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The Return of the King Extended Edition Movie Script

Compiled by beleriel, for LOTRUK

Scenes 57 to 60

Scene 57 ~ Pippin Looks After Merry

Return of the King Scene 57

It is night time and Pippin continues to search for Merry on the battlefield.

PIPPIN:  Merry! (He shouts him.)
Pippin turns around and spots Merry half concealed beneath an Orc. He rolls the Orc off the top of him. 
PIPPIN: Merry! (He picks him up in his arms.) Merry itís me. (Merry opens his eyes and looks at him, there is blood at the corner of is mouth.) Itís Pippin! (He cries.) 
MERRY: I knew youíd find me.
MERRY:  Are you going to leave me?
PIPPIN: No Merry, Iím going to look after you. 
He picks up Merryís cloak and covers him with it. 

Scene 58 ~ The Tower of Cirith Ungol

Return of the King Scene 58

The scene changes to show the tower of Cirith Ungol. The camera zooms into the window at the top of the tower. Frodo lies semi-naked on the ground with his hands bound in front of him. He has the remains of some spiderwebs still wrapped around him.

Frodo wakes up and hears voices behind him. Shagrat and Gorbag, two Orcs are sorting through Frodoís belongings. Shagrat picks up Frodoís mithril shirt and turns it about in the light admiring it. Gorbag sees him.
GORBAG: Hands off! That shiny shirt, thatís mine! 
Frodo is listening to them. 
SHAGRAT: Itís going to the Great Eye, along with everything else. 
Frodo realises what Shagrat is saying and feels in panic for the Ring on its chain around his neck. It is gone.
GORBAG: I donít take orders from stinking Morgul-rats! 
He pushes Shagrat against the wall. Shagrat pulls out a sword.
SHAGRAT: You touch it and Iíll stick this blade in your gut!
He threatens him with his sword. Shagrat and Gorbag begin to grapple. Eventually Shagrat falls across the trapdoor. Gorbag stamps on him pushing him through the trapdoor. He falls down the stairs eventually landing amongst the partying Orcs below. Gorbag shouts down to them.
GORBAG:  The scum tried to knife me. Kill him! 
They try to attack Shagrat who knocks an Orc out of the window to land far below. The Orcs at the bottom of the tower see him land, and react. They begin to fight amongst themselves.

Meanwhile we see Sam moving up towards the tower. He can hear the Orcs fighting. Sam creeps up to the tower entrance. All the Orcs seem to be dead. He starts to run through the tower looking about him with Sting and his own sword, one in each hand. He runs up the stairs to the higher levels. He sees some Orcs coming so he begins to roar at them to pluck up his courage. His shadow looks huge on the wall. When he emerges from the stairwell the Orcs see he is only small and move to attack him. But Sam is too quick. He stabs the first one.
SAM:  Thatís for Frodo!
He approaches the second one and stabs him knocking him off the stairs.
SAM:  And the Shire!
He pushes the third one over the edge of the stairs and shouts after him.
SAM: And thatís for my old gaffer!
Sam continues on up the stairs. We see Gorbag escaping with Frodoís mithril shirt. 

