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LOTRUK Fanart competition

Our recently run competion saw some fantastic entries from our many talented members.  We had entries of both drawings and painting as well as poetry and fan fiction.

The winners were

The Witch King
by Waelith

by Dagger

by Dagger

Our other equally talented entries were:

The Lord of the Rings
by Fallen 4 frodo

There lived a little hobbit,
Bilbo was his name,
He lived in a hole like a rabbit,
Adventure was his game.

To slay a dragon he went one day,
And found a precious ring,
He took the ring and went away,
And in happiness did sing.

Little did he know, this ring,
Was full of evil power,
He loved it more than anything,
He wore it in the shower!

At last one day a wizard came,
And knocked on his door rat-tat,
Gandalf the Grey was his name,
He wore a silvery hat.

He told his little hobbit friend,
That the ring was a great danger,
And that it's life must soon end,
Or Middle Earth would waver.

Bilbo gave the ring, against his will,
To his youthful nephew Frodo,
Who went with Gandalf o'er the hills,
To the dark land of Mordor.

But they were not alone, these two,
They were joined by seven more,
Merry, Pippin and Sam too,
Had added to the score.

And elves and dwarves and men too,
Joined the five on their adventure,
Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli to name a few,
Went on the journey together.

And all this time there was a man,
Planning the death of our friends,
Saruman, Sauron's right hand,
Wanted to see their end.
Saruman made creatures of evil,
And sent them all away,
He wanted all of them to kill,
He wanted them to slay.

Orcs and Nazgûl and the Witch - King,
Formed armies all together,
They set out to find the ring,
And kill all the others.

And so they met the Fellowship,
And whipped out their swords,
They fought against the Fellowship,
And in anger, they swore.

They fought bravely, the Fellowship,
But one in the end perished,
Boromir, from the land of men,
His memory will be cherished.

Frodo could take this no more,
He couldn't keep running for his life dear,
He sat in a boat and took the oar,
And set out to face his fear.

But Samwise Gamgee would not let,
Mr. Frodo carry the burden,
He made a promise that he could not forget,
That his duties went beyond the garden.

And so they set out, these two,
To destroy the ring forever,
Soon a third had joined them too,
Gollum - old name Sméagol.

Sméagol was a hobbit,
The ring had made him bad,
The ring was his beloved,
Without it he was sad.

To get the ring, he joined the two,
He wanted to save his precious,
To kill them, he was planning too,
He was ready to be atrocious.

And on their way they met more men,
Goblins and elves as well,
With some they indeed made friends,
With some it wasn't swell.

Soon they met up with the rest,
And Ents had joined them too,
They destroyed Saruman and now was left,
One more thing to do.

And then the Great War began,
The War for Middle Earth,
They battled on with the bad and,
In the end they won.

And all this time Frodo and Sam,
Were at the heart of Mt. Doom,
"I'm going to destroy the ring, I am"
Was Frodo's final tune.

And destroy the ring he did indeed,
But he suffered a loss too,
As Gollum gave his life to greed,
Frodo lost a finger too.

Joy and peace had once more spread,
All over the land,
The ring was no more a thing to dread,
 It would never be in anyone's hand

Aragorn, son of Arathorn,
Had married a fair maiden,
Arwen Undómiel was her name,
Together they ruled the people.

Now Frodo and Bilbo had to go
To live in the land of the elves,
Rivendell it was named,
They bade goodbye to their friends.

And so ends this tale of an evil ring,
Of how it once ruled and how it was killed,
Goodbye dear friend,
Alas our adventure comes to an end.

Bitter Sweet- By Cateh

Bittersweet tears tasted on my lips,
As I cry again for you,
Longing for love to cure my misery,
Do you mourn for my love too?

It’s hard to describe how I feel inside,
All I know is it tears me apart,
All I want is you here, to steal all my fears,
And be a cure to my shattered heart.

I know in my mind that it’s worth it,
You are worth every agony I feel,
I long for you to be beside me,
Take away the pain that’s so real.

