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  A to Z of Places in and around Tolkien's Middle Earth

A to Z of Places in and around Tolkien's Middle Earth
compiled by the members of www.lotrukforum.com
(we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies, but please let us know if something is amiss!))

A Adurant The southernmost of the seven rivers of Ossiriand, in which was the island of Tol Galen
Aelin-uial The Twilit Meres of the River Sirion in Beleriand
Angband "Hells of Iron" it was the great underground fortress of Morgorth in the First Age
Angmar The home of the Witchking before Minas Morgul was created .. a great place of evil where the Witchking used to breed his armies.
Arnor The great northern kingdom of men in Middle-earth
B Barad-Dur The fortress of Sauron
Barrows Earthworks and burial chambers made by Men in ancient times.
Belegaer The Great Sea of the West which lies between Middle-earth and Aman
Belfalas A promontry of Southern Gondor, with Dol Amorth on the western coast
Bywater A town in the Shire and home of the Green Dragon.
C Cair Andros Island on the Anduin river that guarded entry into Rohan and Gondor
Calembel A town in the Gondorian region of Lamedon, and is a township on the River Ciril.
Caras-Galadhon Tree-city of Galadriel and Celeborn in the heart of Lothlorien
Cardolan The most southerly of the realms of the Northern Dúnedain
Chamber of Mazarbul The old Chamber of Records of Khazad-dûm. It was used as a base by Balin when he attempted his ill-fated attempt at recolonisation: the Company of the Ring found his tomb there as they passed through Moria.
D Dale A township of Men beneath the Lonely Mountain
Deephallow A village on the Shire's eastern border, built on the banks of the River Brandywine
Desolation of the Dragon The burned lands around Erebor
Dorthonion 'Land of Pines' the great forested highlands of the northen borders of Beleriand
Dunharrow A refuge of the Rohirrim, hidden in the deep vales of the White Mountains and fortified against attack
Durthang An old castle of Mordor that stood in the northern Ephel Dúath
E Edoras The capital city of Rohan
Emyn Muil The range of hills that massed on either side of the Anduin above the inflow of the Entwash. At one time they marked the northern borders of Gondor; Frodo and Sam crossed them on their journey to Mordor
Ephel Brandir The fenced homestead in the Forest of Brethil, home to People of Haleth
Ered Luin The blue mountains
Ered Nimrais Elvish name for the White Mountains situated between Gondor and Rohan
F Falas A coastal elven realm of West Beleriand
Falls of Rauros The great falls of the River Anduin where it fell from the heights of the Emyn Muil into the wetlands of the Nindalf
Fangorn Forest Last home of the Ents in the West of Middle-earth
Fenmarch The wetlands by the Mering Stream, a region of eastern Rohan
G Gladden Fields The place Isildur lost the one ring and where some hobbits lived before they relocated to the Shire.
Gondor The home of the Gondorians, more notably, Boromir and Faramir it's capital city is Minas Tirith
Gorgoroth A plateau in Mordor, between the converging Ephel Duath and the Ash Mountains
Green Mound The mound of the Two Trees
Grey Havens Also known as Mithrond the port on the most western part of Middle-Earth which bears elves and other races to the island of Valinor
H Harad The southern region to the south of Gondor and Mordor
Helcaraxe (the Grinding Ice) the narrow gap of sea and ice between the Undying Lands and Middle earth, until the end of the Second Age
Helm's Deep A place where the people of Edoras and Rohan took shelter when being invaded by the Dunlendings, and also where the Battle of Helm's Deep took place
Hobbiton A lagre town in the centre of The Shire. Home to Bilbo and Frodo Baggins
I Imladris The First and Last Homely Home, founded by Elrond and known to men as Rivendell
Isengard The area surrounding the Tower of Orthanc - Home to Saruman
Ithilien The place between Gondor and Mordor that technically belongs to Gondor but is constantly being invaded by orcs. It is part of the area that the rangers watch over, and it is where Sam and Frodo were taken prisoners by Faramir.
K Karningul. The name of Rivendell in Westron, it means a deeply-cut, steep sided valley
Khand Land directly east of Mordor and so it's traditional ally
Khazad Dum The grandest and most famous of the mansions of the Dwarves, notably Durin and his kin
Kheled-zâram The shimmering lake immediately east of Khazad-dûm, if you look into it you can see a perfect reflection of the sky. It was for this reason Durin the Deathless chose Celebdil to locate Moria.
L Lammoth Region between Ered Lómin and the sea
Lebeninn A land in south-eastern Gondor, lying between the Rivers Gilrain in the west and Anduin in the east.
Lindon After the War of Wrath and the destruction of Angband, all but a small part of Beleriand sank into the Western Sea. This was a part of Ossiriand just west of the Blue Mountains, called Lindon. Its name means 'land of song' as it was home to the Laiquendi elves
Longbottom A village in Southfarthing also famous a sthe birthplace of pipeweed in the Shire
Lorellin Lake in the garden of Lorien, in Valinor
Lothlorien Home of Galadriel and Celeborn...Lady and Lord of the Golden Wood
M Misty Mountains The Backbone of Middle-earth
Morannon Black gates of mordor
Mordor Sauron's black land
Moria The Black Chasm; the name given to Khazad-dûm after its desertion by the Dwarves, after which it became a dark and evil place
Mount Mindollum Mountain on which Minas Tirith is built
N Nargothrond The largest kingdom of Noldor elves in Beleriand during the first age was controled by Finrod from his fortress city of Nargothrond
New Row The row of hobbit-holes cut into the southern face of Hobbiton Hill after the War of the Ring. They were made to replace Bagshot Row, which had been destroyed by Sharkey's Men
Nen Lalaith meaning- laughing stream. Stream to the north of Beleriand.
the river that was said to have given its name to Lalaith daughter of Hurin
Nindamos A shoreland settlement on the south coast of Númenor.
Númenor The island kingdom of the Dúnedain, raised from the sea by the Valar as a gift and reward to the Men who had remained faithful through the dark years of the First Age. Situated somewhere off the west coast of Middle Earth
Nurn Southern part of Mordor
O Onodló The ancient Elvish name for the Entwash
Orfalch Echor The great ravine through the Encircling Mountains by which Gondolin was approached
Orthanc The Tower of Isengard
Osgiliath The 'Fortress of the Stars' that was the central and chief city of Gondor during its early years. It was largely deserted after the plague of the mid-Third Age, and lay in ruins at the time of the War of the Ring.
P Pelargir The greatest and most ancient of the havens of Gondor, on the northern shore of the wide River Anduin in the land of Lebennin.
Pelenor fields The planes before Minas Tirith
Phurunargian The Westron name of Khazad-dûm.
R Rammas Echor The boundary wall of the Pelennor Fields
Rauros Falls Falls of the River Anduin where it fell from the heights of the Emyn Muil into the wetlands of the Nindalf.
Rhosgobel  Radagast's dwelling by Mirkwood
Rohan Home of the Horse Lords
Rómenna The royal haven of Númenor
S Serech The great fen north of the Pass of Sirion, where the river Rivil flowed in from Dorthonion.
Sirion The great river of Beleriand that runs from near Gondolin past Doriath in Beleriand
South Downs Hills in Eriador south of Bree
Swanhaven Also called Alqualondë. It is the haven of the Teleri on the coastlands of Aman. The Swanhaven took its name from the Elvish practice of carving their ships in the shapes of great swans.
T Tookland The ancestral lands of the Shire-thains
Three-Farthing Stone A stone by the side of the East Road that marked the point where the borders of the Eastfarthing, Westfarthing and Southfarthing of the Shire came together
Tyrn Gorthad The Barrow-downs

