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The Return of the King Extended Edition Movie Script

Compiled by beleriel, for LOTRUK

Scenes 53 to 56

Scene 53 ~ Victory at Minas Tirith

Return of the King Scene 53

Scene changes to Legolas counting as he shoots his arrows.

LEGOLAS:  Fifteen, sixteen.
Aragorn fights fiercely on the battlefield, killing many Orcs. Eowyn crawls towards Theoden.
EOWYN: Merry!
Gothmog sees her and limps towards her. She hears him and turns and sees him. She tries to crawl faster as he comes towards her. Aragorn continues to fight, killing many Orcs. Eowyn reaches for Theoden’s sword but it falls away from her fingers as Gothmog closes in on her. Gimli and Aragorn finish him between them. They are unaware of Eowyn. 
ARAGORN:  Legolas! 
He points out a Mūmakil coming straight towards them. Legolas runs towards it and jumps onto its tusk, he swings onto its front leg and then onto its back leg. He climbs up arrows that are sticking out of it and gains the top of the animal. He starts to shoot arrows at the occupants.
LEGOLAS:  Thirty three, thirty four.
Haradrim run towards them, he fights them off and drops them down off the animal. Legolas grabs a rope and swings down to the side of the animal. He slashes twice at the straps and the whole construction slips sideways tipping off the occupants. Legolas holds onto the rope until he gains the top again then lets go and stands there alone. He moves towards the Mūmakil’s head and fits three arrows to his bow. He fires them down into the Mūmakil’s skull. As the animal drops to the ground, Legolas slides down its trunk to land safely on the ground in front of Gimli. He nods at him.
GIMLI: That still only counts as one! 
Aragorn is continuing to fight.
ORC:  Come on then , come on! 
He kills all the Orcs around him and stops to look at the battlefield. Behind him the Army of the Dead bring down a Mūmakil. He watches as they move through the city killing all the Orcs they can find. 

Scene 54 ~ The Passing of Théoden

Return of the King Scene 54

The scene changes to show Eowyn struggling to crawl towards Theoden, who still lies trapped beneath his horse. She reaches him and strokes his face. He puts his gloved hand up to her.
THEODEN: I know your face, Eowyn. (She smiles.) My eyes darken.
Her smiles fades.
EOWYN: No, no. I’m going to save you. 
THEODEN:  You already did. Eowyn, my body is broken. You have to let me go. 
She shakes her head gently.
THEODEN:  I go to my fathers, in whose mighty company; I shall not now feel ashamed. 
He looks at her.
THEODEN:   Eowyn. 
He dies. 

Eowyn cries. 

Scene 55 ~ Oaths Fulfilled

Return of the King Scene 55

Meanwhile back outside the walls of the city, Gandalf and Pippin move forward to look at the Army of the Dead. They stand in front of Aragorn.
KING OF THE DEAD: Release us! 
GIMLI: Bad idea! Very handy in a tight spot these lads, despite the fact they’re dead.
KING OF THE DEAD:  You gave us your word! 
ARAGORN: I hold your oath fulfilled. Go. Be at peace.
The King of the Dead smiles. There is a great wind and the Army of the Dead disappears. Aragorn looks around, he sees Gandalf who bows low to him. Aragorn smiles.

Scene 56 ~ The Houses of Healing

Return of the King Scene 56

The scene changes to show Eomer searching amongst the dead. Pippin also searches. He sees Merry’s cloak on the floor and picks it up.
PIPPIN:  Merry!
EOMER:  Nooooo! 
He runs towards Eowyn’s body and picks her up and cradles her in his arms.
EOMER: Nooooooo! Noooooo! 
Aragorn hears him and looks across. He sees him cradling Eowyn and a tear starts to his eye.

Gandalf looks on; he nods his head just slightly. 

The scene changes to Aragorn entering the Houses of Healing. Eomer sits with Eowyn. Aragorn approaches her. He lifts her damaged arm to look at it. He squeezes water out of a cloth and bathes her head with it. Eomer watches, grief in his eyes. Eowyn begins to breathe heavily, she opens her eyes and looks at Aragorn. 

As he ministers to her a song plays over all.

With a sigh, you turn away,
With a deepening heart no words to say
You will find that the world has changed forever.

Eowyn has recovered, she moves over to a window as the song continues, Faramir watches her. 

And the trees are now turning from green to gold,
And the sun is now fading, I wish I could hold you closer.

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