Love isn’t all bad feelings,
You bring me such happiness too,
But I’ll never be at my happiest,
Until the day I can be with you…

Ancalagon the Black
by Dagger

Inside Orodruin
by Dagger

by Dagger

Gimli son of Gloin
by Tellyn

by Tellyn

Saruman the Wise
by Tellyn

Sauron in the Palantir
by Tellyn

The Pyre of Denethor
by Tellyn

By feline ~ Star Sailing

by Tinil Galia

by Tinil Galia

by Tinil Galia

by chokolate Thunder / Depp.

By Uryviel


Eowyn and Eomer wallpaper
by Aiwendil

The Beacons
by Legendel

By Shr00my

A Hobbits Poem
by Amy Cave (Amy the Leg)

There once lived a hobbit,
Small and fair,
With hairy feet,
And curly hair,
Brave and bold,
Oh that was him,
Never a moment,
Cold and dim,
Adventurous and wild,
Full of fun,
Never seeked rest,
Until the job was done,
He carried the ring,
That he had to bare,
He marched on in faith,
Into Shelob's lair,
He was not alone,
For he had a guide,
His name was Smegol,
Murderer of Deogoul,
But still he trudged on,
With a sharp eye,
For within Smegol's mind,
He was praying he would die,
Yet Sam to the rescue,
Oh how brave,
With his sword at the ready,
Oh how grave,
He was quick off the mark,
In seeking his master,
Don't give up,
Must run faster,
But fast was too slow,
For Sam was too late,
For the orcs had got Frodo,
And was off to the black gates,
He chased in persuit,
And never lost faith,
For he prayed that his master,
Would forever be safe,
He got to Mordor,
And the high tower,
For there the ring,
Was at his greatest power,
He saved Mr.Frodo,
And was on their way,
Their journey became harder,
Day by day,
Days grew long,
And nights grew cold,
For calling his master,
Was the piece of gold,
They marched on and on,
And the hour grew late,
For evil awoke from Mordor's gate,
They never gave in,
For the battle was theirs,
All they had left,
Was to tackle the stairs,
He stared at the fire,
Then at the ring,
How much evil,
Can this bring?
Into the fire,
The ring was cast,
All the evil,
Now in the past,
Now i am famous,
I tell this to you,
This was the task,
I was appointed to do!


By Aiwendil

When evening in the wood was hush,
Every big tree and little bush,
Was stood as still as a mountain,
In the middle of the silver fountain.

All of the leaves made a shimmering loom,
They all encircled the waxing moon,
The Elves of Lórien dances around a tree,
In the distance you could see the sea.

The water of the river was icy blue,
It was the colour of the night sky too,
The presence of the magic was near,
There is nothing that you should fear.

The trees were big and full of leaves,
And blossomed in the summers eves,
The Elves made cloaks from leaves and silk,
The moon in the sky was a creamy milk.

The lady of the wood had a white swan boat,
She also had a long flowing cloak,
Her long blonde hair and sharp blue eyes,
And natural beauty never, ever dies.


Written- By Cateh, and Frodeh

Written in blood is the love that we shared
A cut of a knife to show that I care
A memory stained in the deepest red
for you and you only I internally bled.

Never did I tell you how I felt
A glance of your eyes and the heart would melt
but now its too late to let you know
but in these words, i'll let it show

The deepest red crimson,
Flowing free like twisted ribbons
Forever haunting my life
Just a deep breath, and a slice of the knife

I’ll always be there to love you
Always there to help you through
In my tortured heart you’ll be
And never will my soul be free


