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High King Gil-Galad
Artist Ebe© 

Other Name: Erainion (descendant of kings), Gil-Galad (stars of radiance)
Otherwise Known As: High King of the Noldor
Date of Birth: year 445 of the first age
Date of Death: March 25, 3019 of the Third Age
Race: Noldorin Elf
Alignment: Good
Parents: Fingon, mother unknown
Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Children: None
Weapon: Aeglos (snow-point)

Gil-Galad was the sixth and last High King of the Noldor. He was the only child of  Fingon (famed for his battles to overthrow Morgoth) .  When Morgoth broke the Siege of Angmand during the Battle of Dagor Bragollach Gil-Galad was still a child and for his safety his father sent him to the Mouths of Sirion in Beleriand where he was entrusted into the safe keeping of Círdan the Shipwright. After the death of his father in the last and final great battle of Beleriand against Morgoth, Nirnaeth Arnoediad, the crown passed to Gil-galad's uncle Turgon.  It was passed to Gil-Galad after Turgon was lost when his secret city of Gondolin was discovered and destroyed.  Gil-Galad remained in Beleriand for the remainder of the First Age, until it was destroyed in the War of Wrath.  He then founded the kingdom of Lindon in the north west of Middle Earth in the Second Age. 

When Sauron returned in the form of Annatar, he went to Lindon first, but Gil-Galad and Elrond were suspicious and rejected him. Soon after Sauron had created the One Ring, he invaded the lands of Eregion in an attempt to gather all the other rings of power for himself.  He gathered all but four rings, the Dwarven ring of Thrór, which was sent to Khazad-dum under the safe keeping of Durin III and the three elven rings.  Nenya was borne from Eregion by Galadriel, but the other two rings were sent by Celembrimbor to the north to the safe keeping of Gil-Galad.  Before the end of the Second Age, Gil-Galad passed the two rings to the lords in his service, Narya to Círdan (who had cared for him as child) at the Grey Havens and Vilya to Elrond (who then used it to help create the secret elven haven of Rivendell) After the creation of the rings Gil-Galad, Elendil and Isildur formed the Last Alliance of Men and Elves and lay siege upon Mordor. Sauron and Gil-Galad fought, but Sauron defeated him and grasped his throat and burned him.

Elrond took Aeglos with him to Rivendell and kept it in the same room as the Shards of Narsil.

Contributed by Legendel and Elril Galia

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