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Meaning of Name: Sauron means “terrible” in Kvenian
Otherwise Known As: Annatar (“the Lord of Gifts” in Sindarin), Enemy, Gorthaur (“Spreading Horror” in Sindarin), He, Lord of the Dark Tower, The Black Hand, The Dark Lord, The Lidless Eye, The Lord of the Rings, The Nameless One.
Date of Creation: Before the creation of the world
Date of Demise: March 25, 3019 of the Third Age
Dwellings: Angband, Isle of Werewolves, Taur-nu-Fuin, Dol-Guldur, Barad-dur in Mordor
Race: Maia
Emblem: Red Eye
Height: Unknown
Alignment: Evil
Parents: N/A
Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Children: None
Physical description: Large lidless eye, glazed yellow like a cat's, engulfed in fire; the slit was described as a window into nothingness.

Sauron is the creator of the One Ring; which he poured his ‘cruelty, his malice, and his will to dominate all of Middle Earth’. 

He is a supreme being ; Ainur, a Maiar of Aulë, created by the thought of Iluvatar (“father of everything”) from Flame Imperishable (hence the lidless fiery eye). Under the guidance of Aulë the Smith, Sauron learnt much about the forging and making of magical rings.  However he was soon corrupted by Melkor (who later became known as Morgoth after he stole the silmarils) and became his most trusted lieutenant, the most feared of Morgoth's servants. He is the embodiment of Evil in “The Lord of the Rings”. 

After Morgoth was captured and banished, Sauron remained in Middle Earth and it is assumed that he maintained the stronghold of Angband waiting for his master's return.

Sauron’s treachery began in 457 of the First Age, when he assaulted an Isle of Tol Sirion, there created a harbor of Evil, and ruled over the werewolves. He could easily shape-shift to those of a wolf and other beings. There is a legend in the Silmarillion concerning Beren and Luthien Tinuviel, bringing up the name of Sauron. According to this, “Sauron captured Beren, and killed Finrod Felagun, an elven Prince. But an elven maiden, Luthien, with a werewolf Huan came to rescue her beloved. Sauron took a form of the wolf but lost the fight. Then he took a form of a gigantic bat and hid himself in the woods of Taur-Nufuin till the beginning of the Great Battle.” Melkor (Morgoth) lost the battle and Sauron was unable to do anything but yield. He was supposed to be sent to Aman for a hearing; however vanity and stubbornness overcame him. Sauron preferred another escape to disgrace and embarrassment.

Around 1000 (The Second Age), Sauron established himself in Mordor; which means “Black Earth” in Sindarin; there is, however, a similarity with the word “murder”. It was in Mordor that he began building his mighty Barad-dur - meaning “Dark Tower” in Sindarin - a fortress where he stayed for many years. When building the Tower, he made use of his knowledge and skills learnt from Aulë and later wormed himself into the Nordor’ confidence (an elven tribe). Himself he named Annatar (meaning “the Lord of Gifts” in Sindarin) and took a friendly look.  He taught the elves his knowledge and through them they made the Rings of Power from however the temperate interaction did not last long. The elves learnt of his plans to forge the One Ring (which he could use to know, and control, the thoughts of the bearers of the other Rings) and removed their own

A war (1693 – 1700 Second Age) broke out. Sauron may have won if it were not for the Numenor’s fleet accompanied by the Dwarves of Moria allied with the Elves of Lorien, and he once again fled and concealed himself in Mordor.  Sauron’s emblem became a crimson pupil, or an eye without eyelashes; which the orcs drew on their black bucklers. 

The first signs of Sauron's presence in the Third Age were felt whilst the Necromancer dwelled in Dol-Guldur.  The Necromancer was believed to be a Nazgul, but later discovered by Gandalf to be Sauron himself.  Upon this discovery, Sauron once again fled to Mordor.

In the duration of The Fellowship of the Ring, Sauron was constantly searching for his One Ring, breeding Uruk-Hai, Orcs, and various tortured creatures into large masses, making an army. Sauron’s most loyal servants were The Nine, the Nazgul also known as the Ringwraiths or Black Riders whom were slaves of the Ring and Sauron’s will. The Nazgul were once men but slipped into Darkness as a consequence of their greed and weakness, unable to withstand the power of the One Ring, they became the undead – ‘neither living nor dead’ – The Nazgul. 

Sauron had a numerous amount of evil plots, earning him the titles of ‘master of deceit and treachery’, however he did accomplish much. His activities included: the creation of the Black Speech, the breeding of the Olog-Hai and what was later the Uruk-Hai; which another of his servants, Saruman, conjured up, and the creation of the previously cited Nazgul. One of Sauron’s many servants, Saruman, is a wizard whom decided to forge an alliance with Sauron and make vast armies for him, though Saruman ended up in the hands (or limbs) of the Ents. The Ring’s existence in itself gave Sauron enough strength to eventually overcome Middle Earth, even though Sauron did not have it. Gandalf and Elrond knew that the only choice was to destroy the Ring, an action which Sauron had never considered, and could not comprehend. To the gratitude and relief of Gandalf and Elrond, on March 25, The Third Age, 3019, the Ring of Power fell into the fire of Orodruin. The ever Watchful Eye lost its valor for ever. But no one suggested that the Enemy, or Evil which he incarnated, completely disappeared. Sauron once again lost his ability to become visible.

Contributed by Lady Sauron

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