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The Return of the King Extended Edition Movie Script

Compiled by beleriel, for LOTRUK

Scenes 73 to 76

Scene 73 ~ The Fellowship Reunited

Return of the King Scene 73

The scene changes and Frodo is still lying back with his eyes closed but he is in a bed. We can hear birds singing. Frodo wakes up and sits up in the bed. He looks and sees Gandalf sitting at the bottom of his bed.

FRODO: Gandalf?
Gandalf smiles at him, his eyes twinkle and he begins to laugh.
FRODO: Oooohhh! (He laughs with Gandalf.)
Merry and Pippin come to the door they are pleased to see him.
MERRY: Frodo!
They run towards him and leap on the bed. Gandalf laughs at them. They are laughing and hugging each other, pleased to meet up again.

Gimli comes through the door and spreads his arms.
GIMLI: Aaaahh!
FRODO: Gimli!
Gimli claps his hands and strides towards him.

Legolas comes to the door he smiles at Frodo and Frodo smiles back.

Aragorn comes through the door.
FRODO: Aragorn!
Aragorn smiles at him. They all stand by the bed and Gimli wipes away a stray tear.

Finally Sam appears at the door, he looks warily at Frodo. Frodo sees him and smiles, Sam smiles back.

Scene 74 ~ The Return of the King

Return of the King Scene 74

The scene changes to Minas Tirith. In the courtyard everyone is gathered.

Aragorn is being crowned King. He stands on the steps to the hall. Gandalf lifts the crown high and then places it on Aragornís head.
GANDALF: Now come the days of the King. May they be blessed.
He moves back and Aragorn walks up the steps and turns towards the people. They all clap and cheer.
ARAGORN: This day does not belong to one man, but to all. Let us together rebuild this world, that we may share in the days of peace.
The people cheer and clap again. Gimli looks up in wonder as petals fall down upon them.

Aragorn begins to sing the song of Elendil.
ARAGORN: Et Ešrello Endorenna utķlien. Sinome maruvan ar Hildinyar tenní Ambar-metta! (Out if the great sea to Middle Earth I am come. In this place I will abide, and my heirs, unto the end of the world.)
He walks down towards the people.

Faramir and Eowyn bow low to him. Eomer, who is now King of Rohan also bows low to him. The elves approach him and he puts his hand on Legolasí shoulder.
ARAGORN: Hannon le. (Thank you.)
Legolas smiles and indicates behind him with his eyes. Aragorn looks behind Legolas. He sees a banner with a white tree. Arwen appears from behind it. Elrond whispers to Arwen from behind. She moves forward towards Aragorn. Aragorn moves towards her. He takes the banner from her. She has tears in her eyes and she lowers her head. He lifts her face towards him holding her chin. She smiles at him. Aragorn looks at her and then clasps her in a passionate kiss, lifting her up and turning around with her as he does so. Everyone claps and Elrond smiles. They kiss again tenderly. Arwen laughs and clasps him to her.

They walk hand in hand and come to the Hobbits. They all bow to him.
ARAGORN: My friends, (they look at him.) you bow to no-one.
He kneels down in front of them and everyone kneels with him. The Hobbits look most embarrassed.

The camera pans back from Minas Tirith and the picture changes to that of a map.

Scene 75 ~ Homeward Bound

Return of the King Scene 75

FRODO: (voice over as we move over the map.) And thus it was a Fourth Age of Middle Earth began. And the Fellowship of the Ring, though eternally bound by friendship and love was ended. (the map ends on the Shire.)

Thirteen months to the day since Gandalf sent us on our long journey we find ourselves looking upon a familiar sight.
The Hobbits are on horseback riding through the Shire.
FRODO: We were home.
They see Everard Proudfoot
PIPPIN: Alright!
Frodo nods at him. Sam and Merry also nod at him. He shakes his head in disapproval of them.

The scene changes to The Green Dragon. A Hobbit is carrying a huge pumpkin. Frodo has four drinks in his hands. He moves out of the way.
HOBBIT: Hey watch the pumpkin.
Frodo puts the drinks on the table for the others. They are serious whilst the rest of the Hobbits are their usual jovial selves, laughing and joking about the pumpkin.

Frodo looks at the others. The camera rests on each of the four Hobbits showing how the experiences they have been through have changed them and made them more serious. They pick up their mugs, clang them together, smile and drink.

Sam looks over at Rosie behind the bar.
ROSIE: Goodnight lads.
She is gathering up dirty mugs and serving. Sam takes a long drink from his mug and gets up and goes towards her. The other Hobbits watch him. Pippin raises his eyebrows and smiles. Merry blows out through pursed lips and looks at him smiling. Frodo laughs.

