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Otherwise Known As: Shadow of the East, the Black Easterling, and the Second Chief. He is commonly referred to as Khamul the Easterling and was also known as Sauron's lieutenant in Dol Guldur
Date of Birth: first appeared as Nazgul around the year 2251 of the Second Age
Date of Demise: March 25 Third Age
Height: Unknown
Alignment: Evil
Physical description: a Wraith, a ghost like creature in the form of a man

Khaműl was once an Easterling a Man from the far eastern lands of Middle-earth.  He was given one of the Nine Rings by Sauron and inevitably became one of the Nazgul.

Khaműl was one of the most powerful Nazgul, second only to the Lord of the Nazgul and chief of the Ringwraiths of Dol Guldur

In the year 2951 of the Third Age, Sauron sent Khaműl  as his lieutenant to command the stronghold of Dol Guldur in Mirkwood. One or two of the other Nazgul were sent with Khaműl .

In March of 3018, Aragorn brought Gollum to Mirkwood to be held captive by the Elvenking Thranduil. Khaműl 's spies later learned of this and Khaműl sent word to Sauron around late April.

The Witch King began the hunt for the One Ring and the land of the Hobbits known as the Shire. Khaműl met the Lord of the Nazgul in the Field of Celebrant. Khaműl reported Gollum's escape and said that there were no Hobbits living in the Vales of the Anduin. The Nazgul continued to Isengard and were directed north to Eriador.

Khaműl and three other Nazgul entered the Shire. Khaműl went to Hobbiton seeking someone by the name of Baggins. He spoke to Gaffer Gamgee, who pointed him in the direction of Buckland. Khaműl pursued Frodo Baggins and his companions down the Stock Road to the Woody End and nearly caught them several times. On the second occasion, Khaműl fled when he heard the singing of Elves led by Gildor Inglorion.

Khaműl continued his pursuit the next day and the Hobbits saw him on a ridge high above them and later heard his cry as he summoned another Nazgul. Khaműl then went to Bamfurlong, the home of Farmer Maggot and offered the farmer gold in exchange for news of Baggins, but Maggot refused. That evening Khaműl saw the Hobbits crossing the Brandywine River using the Bucklebury Ferry, but he was unable to pursue them across the deep moving water.

Nothing further is known about Khaműl's individual actions during the War of the Ring. After the unsuccessful attack on Crickhollow, the Nazgul left the Shire and rejoined the others. They pursued Frodo to Weathertop and on to the Ford of Bruinen, where they were washed away in a flood created by Elrond They returned to Mordor and assumed new forms and were mounted on flying steeds called Fell Beasts. The Nazgul took part in the siege of Minas Tirith and the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, where the Lord of the Nazgul perished on March 15, 3019. Khaműl most likely became the leader of the Nazgul at that time.

At the Battle of the Morannon, the Nazgul flew above the battlefield. When Frodo claimed the Ring at Mount Doom, Sauron summoned the Nazgul to seize him. They raced to the mountain, but Gollum fell into the Cracks of Doom with the Ring. Mount Doom erupted and there Khaműl, along with the other Nazgul  was engulfed in flames and destroyed.

The only mention of Khaműl is by Christopher Tolkien in the Unfinished Tales

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