The Blood-Line of the Goblin Lord: The Darkness of Lake Halvend
By Tellyn

The night grew darker as the company passed the haunted and treacherous Lake of Halvend. The blackness of this particular area was an effect of the Goblin Siege. Advanced Darkness some called it, as naught else could be seen but the never ending nothingness and a dark abyss. Encaduo looked about him, aware that something else was in the group’s presence, gliding through the shadows like a bird. The Elf gently lowered his hand to his sleek silver scimitar and stood still. The blackness was engulfing him now. There was a red glow to the area now; the other presence was so close. Then, a hand laid itself on Encaduo’s shoulder.
With a high battle-cry and a move more agile than lightning, Encaduo drew his weapon, swivelled round and faced his brother. Encaduo scowled in annoyance and sheathed his scimitar, then sighed with heavy relief.
“The creature you seek in this everlasting abyss is Uncanoto, the mountain guardian,” Warlicano whispered. “His lair leads an easier way across the mountain, though none who tread in there ever return. Uncanoto is not an evil being, he only wishes to protect his territory. He has no reason to hinder any of us. Leave him be and it will remain that way.”
After Warlicano finished speaking, the red glow’s source was found. A pair of eyes opened in the darkness across the lake. They nodded in approval and respect. But a more stubborn member of the group did not take this lightly. Garlonofi stood before the cave and growled like a hungry wolf.
“Is Uncanoto by any chance a stray Goblin that has adjusted to life in a cave?” he asked mockingly. “Come forth you vile monster and show your face! We will gain entry to your mountain in whatever way it takes, by force of my wrath, or your surrender!” He drew his ancient Dragon-forged battleaxe and waved it in a challenging way. “Come on!”
And then he saw his mistake. Towering at over fifteen feet tall, Uncanoto looked down at Garlonofi in disgust. The red eyes were bloodshot and glowing, and he wore the rags of his Goblin imprisonment. It was obvious that he did not live alone in the mountain, as he had many fresh and bloody wounds on his torso and legs. Garlonofi shook with terror, but raised his battleaxe higher to prove he wasn’t afraid.
“Finish it.” The Ogre’s voice boomed darkly like the call of a thousand drums.
Uncanoto raised his club to the sky. It was made from the bark of a rare tree, and had Dragon-bone spikes encrusted in it, exposed to the starlight above. He brought it down to deal a finishing blow to the brave Dragon-descendant, but stopped when Encaduo leapt in front of the club. The great Ogre was taken aback when the Elf swerved his scimitar and raised it to a defensive position.
“Young Elf warrior, my quarrel is not with you but this smart-mouthed Dragon weakling who had the nerve to defy me.” Uncanoto signalled for Encaduo to move aside, but Warlicano attempted to stop him too this time.
“Uncanoto, please do not kill my stupid companion, he shall trouble you no more.” Warlicano spoke with amazing confidence, but it was not enough. Uncanoto was becoming impatient and would have attacked the two Elves as well.
Though, in fear of the Tefotuant killing their friends, Jorno, Farakka and Tellyn ran in front of the monster and drew their weapons. Warlicano shook his head at them as Uncanoto roared in incredulity.
“Stupid Tefotuant, you have awoken the wrath of Vrintor!” yelled Tellyn with enthusiasm. “Go back into your cave and do not let us see your face again. I banish you into your mountain, never to return from inside!”
Uncanoto took this as an insult and went into a great frenzy. His bloodshot eyes began sprouting more popped vessels, and the lake grew brighter by the minute. No matter how much Elf magic Encaduo could muster, the giant could not be calmed. He had lost his sanity, and the company seemed to have made an enemy.
“Stupid, am I Vrintorian?” The smile that was on Tellyn’s face had faded quicker than light, and then Uncanoto clubbed Tellyn against a wall, which disappointed the Ogre as no spikes had impaled him. Tellyn lay drifting further and further into unconsciousness. That was when Warlicano made his decision.
Jorno drew his Nymph dagger and began exchanging strikes with the Tefotuant. He pushed the club away from him and sliced a mark in Uncanoto’s hand which didn’t really make an effect. He began again but was thrown into Tellyn with the great club. Luckily, the Forest Nymph wasn’t hurt and started throwing green knives at the beast.
Warlicano glanced at Tellyn and tried to revive him. “Helfontua Arak Natoforkana Helto!” The Elven Healing Chant worked but could not wake the unconscious. Warlicano groaned but carried on warding off Uncanoto.
