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Welcome to The Lord of the Rings UK Dating Quiz! Answer the following questions to find out who your Middle-earth date would be!

(If you're into guys, you should be here.)
Your name is?
1. Your dream girl is, as far as looks go:
plainly pretty.
2. She spends most of her time:
defending good.
dancing happily.
tuning her world to herself.
3. As far as social status goes, it would be kind of nice if:
she is somewhat royal.
she has a respectable name.
she is sophisticated.
she is subtle but important.
4. If the two of you were faced with a giant axe-wielding madman, she would:
stall him and get you both away on horseback.
draw her sword.
calmy dispose of his axe.
cling to you in fear.
5. Part of her charm is that she is so:
6. Something that makes you go ga-ga about her is her:
beautiful skin.
beautiful smile.
common beauty.
7. Your dream date is:
at a party.
together, anywhere.
rowing in a secluded lake or calm river.
understanding each other better.
8. What kind of relationship are you looking for?
Long-term and serious.
Loving and strong.
Strong and long-term.
Light-hearted and loving.
9. Everyone has flaws. You'd rather hers would be:
she's too serious.
that she's a little dependent.
she always has a lot to deal with.
she's internally tormented.
10. When at the movies, you would go to see:
The Princess Bride.
A Beautiful Mind.
What Dreams May Come.
Star Wars.


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