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The Witch King

Witch King
Artist Waelith

Second Age: 2250 - 3441
Third Age: 
1300 - 3019

Rumoured to of once been a High King of men.
The mightiest servant of Sauron, he was the Lord of the Nazgūl. He came under the power of Sauron, promised by him great things, and much power, he became wraith-like, and existed only under the power of the "One Ring"... He was the leader of "The Nine". He began his service to Sauron through the accursed years of the Second age of the Sun.

But with the fall of his master, in 3441, he vanished for a time, lost in the shadow, as did his master, who had lost his power..."The One Ring".

Thus began the Third Age of the Sun...

In the year 1300, Sauron began to re-shape, in the darkness of Dol Goldur, and there he resurrected his most faithful servant, his most powerful Ringwraith...
He sent him to Angmar, and there he became known as "The Witch King of Angmar" Through centuries to come, he laid waste to much of the lands that were the North Kingdom of the Dunedain. He destroyed Arnor, and wreaked havoc for many dark years.
Eventually, Angmar was under siege, and destoyed by Elves and Men...

The Witch King came at last to Minas Ithil, in Gondor, and once he had overthrown it, he resided there, and the once beautiful "Tower of the Moon" then became known as the Dead City, or "Minas Morgul".

There, under the command of Sauron, who still grew in power away in Dol Goldur, the Witch King amassed armies of war... Orcs, Uruk-hai, Olog-hai, Haradrim, and trolls of Mordor.
He then marched upon the white city of Gondor, and started the attack. Gondor would for a long time become subject to attack, from Minas Morgul, and Mordor alike.
It was the Witch King who killed the last in the line of Kings of Gondor.

Late in the Third age, the Witch King was sent by his master, with the other Ringwraiths to go westward to the lands of the Shire, where it was learned that the "One Ring" was hidden. They were sent on horseback to re-gain it for their master, but they were thwarted by the power of the Elves.

The Witch King, however, nearly had the Ring in his grasp, on Weathertop, where he stabbed Frodo Baggins, the Hobbit, who held it. It came to pass that Frodo did not give up the Ring, but suffered a mortal wound from the Witch Kings poisoned blade...

In that same year, there came the time of the one great war, that would see the end of the Witch King of Angmar. It was rumoured, however that no man could kill him.
The Lord of the Nazgūl amassed his dark legions, and sent them forth into battle with the men of Gondor, and the men of Rohan. 
During that battle, it was a soldier from Rohan, called Dernhelm, who was to kill the Witch King. It turned out to be the Lady of Rohan, Eowyn. Meriadoc Brandybuck, the Hobbit also had a part to play.

Soon after the Lord of the Nazgūl met his doom, the other Nazgūl were called to Orodruin, but they also died, as the power of the "One Ring" was diminished in the fires of Mount Doom.
The legions of Mordor, Sauron, and The mighty towers of Barad dūr and Minas Morgul fell, thus the Third age ended.

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