The scene changes. Sam is kissing Rosie at their wedding. She has ribbons in her hair. They smile at each other and look at the wedding guests. Frodo, Merry and Pippin are clapping. Rosie throws her bouquet and Pippin catches it. He looks at the lady hobbit standing next to him, raises his eyebrows and smiles at her.
Everyone is happy and smiling. The camera rests on Frodoís happy, smiling face. He becomes serious and the scene changes to him in Bag End.
FRODO: How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart you begin to understand there is no going back? There are some things that time cannot mend. Some hurts that go too deep, that have taken hold.
Frodo is writing at the writing table. He is writing in Bilboís book. We see the title page. Ďthere and back again a Hobbits tale by Bilbo Baggins.í He adds something to it. We hear a door open. Frodo frowns and grasps his shoulder. Sam comes into the room from behind.
SAM: Mr Frodo? What is it? (He puts the books he has been carrying down on the desk.)

FRODO: Itís been four years to the day since Weathertop Sam. Itís never really healed.
Sam notices the book in front of Frodo.
SAM: (reading) There and Back Again, a Hobbits tale by Bilbo Baggins and the Lord of the Rings by Frodo Baggins. You finished it.
He looks at Frodo who closes the book.
FRODO: Not quite. Thereís room for a little more. (He looks at Sam.)

Scene 76 ~ The Grey Havens

Return of the King Scene 76

The scene changes to show the four hobbits waiting for an approaching cart by the lake in Hobbiton.
FRODO: Bilbo once told me his part in this tale would end. That each of us must come and go in the telling. Bilboís story was now over. There would be no more journeys for him. (They approach the cart, Gandalf is driving it.) save one.
The scene changes to show the cart travelling through the countryside.
BILBO: Tell me again lad, where are we going?
FRODO: To the harbour Bilbo. The elves have accorded you a special honour. A place on the last ship to leave Middle Earth.
Frodo and Bilbo are sitting together in the cart.
BILBO: Frodo, any chance of seeing that old Ring of mine again? The one I gave you?
Frodo looks away.
FRODO: Iím sorry uncle. Iím afraid I lost it.
BILBO: Oh, pity. (He sighs.) I would have like to have held it one last time.
The scene changes to the Grey Havens. The five Hobbits walk forward with Gandalf behind them. Frodo and Sam help Bilbo. Bilbo raises his eyes.
BILBO: Oh! Well here is a sight I have never seen before.
The camera moves behind showing the sea and a ship drawn up to the jetty. Some elves stand there ready to greet them. Bilbo bows to them. It is Elrond, Celeborn and Galadriel. They bow back.
GALADRIL: The power of the three rings is ended. The time has come for the dominion of men.
ELROND:  I Aear c‚n ven na mar. (The sea calls us home.)
Bilbo smiles and Elrond spreads him arms out to him.
BILBO: I think Iím quite ready for another adventure.
He walks towards the ship. Elrond puts his arm around him protectively as they walk onto the ship. Galadriel smiles at them and gets on the ship. Frodo watches intensely. Celeborn also boards the ship.

Gandalf moves forward and turns to them.
GANDALF: Farewell my brave Hobbits. (He smiles. They look at him with tears in their eyes.) My work is now finished. (Frodo is not crying.) Here at last, on the shores of the sea, comes the end of our Fellowship. (Merry and Pippin are crying.) I will not say do not weep for not all tears are an evil. (He walks towards the ship. Frodo is watching him, he stops and turns towards them.) It is time Frodo.
The three Hobbits turn towards Frodo. He looks at them.
SAM: What does he mean?
FRODO: We set out to save the Shire Sam and it has been saved, but not for me.
SAM: (tearfully) You donít mean that. You canít leave.
Frodo looks away, he brings up the book and hands it to Sam. Sam takes it.
FRODO: The last pages are for you Sam. (Sam cries)
Merry is crying, Frodo hugs him. He hugs Pippin who is also crying. He turns away from them towards Sam who is also crying. Frodo clasps him in a farewell hug. Frodo lets him go and kisses him on his head. He turns towards Gandalf who beckons him with his hand. Once on board the ship Frodo turns and smiles beamingly at them. He turns away. The ship glides silently out of the bay into the sunset.

Merry and Pippin turn away. Sam watches the ship disappear into the distance then turns away too.

Back in Hobbiton Sam walks towards his home. His daughter runs out of the door to meet him. He gathers her up in his arms.
FRODO VOICE OVER: My dear Sam, you cannot always be torn in two. (Rosie comes out of the door towards him holding a young baby.) You will have to be one and whole for many years. You have so much to enjoy and to be and to do. Your part in the story will go on. (Sam kisses Rosie.)
SAM: Well, Iím back.
They turn and go into their home.




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