“Give me a volley!” shouted the new commander, Warlicano, as he blew a horn. It was to attract any allies in the area. Each of the company drew a specially fletched bow and some Dragon arrows, then stretched back the string. They lowered their faces to align the arrow with their target. “Now! I want an arrow volley!”
They waited for the signal… “FIRE!”
The black rain fell down upon Uncanoto as he tried to wave it off. The arrows were lodged in his grey hide firmly. Garlonofi attempted to attack the giant. He hewed at the huge torso, but was kicked into Lake Halvend, but managed to swim to land and collapse. Jorno raised a Boadatoh dagger as the Ogre brought down his foot on him. Pulling it out, the sprite looked over Lake Halvend in shock. Pure and utter shock.
“Please no. Oh, please, no!” It seemed that the Tinkana Horn did more than summon allies. It summoned Goblins. A band of around one hundred and twenty Goblins crept around the rock summit, the only part not lit up by the bloodshot Tefotuant eyes. As the battle raged on with Uncanoto, Jorno crossed the lake clandestinely, in fear of being spotted by the Goblins.
Warlicano, meanwhile, was firing double shots at Uncanoto’s back. He wanted not to kill him, only to get answers. Farakka hewed at the sinew at the back of the Ogre’s knee with a mighty pickaxe. The bow was his normal choice of assault but one bow made little difference to this humongous giant.
Back on the opposite side of Lake Halvend, Jorno was taking out the Goblin scum. Assassinating them stealthily and secretly, he slit the necks of around ten, before choosing to sever their spinal chords. It was much more effective and a lot less bloody. It was also swifter, which was helpful as he did not have time to kill. Archers were already aligning themselves on the east bank and foot-soldiers were running around the lake to attack from the rear. The archers had already drawn back their bow-strings; they meant to kill Jorno’s company and re-capture Uncanoto.
That was when Jorno decided to sacrifice himself. “Listen to me now, you creatures of shadow and curses,” he shouted with both fear and confidence. They all turned their green and scaly heads. “To kill my quarry you must first rid yourselves of me. Go back to the spawn of the beast you came from!” Several of the creatures hissed and snarled at this, assuring the leader that he was an enemy. That was when the Forest Nymph laid eyes on him. It seemed he had witnessed Death itself.
“You stand upon thin ice, fairy.” The Goblin that spoke was feared by all that had been born. He occupied all nightmares. He infested dreams, and slaughtered all good that was left in the corrupted world. He was responsible for the darkness across the land, he and his line were the reason anything evil ever touched the earth beneath his feet.
He was Ungathorn, the Goblin Lord. Jorno felt like screaming for help. The sprite was drained of his power in the presence of him. But he couldn’t do anything now.
“Nasnath,” hissed Ungathorn sickeningly. “Dispose of this Nymph at once.” The Lord’s lesser, Nasnath, crept forth wearing a dark and corrupted smile. The hunchbacked beast obeyed and drew a cruelly wrought iron scimitar while calling the names of Renesklu and Redosp. The line of archers turned around to redraw their arrows. The three goons before him were a big threat. They were obviously trusted enough to be doing the work of Ungathorn.
Encaduo was now engaged in combat with the troll-like monster, but ducked under the powerful legs to see the line of archers. He also saw Jorno being surrounded by the three Goblins. He picked up a rock and lobbed it at one of the bowmen. He gave a cry and threw more, knocking the archers into the lake. With a group of foot-soldiers grouped around Jorno he could not save him, but the Elf at least attempted to be the saviour of the rest of his company. Only seven archers left, Encaduo could do no more as he was picked up by Uncanoto.
Jorno could not do anything any more. He was dead and he knew it. But he would die fighting. He swung a bigger blade at the surrounding crowd, decapitating around four of the scaly creatures. Then, the Nymph worked Boadatohan witch-craft and created a green force field around him which sent the crowd away in shock. That didn’t work on the three hit men of Ungathorn though. It didn’t affect one of them at all. Renesklu remained in the same position, only this time he winked at Jorno.
That was odd, thought Jorno. He wondered if the Goblin had an eye infection. It was more than likely. Only that…
