves in haste as the hobbit shuts the door.  Other shadows follow the Black Rider)

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