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The Two Towers

released 18th December 2002

The Two Towers


The Two Towers opens with a shot of the Misty Mountains and zooms back to a flashback of Gandalf commanding the Balrog, and his ultimate fall into the chasm of Moria. We now follow Gandalf on his fall with the Balrog, fighting all the way.

Frodo suddenly wakes in the rocks of Emyn Muil, startled. Sam and Frodo try to pace their way out the rocks, but continue to get lost. Exhausted they fall asleep, and whilst they sleep a creature creeps up on them, its Gollum (Andy Serkis)! As he pounces, Frodo and Sam awaken and struggle with him, finally tying him with a rope. Gollum protests, and they release him on the understanding that he guide them to the Black Gates of Mordor.

We flip now to Pippin and Merry being carried by the uruks towards Isengard. They are exhausted but whilst they run, Pippin manages to drop his elven leaf brooch on the ground.

We now see Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli following the tracks of the Uruks and Saruman informing the Wildmen that the men of Rohan have taken their lands, and they must seek revenge.

At Edoras, Eomer (Karl Urban) is seen riding with the Rohirrim into the city with the son of Theoden, Theodred who is dying. Eomer confronts Theoden (Bernard Hill), who is old and weak and frail (under the power of Saruman) and his adviser Grima (Brad Dourif) informing him that the orcs of Saruman did this and asks for assistance. Grima accuses him of lying and banishes him from the kingdom of Rohan.

Meanwhile the Uruk-hai carrying the hobbits stop overnight on the edges of Fangorn. During the night, Eomer and the rohirrim attack and kill them all, Merry and Pippin escape into the forest.

Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli see Eomer and the horsemen ride by, and ask after the hobbits and uruks. Eomer tells them that they were all killed in the night, and gives them two horses to travel to the fire burning their bodies. Aragorn tracks the hobbits movements and they follow them into the forest.

Merry and Pip run trying to escape an orc still chasing them, and are picked up by Treebeard, an ent, a tree-shepherd, who beleives them to be "little orcs" and takes them to the white wizard.

Gollum meanwhile has led Frodo and Sam to the Dead Marshes and shows them a path through, that only he knows as a short cut to the Black Gates. The marshes are full of the dead soldiers from earlier battles and Frodo falls into one, to be rescued by Gollum. They quickly hide as a nazgul flies over on his fell beast.

Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli continue to follow the trail of the hobbits, and Legolas senses the white wizard approaching. The wizard reveals himself to them and it is Gandalf now returned as Gandalf the White. He explained to them that he defeated the Balrog and was returned to Middle Earth to fulfil his task. He instructs them that they must ride to Edoras, and calls for the Lord of all horses, Shadowfax

Treebeard is now walking looking after the hobbits through Fangorn

Frodo, Sam and Gollum arrive at the Black Gates. Sam falls and is nearly seen by the Easterlings arriving to assist Sauron's armies. Gollum persuades them that to enter Mordor via the Black Gates would be very dangerous, and that he knows a secret way into Mordor.

Eowyn (Miranda Otto) is weaping over the dead body of Theodred. Grima finds her there and reveals his love for her. Gandalf and the others arive and enter the Golden Halls of Edoras, and see the frail mind and body of Theoden. Gandalf commands Saruman to leave his body and release Theoden. Saruman laughs as he thinks that Gandalf is but a grey wizard. Gandalf throws off his cape and reveals his white clothes and releases Theoden from his spell. Theoden recovers and banishes Grima from his kingdom.

The children arrive from the Westfold were the Wildmen burned their town. They tell of the terror that Saruman has unleashed. Theoden decides that they must evacuate and make for their stronghold in the mountains, Helms Deep. Gandalf leaves to find Eomer and the Rohirrim (horsemen)

Grima has now arrived at Isengard and tells of Theoden's plans. Saruman sends out orcs and wargs to attack them on their journey.

Sam, Frodo and Gollum continue on their journey and see the troops amassing for Sauron. Suddenly these evil men are attacked by hidden archers. Gollum skulks away, but Frodo and Sam are taken captive by the archers, Faramir (son of Denethor, (David Wenham)) and the soldiers of Gondor.

Aragorn remembers Arwen, and her leaving for Valinor and their last meeting. Suddenly they are attacked by the warg riders. Eowyn takes the rohan people on a safe route to Helms Deep, whilst the men fight. Aragorn becomes trapped on a warg during the fight and is dragged over a cliff and disappeared presumed dead.

Grima tells Saruman of the weakness in the Deeping wall at Helms deep, a small drainage tunnel. Saruman sends out his tens of thousands Uruks to attack Helms Deep

Arwen in a vision revives Aragorn, who is laid in a river, and the horse Brego carries him to Helms Deep.

Faramir questions Frodo and Sam about Boromir and their journey. He captures Gollum and discovers the Ring. He decides to take them all to Minas Tirith to make use of their new found weapon.

Aragorn sees the army of Uruks and rides quickly to Helms Deep to warn them.

The ents are gathering to decide if they will goto war

All men and boys are armed for battle at Helms Deep. They are suprised by the arrival of an army of elves, lead by Haldir (Craig Parker) sent by Elrond to aid them. The uruks arrive and the battle begins.

The ents decide not to goto war, that it is not their battle

The uruks blow up the Deeping Wall and the army of Rohan is overtaken. They pull back to the Keep

Treebeard decides to take the hobbits to the edge of the forest so that they can make their way home. Pippin persuades him to take them past the edge of the forest near to Isengard

Frodo, Sam, Gollum and Faramir arrive at Osgiliath, the Gondor city by the river, and see it under attack

Treebeard sees the edge of the forest, the destruction of it, that Saruman has done, and calls for the ents to goto war on Isengard

The nazgul arrive at Osgiliath and nearly take Frodo.

Aragorn persuades Theoden to make one last stand against the Uruks and ride out on horseback against them. As they ride out, they see Gandalf and Eomer arrive with the Rohirrim. They attack and the uruks flee into Fangorn and are caught by the trees.

The ents can be seen throwing rocks and destroying the mines surrounding Isengard. They pull down the dam and water rushes and floods Isengard.

Faramir realises that he must let Frodo continue on his journey and releases them.

The film ends with Gollum leading them away, and plotting to let "her" kill them so he can take the Ring for himself "once they are dead"

contributed by Elril Galia

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In 2003 the movie won 2 Academy Awards out of 6 nominations. The winning categories were for Sound Editing, Visual Effects. The nominated categories were Best Picture, Art Direction, Sound, Film Editing,

It is listed as the eleventh highest grossing film during its theatrical run, with takings of $340,655,000 USA dollars from world-wide theatrical box office receipts (movie ticket sales).

(Source: http://movieweb.com/movies/box_office/alltime.php  December2004).

Fun facts

During the battle of Helm's Deep, the first man to throw a spear at the oncoming orcs is none other than the director of the film, Peter Jackson.

When arriving upon the set to film the scene in which Andy Serkis (Gollum) has to catch a fish, they discovered that it had snowed overnight. Peter Jackson had the snow cleared on the set (which included defrosting the river as well as the land surrounding it) by 1:00 PM.

Viggo Mortensen broke two toes while kicking the steel helmet by the orc pyre, and that take is the one that actually appears in the movie

Viggo Mortensen's son, Henry Mortensen appears as an extra in some of the Helm's Deep sequences

The first sequel to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture when the original film did not win the award itself, and the third sequel to be nominated for Best Picture.

During one take while filming the scene when Aragorn is floating down the river, Viggo Mortensen was dragged under water for many seconds. He managed to kick himself back up off a rock, perhaps saving his life. A safety team then rescued him and took him to shore


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