Wham. Renesklu took from his “team mates” their weapon hands, both in one scimitar strike. Nasnath’s and Redosp’s weapons and hands fell to the ground with a soft thud and a hiss from the Goblins who ran back around the rock summit. Renesklu was knocked out with the grip of the Boadatoh dagger, while Jorno rapidly took care of the archer line. He sliced through their bows, rendering them harmless, and bound their limbs with rope. He decided to leave them to the imagination of Uncanoto. But he had forgotten about Ungathorn. The Nymph sliced the Lord’s bow in half, but could not stop him even then. He drew a black throwing knife, whispered the incantation of the Goblin Lord’s blood-line (a dreadful curse which originated at the source of these dark times) and threw it.
Jorno chased it across the lake, becoming faster as he hovered further, but to no avail. It pinned Uncanoto in the chest and he fell into Lake Halvend. The colossal tidal wave that erupted from the ripples of the Ogre’s clash awoke Tellyn, Champion of Vrintor. He saw not his company and a drowning giant, only Ungathorn, Lord of Evil. Steadily arising from the mountain terrain, he waded through the shallow part of the lake, treading over the remains of Uncanoto’s prey, and literally threw himself at Ungathorn. Tellyn drew Glamthaus, the champion sword of Vrintor and began to exchange strikes with the Lord of all Goblins. Ungathorn prevailed in a heavy blow and kicked down Tellyn. He repeatedly planted his foot in Tellyn’s face. His kicks were strong and powerful, made worse by iron trimmed boots.
A few seconds later, the Vrintorian would have given up, if not for the little strength that was left in his body. He drained it all, unsheathed Glamthaus the Sword of Light and sliced Ungathorn’s arm straight from its socket. Ungathorn may have been little more than a corrupted soul with no heart or respect, but he knew defeat when it spat at him in the face. Looking at the small amount of Goblins he had left in his presence, he screamed at the top of his voice in total agony, “RETREAT!” He began to sprint away with the rest of his band, but stopped to take a last look at his severed arm, weapon still in hand. Farakka fired a warning shot at him, then he went away.
Tellyn was now knocked out and Jorno was attempting to revive Renesklu. Meanwhile, Farakka, Encaduo, Garlonofi and Warlicano had pulled Uncanoto from the Lake of Halvend and were interrogating him.
“Uncanoto,” Encaduo panted, feeling weary from his immense battle. “Uncanoto hear me now!” The Tinkana Elf worked more magic and the Ogre listened to him in silence. “You have been shot by the Goblin Lord. For millennia, they have used the same curse to ensure a fate worse than death for their enemies. This wound will never heal,” He yanked the arrow from it, threatening the Tefotuant to put it back in if he attacked him. “Even after death you will feel its accursed sting, and you will be damned to an eternity of suffering. It shall haunt you forever more. But I can change that.”
“I and my brother shall perform a ritual that will lift the Curse of Ungathorn I, under one circumstance,” explained Warlicano, waving the cursed arrow about in his hands. “Just one. You are to watch and protect this mountain with your life. Goblins are now your sworn enemy. Do we have a deal? Excellent.” He and Encaduo began to chant the anti-curse to rid Uncanoto of his nightmare. If performed wrong, this anti-curse would not only stay with Uncanoto, it would inflict on the chanters the exact same curse. But this was going perfectly.
At the end of the anti-curse, a spirit lifted itself from the wound. It was known as Ungathorn I, a deceased Goblin which gave birth to the line of Goblin Lords. In despair, it drifted away, back to its living hell. Uncanoto arose and took a deep breath of mountain air. He was free once again.
“Remember, you are to keep your end of the deal Uncanoto, guard this mountain and Lake Halvend with your life,” Encaduo said. The grand Ogre nodded and departed the lake and thudded back into his cave. Now it was a race against time. Ungathorn was not far away, and if left alone he could awaken the Goblin Army of the Ages, and end the world that he loved.
“Come friends, we have no time to lose,” Garlonofi sighed, lifting his battleaxe over his shoulder. “The Goblins head east; we must follow them for the sake of the earth that we stand upon.” Tellyn woke up just in time to join them in their new mission. Stop the Goblins at all costs.

Pronunciations and Cultures

Encaduo (En-car-doo-oh) Renesklu (Ren-esk-loo)
Race: Tinkana Elf Race: Goblin?

Warlicano (War-lee-can-oh) Redosp (Red-osp)
Race: Tinkana Elf Race: Goblin

Garlonofi (Garr-law-no-fy)
Race: Leprantio Dragon-descendant

Uncanoto (Oon-car-no-toe)
Race: Tefotuant Clubbing Ogre

Jorno (Jor-no)
Race: Forest Nymph of Boadatoh

Farakka (Fa-rack-kah)
Race: Craidfetta Dwarf Bowman

Tellyn (Tell-inn)
Race: Man of Vrintor

Ungathorn (Un-gah-thorn)
Race: Goblin Lord

Nasnath (Nass-narv)
Race: Goblin Hunchback


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