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  • 1. Stay safe online: your behaviour and the Web sites you visit will largely determine how safe you are online. Always follow the rules for using the Internet whether you are at home, at school, or at the library.
  • 2. Always show respect for others: treat other people online as you would like to be treated. Never send mean or unpleasant email messages. Remember that anything you write or send online, can be re-sent to other people -- even your parents or school! So do not say anything you would not want others to hear you say.
  • 3. Never give out personal information about yourself or your family: even if someone you know in real life is in a chat-room, don't give out any information about yourself -- everyone else in the chat room can see it. Be cautious about using your real name online. Don't even let people know the name of your school, street, or favourite park: with just this little bit of information, others can figure out where you live.
  • 4. Never agree to meet an "Internet" friend in person: you never really know who you are talking to online, so while it can be fun to chat with people you have never met, don't forget that someone you have met online will always be a stranger. You do not really know anything about them, and for this reason it is not a good idea to meet them in real life.
  • 5. Switch off if you feel uncomfortable: if someone you talk to online, or something you see online makes you feel uncomfortable or scared, just close down the browser, and turn off the computer. If you don't give people information about yourself they don't pose a threat to you, and you can simply ignore them (or block them) in future. This chatroom has the facility to enable you to ignore chatroom members. Always tell a parent or teacher and an administrator of this site, if you feel scared or threatened online.

Note that ALL CHATS ARE MODERATED AND LOGGED word-for-word, together with your IP address and abuse will be reported to your ISP, company or school and/or the police.
If you see any abusive or illegal activity please report IMMEDIATELY to a Moderator or Administrator or email the webmaster at



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