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Other Names: Wilderland

The vast region of Middle Earth that lies east of the Misty Mountains. Its eastern border is not certain, however it is considered to be the river Celduin (River Running). In the northern part of Rhovanion lies Mirkwood the Great and in the East of the region flows the river Anduin. The landscape of Rhovanion is mostly flat except for the Mountains of Mirkwood and the Hill of Sorcery (Dol Guldur).
The first inhabitants of Rhovanion are the Elves who refused the Great Journey, i.e. Avari, and the Nandor who didnít pass over the Misty Mountains, i.e. Silvan Elves who still live in northern Mirkwood. It is not told when Men first appeared in Rhovanion, but we know that it became a place of dwelling of those Men who didnít go to Beleriand. They settled west, east and south of Mirkwood. These were the ancestor of the Northmen of Rhovanion and the Rohirrim are the descendants of the Northmen who lived between the Wood and the Mountains. These people being the closest kin to the Dķnedain aided them in many battles and were the first line of defence of Gondor against Easterlings.
Amongst the princes of the Northmen the most powerful was Vidugavia who called himself King of Rhovanion.   

Geography: Situated in the northwest of Middle Earth in the land of Eriador, up until the end of the Third Age, the Shire was roughly 40 leagues (120 miles) east-to-west and 50 leagues (150 miles) north-to-south. At the beginning of the Fourth Age however the size increased to incorporate the East and West March, granted as a gift by King Aragorn II Elessar.
The Shire is split into 4 parts known as the North, East, South and West Farthings, and in each Farthing there were to be found the Hobbit families that traditionally lived there. For instance, Tooks were generally in the West, in Tookland, whereas the Brandybucks were typically to the East, in Buckland
The landscape of the Shire is relatively flat with only small hills, green and perfect for agriculture, other than the larger Hills of Scary to the North-East where stone could be quarried, the chalky downs to the West and the few rivers running through the land. These are The Water, starting in the North Moors and flowing through Hobbiton and Bywater, and the rivers Shirebourn, Stockbrook and Thistle Brook which all had sources located in the Green Hill Country. All of the rivers were tributaries of the Brandywine River (also known as the River Baranduin by the elves).

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