The downlands east of the Old Forest, a region that had been used as the burial grounds of Men from time immemorial
U Udûn
Melkor's ancient fortress in the far north of the world. It was destroyed 4,000 years before the beginning of the first age. It is also used by Sauron for as the name for the northern valley of Mordor that lay behind the Morannon.
Underhill Part of Hobbiton that lay directly beneath Hobbiton Hill
Uttermost West Lands beyond the Western Sea, a name in Middle Earth for the Undying Lands.
Utumno Mighty fortress of Melkor in the Age of the Lamps
V Valmar
The city of the valar in valinor.
Vinyamar 'New Dwelling' and is the house of Turgon in Nevrast
W Weathertop   Another name for the Fortress of Amon Sûl
Westmarch The land between the Far Downs and the Tower Hills, granted to the Shire by King Elessar...
Westfarthing of the Shire The lands west of the Shire, in which lay many of its important towns: Michel Delving, Tuckborough and Hobbiton
Y Yale The low-lying lands of the Shire's Eastfarthing that lay along the northern side of the long road from Stock westwards to Tuckborough
Yozayan The Adunaic name for Numenor
Z Zirak, Zirak-zigil
A Dwarvish name for Zirakzigil which is a mountain which is also called Celebdil by other races.

Also called the Silvertine, a peak in the Misty Mountains

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