The scene changes to show Frodo in the top of the tower. He is struggling with his bonds to try to escape. Shagrat appears behind him.
SHAGRAT:  Stop your squealing you dunghill rat! 
He pulls out a knife. 
SHAGRAT: Iím gonna bleed you like a stuck pig! 
He cries out suddenly and a blue blade sticks out through his chest. Sam appears behind him.
SAM: Not if I stick you first! 
FRODO: Sam! 
Sam pushes Shagrat off his sword. He drops the sword and kneels down in front of Frodo.
FRODO: Oh Sam, Iím so sorry. Sorry for everything.
Sam smiles at him.
SAM:  Letís get you out of here. (He starts to help Frodo get the ropes off his hands.)
FRODO:  Itís too late. Itís over. Theyíve taken it Sam, they took the Ring! (He sits up and looks at Sam.)
SAM: Begging your pardon but they havenít.
Sam stands up. He pulls the Ring out of his pocket and holds it out on its chain in front of Frodo.
SAM: I thought Iíd lost you. So I took it, only for safekeeping. (He offers Frodo the Ring on the chain.)
FRODO: Give it to me! (As Frodo reaches for the Ring Sam pulls it back.) Give me the Ring Sam. (Sam looks strange when Frodo speaks to him he sounds far away.) Sam! Give me the Ring. (Sam continues to struggle, but he offers the Ring to Frodo who snatches it from him. Frodo puts it back around his neck.) You must understand. The Ring is my burden. It will destroy you Sam. 
Frodo holds onto the wall to steady himself. Sam stands watching him a suspicious expression on his face.
SAM:  Come on Mr Frodo. Weíd best find you some clothes. You canít go walking through Mordor in nowt but your skin. 
The scene changes to show Frodo and Sam leaving the tower fully clothed in disguise as Orcs. They stand and survey the scene below them. They can see Mount Orodruin and the Tower of Barad DŻr. But between they can see many, many campfires of the enemy soldiers. There are thousands of them between them and the mountain. 
SAM:  We did it Mr Frodo. We made it to Mordor. 
FRODO: There are so many of them. Weíll never get through unseen. 
Frodo sees the Eye of Sauron surveying the soldiers from the top of Barad DŻr. He staggers back slightly.
FRODO: Itís Him, the Eye!
The camera shows the Eye of Sauron cradled in its tower. Frodo looks at Sam.
SAM: We have to go in there Mr Frodo. Thereís nothing for it. (Frodo looks at him uncertain.) Come on letís just make it down the hill for starters. 
Frodo walks in front as they head off down the hill

Scene 59 ~ The Last Debate

Return of the King Scene 59

Gandalf is talking to Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and Eomer in the Great Hall of Minas Tirith. 
GANDALF: Frodo has passed beyond my sight. (He walks across the hall.) The darkness is deepening. 
ARAGORN: If Sauron had the Ring we would know it. 
GANDALF:  Itís only a matter of time. He has suffered a defeat, yes, but behind the walls of Mordor our enemy is regrouping.
GIMLI: Let him stay there! Let him rot! Why should we care?
GANDALF: Because 10,000 Orcs now stand between Frodo and Mount Doom.
Gimli ponders Gandalfís words.
GANDALF:  Iíve sent him to his death. 
Aragorn turns to him.
ARAGORN: No. There is still hope for Frodo. He needs time and safe passage across the plains of Gorgoroth. We can give him that. 
GIMLI:  How?
ARAGORN: Draw out Sauronís armies. Empty his lands. Then we gather our full strength and march on the Black Gate. 
Gimli chokes on his pipe. 
EOMER: We cannot achieve victory through strength of arms. 
ARAGORN: Not for ourselves. But we can give Frodo his chance if we keep Sauronís eye fixed upon us. Keep him blind to all else that moves. 
LEGOLAS: A diversion. 
GIMLI: Certainty of death, small chance of success, what are we waiting for? 
GANDALF: Sauron will suspect a trap. He will not take the bait.
ARAGORN:  Oh, I think he will. 

Scene 60 ~ Aragorn Masters the Palantir

Return of the King Scene 60

Aragorn is alone. He walks towards the Palantir and uncovers it. He closes his eyes, picks it up in one hand and holds it up in front of his face. He opens his eyes and looks into it, facing the Eye of Sauron which is speaking in Black speech.
ARAGORN: Long have you hunted me. Long have I eluded you. No more! (He puts Anduril up in front of the Palantir.) Behold, the Sword of Elendil! 
Sauron appears in the pupil of the Eye. He shows Aragorn Arwen who is dying. Aragorn is horrified and steps back from the Palantir. The Evenstar falls from his neck and shatters on the ground. 

The scene changes to show Aragorn wearing the emblems of the White Tree and the Seven Stars with the Crown above them as he leads an army from Minas Tirith. 

Everyone is there. Pippin rides in front of Gandalf. Merry rides behind Eomer. 

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